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Anonymous Comrade writes: "Get Your Boats! Governors Island Armada, September 16

There is just over a week to go until the people will reclaim
Governors Island in an historic demonstration. If you plan to
participate by boat, please register via the Governors Island
website, http://www.reclaimgovernorsisland.org, call Randy
Lawson at 212-420-1000 x109 or contact us. If you'd like to be
on hand to witness the event and show your support from the
land side, be prepared to convene in Battery Park on Sunday,
September 16th at 10:30 am."

DC bound? writes: "R U going to DC for the big showdown??? Well, here is a Web site that you won't (at least not yet) find listed at the MGJ or ACC...


Its the site for the IAC's demonstration. There the ones that are trying to surround the White House on the 29th. Give a look!"

genoaResistance writes: "genoaResistance is seeking organizations to work with.

GenoaResistance is looking for groups and organizations that wish to help with building support for and coordinating the October 20 Mobilization and the People's Tribunal investigating the events
during the g8 Summit in July.

We are offering groups and organizations wishing to help three options of how they can cooperate with us:

1) Groups can affiliate with us as members. This involves the taking on of specific responsibilities within our organization (see our current volunteer list) and entitles the group to be listed under our umbrella and to take part in our internal democracy.

2) Groups can agree to cooperate with us without joining. This involves coordinating activities without joining our internal democratic structures. The group with be listed as a Partner of

3) Groups can offer statements of support. This involves no commitment by the group or organization beyond a statement of support. The statement will be included on our support page, with a link
provided to the group's homepage and contact address.

If you are interested in more information about us you can check our homepage www.genoaresistance.org and on our FAQ page.

For more information email contact@genoaresistence.org


genoaResistance writes:

GenoaResistance is starting to put together a People's Tribunal to investigate the events durning the G8 summit between the 19th and 26th July. The tribunal will take place from October 19 to 21 to coincide with a Mobilization in Genoa on the same weekend. We are now looking for nominations for our panel of civilian judges and volunteers interested in working on collecting and organizing testimony and evidence, and also on helping with the logistics of the

For the guidelines on nominations for judges to the People's Tribunal see Guidelines for Nominations

For the objectives of the People's Tribunal see Objectives of the People's Tribunal

For skills we are looking for in volunteers, see Volunteers

For more information email contact@genoaresistence.org

Freespace writes: "last reminder... please spread the WORD!

FREE SPACE FEST: a two day gathering of art, activism, film, theater, and community building

August 31st to Sept. 1st

$25 for both days

At the ethical building, 38 old country rd. in garden city, 3 miles west of meadow brook pkwy. www.ehsli.org for directions

Artists Contact: Jenn@diyrevolution.com

Bands Contact: jay at fspunks@aol.com

The National Action Center Newsletter contains a call to action to commemorate the historic Civil Rights March on Washington:

Keep the Dream Alive!"
A Movement for Civil and Human Rights World Wide

"Demonstrations have served as unifying forces in the movement; they have
brought blacks and whites together in very practical situations, where
philosophically they may have been arguing" - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
"Showdown for Non-violence" 1968

Last year Rev. Sharton and Dr. Martin Luther King III led the Redeem The
Dream demonstration on the anniversary of the historic March on
Washington. Tens of thousands gathered, highlighting the national plague
of racial profiling and demanding that the US federal government address
the issue. As a result of this and other efforts of community activists
across the country, racial profiling became a national issue and all the
2000 presidential candidates addressed it and pledged to make efforts
toward change. This year Rev. Sharpton and the National Action Network
have decided to again mark the anniversary of the March on
Washington with a rally-this time, at the United Nations.

Autonomedia writes: "Centre for Research and Education «Praxis» plans an
International Conference on
Moscow, 29-30 September 2001.

The conference is timed to coincide with the publication in Russian of the
book From Revolution to Totalitarianism: Memoirs of a Revolutionary by
Victor Serge, the political activist, thinker and writer, fighter for
social liberation.

The conference will discuss a wide range of issues related to Victor
Serge's activies, literary works, and ideological-political legacy.

Rainforest Action Network announces: "The Planet is Not for Sale!" Fighting Global Corporatization from the World Bank to Wall St.

A Rally against CITIGROUP, the world largest and most destructive financial

Washington, DC
Wed September 26, noon

The World Bank and IMF are two key institutions of corporate globalization,
using debt as a weapon to structurally adjust countries around the world to,
forcing their assimilation into an exploitive global economy. But
increasingly the corporate financial sector—Wall St. and the mega-banks—are
privatizing structural adjustment and destructive development, exemplified
by the world’s largest financial institution Citigroup. Over the past
decade funding from so-called “public” institutions like the World Bank has
stayed consistent at between $50 and $60 billion while funding from the
corporate sector has increased by 700% rising up from $30 billion in 1990 to
over $200 billion today.

Friday, August 17, 9am

Mass Demo at the Criminal Justice Center

East side of City Hall, Broad & Market Sts., Philadelphia, PA

Mumia Abu-Jamal will be in State Court in Philadelphia for a hearing to
reopen the Post Conviction Relief Appeal process. Arnold Beverly confessed
to the cop killing for which Mumia is on death row, but Federal Court Judge
Yohn recently denied the opportunity for Beverly to testify! Therefore, this
time in state court is probably Mumia's last chance in court. It is the most
urgent time ever to STAND WITH MUMIA and demand his freedom now! Mumia will
be there...will you?

International Concerned Family & Friends of Mumia (215) 476-8812 www.mumia.org

Free Mumia Abu Jamal Coalition NYC (212) 330-8029

Whether it's independent media collectives pulling together footage from 30 camcorders at a giant action against the World Bank, a protester filming her comrade destroy the control room of a military helicopter, or media satirists creating 'anti-ads' to send up the corporate media's banality and bias, Global Insights has showcased the best of activist video from around the world for the last four years.



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