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May the year 2007 be the beginning of the end of capitalism?

May the year 2007 be the beginning of the end of capitalism?

Another year of capitalism is coming to an end, one more year has passed full of wars, serious poverty, low paid work and addictive boredom. But at the same time, the count down has begun for the final chapter in the existence of capitalism.
It is a system that brings out the worst traits in human character, it deforms mentally and physically the people and turns their leaders into tyrants representing the rich who have put them there to rule in their name. Capitalism is a private system for the circulation of capital that is based on inheritance of the social means of production.

The only rule of capitalism is the allowing of one person to exploit as many others as he/she can (size of capital), all human struggles today are the direct result of the capitalist system which must go. National struggle is a capitalist struggle, class struggle is a capitalist struggle, and environmental struggle is capitalist too. Capitalism will be stopped, and the question is not how but when? All technology, machinery, land, natural resources, etc, is going to be owned by no one but it will function for the benefit of all. There goes inheritance and leadership.
Local people through a synchronized-coordination will operate for the benefit of the whole humanity whilst the whole of humanity will operate, if needed, for the benefit of the locality. The internet is also just another capitalist mass manipulation, just as the cellular mobile that could and should be subverted and used like everything else for the transformation of capitalism to a revolutionary anarchism. Most people on earth don’t even have electricity yet; most people on earth still live on less than three dollars a day.

The revolution will be carried out by the oppressed and poor of the world that makes the total majority of humanity on the planet. The state and the capitalist systems will collapse simultaneously as the anarchic revolution spreads to all regions of the world. Hierarchy and authority will disappear as the revolutionary consciousness of the people will advance to a new historico-evolutionary stage. The money system is the name for modern slavery; it invades your inner being and deforms it, turning you into a desperate, egotistical and greedy person. Religion, philosophy, law and science are all an ideology of money to be used by the richest few against all of humanity. The capitalist system uses everything and every idea for the elongation of it supremacy.

I know that capitalism is not going to last for long, it has reached its limit, beyond that anarchy is waiting. We have the means and the will for the first time in human history to transform this brutal capitalism into a healthy and creative environment, so life could be free and happy. The future is anarchic whilst the present unfortunately is still capitalist, but as I said, not for long. Our existence in the future will be without money or labor, without states and classes, without politicians and governments, just anarchy in equality.