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Wild/Front Weekend

October 26-28, 2002 Netherlands/Belgium

In the last weekend of October anti-authoritarian eco-activists from
Belgium, Holland and around will gather. On the programme:

— Practical workshops: squatting, first aid, de-arresting, climbing,
writing press statements, herbal medicine...

— What's happening in Bruxelles, against the primate torture centre
BPRC, with the anti-road site in Brugge...

— Issue workshops on infrastructure projects in different countries

— Discussion on the alternatives for capitalist mobility policies.

— Introduction on GroenFront! (Green Front, Netherlands), Wildgroei
(Wild Growth, Belgium), infostands from other anti-authoritarian
groups in the region.

— Bands, forest walks & disco.

ECOnference2001 will be the largest national student environmental
conference in nearly a decade! -
Thousands of students - Hundreds of workshops on dozens of issues -
The leading environmental experts and activists in the nation. Don't
miss it! October 19-21, 2001.

>From our wilderness areas to our food supply, from our climate to the
quality of air and our water, the environment is in trouble. 
ECOnference2001 is a national environmental conference taking place
at The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. on October 19-
21, 2001. Thousands of students from all over the country will be
gathering in Washington, DC for a weekend of workshops, speakers,
panels and networking opportunities. Click on the link below to see
an exciting preview of the conference.


The conference is sponsored by over 50 national environmental
organizations including Sierra Student Coalition, Free The Planet,
ecopledge.com, the PIRGs and Greenpeace. ECOnference2001 will be a
great opportunity to learn the skills necessary to make a difference.

Don't miss out!

For more information, or to register for ECOnference 2001, visit the

Anonymous Comrade writes:




23rd Street

Artists/cultural workers are knowledge makers and engaged citizens.
They are
experts at creatively utilizing their hybrid skills to reach numerous
audiencesÐfrom school children and people on the street, to
and far-flung electronic audiencesÐwith meaningful "messages" ranging
healing images and narratives to analyses of mass-media imagery and
manipulation. The traditional view of art1s potential in this crisis
expressed in the New York Times of September 17, in which the pleasures
art were described as "comfort, replenishment, beauty," the museum "as
calm haven from devastating events," and the future direction of public
as a return to the memorial, and a turning away from the "humorous or
ironic." All of these observations are apt, but reinforce the notion of
contemporary art is remove from daily life. In a time of crisis, they
are too


(Subjectively gathered by
Mitchel Cohen)

Please send calendar items to:
mitchelcohen@mindspring.com, or

Call (212) 726-3272 for regular updates.

hydrarchist writes: "For more information: info@abolishthebank.org

Anti-Capitalist Convergence Issues New Call to Action

The Anti-Capitalist Convergence is continuing our mobilization in Washington DC September 24 through October 1. We are calling for a march against the growing capitalist war on Saturday morning September 29th and invite all those interested in creating a world free from terror, hate, racism, poverty and war to demonstrate our unity and vision for a better world.

Join activists at NYU for a teach in for peace

Thursday, September 20 at 7 PM

NYU Main Building, room 809

Main Building is located at 100 Washington Square East at the corner of

The event will focus on giving a context to the tragic events of
September 11 and organizing around two themes: To stop the racist
scapegoating and the US drive to war.

Speakers include

* Amy Goodman, co-host of Democracy Now!

* Purvi Shah, SAKHI for South Asian Women (an anti-violence collective)

* Sherry Wolf, veteran activist of the National Network of Campuses
Against the Gulf War 1990-91

(invited speakers also include)
Arab Students United, Arab American Family Center, Prof. Bertell Ollman,
War Resisters League, Jews Against the Occupation

This event is sponsored by Prof. Bertell Ollman and the NYU Peace
Coalition and endorsed by Earth Matters at NYU, Jews Against The
Occupation, the International Socialist Organization, SAKHI for South
Asian Women (this list is in formation).

NEW YORK (AP) - A Central Park memorial this weekend to the police and
firefighters who died heroically at the World Trade Center - a gathering
that was expected to draw as many as a million people - will not take place,
city officials said.
The city Parks Department did not immediately say why the memorial would not
be held. It had been organized by a committee that includes former Mayors
David Dinkins and Edward Koch and leading Protestant, Jewish, Muslim and
Catholic clergy.
``There is not an event going on in Central Park this weekend,'' said Parks
Department spokesman Jeff Sandgrund. ``We're not organizing an event in
Central Park.''
The cancellation was news to a city that was still jittery, eight days after
two planes hijacked by terrorists laid waste to the Trade Center and killed
more than 5,000 people.

Anonymous Comrade writes: "Due to the recent events at the World Trade Center, Washington
DC, and western Pennsylvania, the Armada to reclaim
Governors Island has been postponed indefinitely. It had been planned for the 16th of September.
-- from Waterwire, September 13, 2001


You can still apply for Global Justice Action Camp! There are spaces left in the full program and weekend program just waiting to be filled by people like you! If you've never been to a Ruckus camp before, especially for those who conveniently live in DC, now's the time. Don't miss this great opportunity for skillsharing, networking, and preparing for the coming convergence. See below or contact Amanda at 301-891-6815 for more details, or apply now at www.ruckus.org...

The Ruckus Society, Institute for Policy Studies, Jobs with Justice & Global Exchange present:


September 14th to 18th, Middleburg VA (near Washington DC) To apply: http://www.ruckus.org / justice@ruckus.org / 510-595-3442 ============================= ======

Anonymous Comrade writes: "Woomera is a remote town, 500 kms from Adelaide (Australia). It is also the centre of an economy of death, suffering and incarceration founded on the dispossession of indigenous lands. Our humanity is obliterated in Woomera, in the concentration camp, by missiles, by nuclear weapons, by toxic waste, by colonisation, by capitalism, by fear and division.

We are making the journey to discover our humanity in the liberation of those who have been dehumanised.

We are making the journey to refuse the death, pain and confinements that are manufactured in the name of The Economy. We refuse the caging behind razor wire and the new world borders fashioned so that capital, by reserving for itself the 'right' to move around the world, can better enforce austerity, misery, the earth's destruction and the 'race-to-the-bottom'.

In 2002, each of us are making the journey in our own unique way to reveal the connections between dispossession and the enclosures; the dislocations that have occurred and are still occurring in the name of profits, warlords and empire. We will not mimic what we go to abolish, but instead wish to open a multitude of paths toward a different world.

We invite you to make the journey with us.


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