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The Implosion Of Capitalism And The Nation-State

To exist so they can get richer

The poor, the worker, the unemployed, the salaried and all those who were born without inheritance or business, are forced to waste their whole lives in monotonous and stupid jobs that makes the owner much richer. The pay they get from government or private sources (owners of the means of production) is immediately spend on drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, rent, food and fuel so as to survive another day and be ready and healthy enough to provide the service (work) again and again till old age if you last that long.

The majority coercively sell their labor all their lives and are always afraid of losing their jobs since unemployment is constantly on the rise. Life under such circumstances becomes instantly very desperate and cruel, so imagine a life long conditioning to such a miserable and torturous existence. Also can you imagine a worker without a job, how will he or she exist, how will they eat and sleep, without a wage you are doomed to die.

I know that one day capitalism will end and a new society will replace it, as the conscious level of humanity rises so too the end of capitalism becomes closer. The end of capitalism is directly proportional to the ratio of human consciousness. We want a world without oppression and exploitation, a world which broke loose from the influence of the past and from the rulers of capitalist economy. We will have a society without classes and states and without workers or bosses, just people living for the fun of it.

Humanity will have to free itself from this fate of ever lasting modern enslavement. If you don’t want your children to become the next generation of neo-slaves, then you must start doing something about it now. The rich are also subjectively very desperate individuals but with plenty of money to cover it up. By oppressing and exploiting the others, the rich and their representatives also pay a price; the repercussion is the inevitable anarchic revolution. The poor must be released from their misery and agony and also free the rich from their unnecessary and cruel power.

No person should be able to exploit and oppress the other; no system should allow and encourage persons to do so. The whole capitalist system is based on the sole exploitation and enslavement of others. First they occupy the geography violently with all the assets of the planet and then herd the total majority of the population to serve the rulers of economy so as to barely survive generation after generation. We can exist very well without the nation-state, religion and capitalism; these three parasitic structures are blood thirsty, violent and psychotic. The capitalist organization is a fascist and a nazi in time of crises and war whilst portending to be liberal in time of relative low class antagonism.

All the people of the planet can become rich without the mediation of money and hierarchy, all the people of the planet could be free immediately if they will get rid of capitalist sub-development and its deformed social relations. Humanity can coexist without trade and business and turn history on its head and change it for ever. Most of us spend our whole life either employed on a minimum wage or unemployed barely living on what remains of social benefits. No matter where you are “living”, freedom and subsistence is needed by every one and all, the need for health and creativity is the same everywhere but the objective conditions are different. No matter where is the place or at what time, its is pleasure and liberty that we seek and desire, but under capitalism only the exclusive few have the material ability to achieve this, but with it comes also the constant fear of revolution.

I know that one day in the coming future the capitalist-state system will implode and free humanity to choose how it wants to live, in an anarchic society or in a class society, in boring jobs or interesting lives. Capitalism cannot go on like this forever, it is reaching its last historical phase, the phase of collapse and the end of empire and the liberation of humanity. It will be the first time in human civilization and evolution that humanity has reached the stage of not wanting a system of servants and masters and a social relation based on discrimination and racism.

Anarchists make an anarchic society, without many anarchists there will never be anarchic society, the more anarchists there will be the faster the capitalist system will goe and since anarchism is deeply rooted in human nature we see the revolution on the horizon of the not so distant future.