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CFP Affinities Challenging the rhetoric of non-State actors, political violence and ‘terrorism

CFP Affinities Challenging the rhetoric of non-State actors, political violence and ‘terrorism
Affinities: A Journal of Radical Theory, Culture, and Action

Affinities, a journal of contemporary radical politics, is now accepting submissionproposals from individuals or collectives interested in contributing to a special edition focused on non-State actors, political violence and ‘terrorism.’ The purpose of this special edition of Affinities is to reengage critical anti-authoritarian scholarship with themes that challenge Statist attempts to control discourses around violence. Who is a terrorist?

What is terrorism? When does resistance become violence? How does one label direct action movements? This special issue seeks to create space for an evolving discourse beyond the ‘violence versus non-violence,’ debate. How can we move stagnant conversations about tactical efficacy, the ethics of non-violence, the strategy of economic sabotage and direct action forward?

Submissions are warmly invited for this special issue as it our intent
to open up a space for reflection, critique and revolutionary
analysis. Submissions can come from any and all ‘disciplines’
including but not limited to: anarchist studies, critical theory,
Marxist studies, Queer theory/LGBT studies, public anthropology,
cultural studies, terrorism studies, security studies, peace studies,
conflict analysis or others. We also accept nonpeer reviewed
submissions from artists, activists, journalists and others outside of
the academy.

Possible topics for submission include (but are not limited to):
● Effective challenges to statist monopolization of discourses
involving violence, terrorism, and the ethics of state vs. non-state
● Anti-statists and their relationships to nationalist (liberation?) movements
● What is militant non-violence and can it be effective?
● Anarchist and other perspectives or critiques of violence in the
Palestinian intifada, the Chechen jihad, the Angry Brigade, the Occupy
● How can radical communities respond to State terrorism and/or
non-State violence?
● What role can horizontal direct action movements have in mediating conflict?

To see previous issues of Affinities, or for more information on the
journal, please visit www.affinitiesjournal.org. To propose a paper,
please submit an abstract (500 words max.) no later than June 30,
2012, to Michael.Loadenthal@gmail.com. Authors whose abstracts are
accepted for the special issue will be contacted by mid-July, with
final articles to be due mid-October.

Please direct inquiries & abstracts to the issue editor: Michael
Loadenthal (Michael.Loadenthal@gmail.com)