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"The Planet is Not for Sale!" Anti-Citigroup Rally Announced for Sept. 26, Washington, DC

Rainforest Action Network announces: "The Planet is Not for Sale!" Fighting Global Corporatization from the World Bank to Wall St.

A Rally against CITIGROUP, the world largest and most destructive financial

Washington, DC
Wed September 26, noon

The World Bank and IMF are two key institutions of corporate globalization,
using debt as a weapon to structurally adjust countries around the world to,
forcing their assimilation into an exploitive global economy. But
increasingly the corporate financial sector—Wall St. and the mega-banks—are
privatizing structural adjustment and destructive development, exemplified
by the world’s largest financial institution Citigroup. Over the past
decade funding from so-called “public” institutions like the World Bank has
stayed consistent at between $50 and $60 billion while funding from the
corporate sector has increased by 700% rising up from $30 billion in 1990 to
over $200 billion today.

This means that increasingly it is mega-banks like Citigroup who are writing
the rules of the global economy and putting their own profits ahead of human
rights, workers and the future of the planet itself. Citi controls over
$1 trillion in assets and is conducts business in over one hundred
countries. As the one of the largest underwriters of World Bank Bonds, and
a massive holder of third world debt, Citi’s lack of basic social and
environmental standards threatens ecosystems and communities around the
world. From rainforest destruction to redlining communities of color, from
devastating debt to undermining democratic decision making, from prisons to
fossil fuel pollution Citi is “living richly” off global destruction.

Join us in going for the jugular of the corporate global economy by telling
Citigroup, the World Bank and the entire corporate financial sector that our
planet IS NOT FOR SALE! Demand a democratic, just and ecologicaly sane
global society based on principles rather than profits.

Global Ecology Global Democracy Now!

Contact: Matthew Smucker, Rainforest Action Network
smucker@globalizethis.org 202-903-7257

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