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This is our planet, not theirs. Our planet is without authority and borders. There are two planets mixed into one. One is called capitalist planet and the second is the anarchic planet. The capitalist planet is full of barriers and thousands upon thousands of soldiers and police, known as the state of that planet. The capitalist planet is entangled with its own barbed wires. The mass murderers and mass exploiters created their own luxuries prison to dwell in, they have to protect themselves from the mass rage they have created around them. The financial and political leaders of the planet can exist only by being permanently surrounded with police, soldiers and body guards. Behind high walls protected by guns and helicopters afraid to move afraid of the people.

The future is ours not theirs, we refuse all continuity, we want to create a new world, we don’t obey and rebel, ours time is for love and creation theirs is a timetable for the destruction of humanity and its planet. We are truly free but you are a commodity fetishist, we have the dance and music you have only military marches and loud speakers from helicopters. We give pleasure you give torture, the only dance you know is the marching of your soldiers trampling all over the planet.

We have the knowledge you have disinformation, we have the communication you have indoctrination. We are the planet and you are (the capitalist system) its exploiter and destroyer. We are the freedom you are the enslaver. It is important to know, especially in these miserable and horrible times, especially when they have launched the fifth world war against us, the war of state capitalism against all people. Whilst capital is celebrating its bloody but very profitable orgies, it violently represses and oppresses those who want to create a different and a much better world, this is the routine practice of every state and every system. They want to subordinate us, the want us as mindless obedient zombies, to make us like them.

They want us to be capitalists or workers, they want us to be nasty like them, the stinking part of inhumanity – the very thought is ugly and sickening. Not only that we abhor capitalists and capitalism but also we want to finish it and start something different and new. Through violence and brutality, through deceit and bribery they keep the majority under control and tragically enough the majority of the people relate to this, consciously or subconsciously as normality as nature. How wrong they are and naïve and they are going to learn this unfortunately in the hard way, in the form of catastrophes and social upheavals.

The real enemy is the capitalist system and its lackey’s, religion, the state, the nation, all the diseases of human historical evolution in one basket, and capitalism is guaranteed to lose and vanish once and for all from the face of planet and free us from its bloody claws. We don’t need new rulers; we want no rulers at all but An-arch-y. Revolutionary emancipation is the key to our struggle and liberation, our weapon is that we are truly and clearly different than them. We don’t look or behave like them but always to the contrary and with levels of conscious far beyond their reach.

Against their borders and prisons we have our exter-national and anti-authoritarian terrains; against their coercive labor we have festivity and the celebration of life and creativity. Against their constitutional violence and exploitation we have our courage and revolutionary imagination, against their hate and viciousness we have love and human compassion. Against their arrogance, we have the knowledge and daring to bring them down, and this is the plan for tomorrow.

Against their imagined permanence we guarantee their permanent disappearance from the globe, through a revolutionary transformation of society and the creation of the anarchic alternative. They are not going to exist in the future; this is their final phase, the end of their his-story. All those who defended and advocated capitalism will become relics of the past, hated, despised and then forgotten. We the anarchists are uncontrollable and insubordinate to all commands, in our world there is no authority and control, there is no bosses and workers, just people living for the sake of free living. Let’s rebel and enjoy it.