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Anonymous Comrade writes: "George Bush will address the United Nations at 12:00 NOON on Saturday, November 10.

Gather at Dag Hammerskjold Plaza in front of the UN at First Avenue
between 42nd and 48th Street."

Anonymous Comrade writes:

Worldwide Events Around the 4th WTO Ministerial in Qatar, November 9-13, 2001

Hundreds of protest events are planned in lots of cities around the world to
coincide with the 4th Ministerial of the World Trade Organization (WTO). We
have counted actions in 36 countries and probably lots will be added.

Globalization and Resistance Conference Schedule

Friday, November 16 - Saturday, November 17, 2001
9:30 am - 6:00 (BOTH DAYS)
CUNY Graduate Center, 365 Fifth Ave. (@ 34th Street), NYC


8:30 am - Registration

9:30 - Plenary: Neo-liberalism and the New World Order
Speakers:Susan George; Stanley Aronowitz; Tariq Ali

11:15 - 1:00

1) Neoliberalism: Old imperialism or new capitalism?

Speakers: Doug Henwood; Silvia Federici

2) Free trade, the welfare state and wages

Speakers: Bill Tabb; Francis Piven

3) IMF, World Bank & the WTO: Can they ever change?

Speakers: Robert Naiman; Barbara Garson

4) Debt, Structual Adjustment and the Global South

Speakers: Dennis Brutus; Forrest Hylton; Carmen

5) Globalization, the state, and imperialism

Speakers: Michael Hardt;, Peter Bratsis

6) Environment on the edge: The politics of global warming & GM food

Speakers: Jonathan King

7) Corporate rule and the erosion of democracy

Speakers: Rob Weissman; Bill DiFazio

1:00 - 2:00 LUNCH

2:00 - 3:45

8) The culture of neoliberalism

Speakers: David Harvey; Randy Martin

9) The Corporate University

Speakers: Barbara Bowen; Clyde Barrow

10) The US, Islam, and Terrorism

Speakers: Tariq Ali; Stuart Schaar; Ellen Willis

11) The War at Home: Surveillence, Civil Liberties, and Dissent

Speakers: Cory Robbin; Norman Siegel (invited)

12) Is Capitalism Sustainable?

Speakers: Stanley Aronowitz; Manuel DeLanda

4:00 - 6:00 Plenary: Alternatives to Globalization & War

Speakers: Manning Marable; Mike Davis; Rabab Abdulhadi


9:30 Plenary: The shape of the resistance

Speakers: Leslie A. Kauffman; Kim Moody; Michael Letwin

11:15 - 1:00

1) From anti-capitalism to anti-war: Where do we go next?

Speakers: Marina Sitrin (People's Law Collective/Anti-War Activist) Leslie Woods (Ontario Coalition Against Poverty) Laura

Fantoni (Italian Anti-Capitalist Activist)

2) Breaking the Two Party System

Speakers: Howie Hawkins (Green Party) Joel Kovel (Green Party)

3) Grassroots Media

Speakers: Arun Gupta (NYC-IMC/Former Editor of the Guardian Newsweekly)

Ana Nogueira (NYC-IMC/Founding member of IMCs in Argentina and Brazil)

Chris Strohm (DC-IMC/Reporter, DC Free Press newspaper)

4) Patents that Kill: Intellectual Property and the AIDS Epidemic

Speakers: Asia Russell ( ACT UP-Philadelphia) Mark Milano (ACT UP-New York)

5) Direct Action Gets the Goods

Speakers: David Graeber (Direct Action Network) Brooke Lehman (Direct Action Network)

6) Fault Lines of Empire - Colombia, Vieques, and Palestine

1:00 - 2:00 LUNCH

2:00 - 3:45

1) The Prison-Industrial Complex: Social Control and Profit

Speakers: Luis Lopes (Critical Resistance - East) Pilar Maschi (Critical Resistance -East)

2) Organizing the Unorganized - UNITE Local 169

Jose Schiffino

3) Targeting the Corporations -

Rainforest Action Network

4) Organizing Against Police Brutality: From Cincinnati to PG County

Speakers: Life Allah (Cincinnati Cop Watch) Karen Allen (Sister of Caesar Allen,
killed by PG County Police)

5) Globalization on the Shop Floor

Matt Noyes

4:00 - 6:00 Final Rally: Directions: The future of the movement

Speakers:Jeremy Brecher; Alex Callincos; Dennis Brutus"

Louis Lingg writes: "The Lebanese group 'Platform on the WTO' and the 'Arab NGO Network for Development' are organizing a counter-forum to the WTO meeting in Qatar: the World Forum on the WTO, in Beirut from November 5 thru November 8.

They've posted their 'call for action' to civil society activists around the world: 'Countdown to Qatar!!!...The meeting will be highlighted by corporate lobbying and Northern government attempts
to bully many developing countries into a new round of trade talks...The WTO can run away, but they cannot hide! Activists around the world will plan events in the run up of Qatar to stop a new round of trade talks, to turn trade around and to demonstrate our
peaceful and informed nature of protest.'

The Lebanese paper The Daily Star has posted an article on the World Forum on the WTO, the Arab world's first anti-globalization forum."

Robert Mahaney writes: "On November 7 at 7pm. at the Barbara Fortino Room at the Pueblo Community College Campus the Green Party of Pueblo presents three speakers on the issues raised by the events of the past few months -- How did we get here and what is next?

Phil DeCaro of the Colorado Springs American Civil Liberties Union will address the recently passed anti-terrorism legislation -- that includes provisions for widely increased police powers such as the ability to search a person's home without notifying them -- and the other effects on civil liberties of the 9/11 attacks. Do we have to sacrifice our civil rights and hard won freedoms for security?

Ron Forthofer of the Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center will discuss past U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East, giving an eyewitness account of effects of sanctions on the people of Iraq, realities that have not been examined honestly by the mainstream media.

Bob Kinsey , Chair of the Rocky Mountain Conference UCC Peace and Justice Task Force, will discuss the complicated and distressing twist and turns of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. What does it mean and how can these conflicts be resolved?"

International Monetary Fund
700 19th Street, NW
Washington, D.C. 20431 USA

IMFC and Development Committee Meetings To Be Held November 17-18, 2001
in Ottawa

The Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, Horst Köhler,
and the President of the World Bank, James D. Wolfensohn, after
consultation with the institutions' Boards of Executive Directors, and
with the chairmen of the International Monetary and Financial Committee
(IMFC) and the Development Committee (DC), Gordon Brown and Yashwant
Sinha, are pleased to accept the invitation made by the Canadian Finance
Minister, Paul Martin, to host meetings of the IMFC and DC in Ottawa on
November 17-18, 2001.

These meetings will bring together ministers and central bank governors
from around the world to discuss issues of importance to the membership
of the IMF and World Bank, especially including the global economic
outlook in the wake of the tragic events of September 11; their impact,
in particular, on the poorest; the ongoing work to improve the stability
of the international financial system; and preparations for the
forthcoming United Nations Conference on Financing for Development.


Public Affairs: 202-623-7300 - Fax: 202-623-6278

Media Relations: 202-623-7100 - Fax: 202-623-6772

Students, faculty, and community members organizing against the war have encountered significant repression at two different City University of New York campuses.


Monday, October 22

3:30 PM

Board of Trustees meeting at CUNY Central

East 80th Street and York Ave in Manhattan

jim writes: "Please come to an instant demo for CHARAS - Tomorrow morning!

When: Tuesday, October 16th, - 10:00am -

Where: CHARAS Community Center

605 East 9th Street


Gregg Singer is coming to CHARAS for a site visit tomorrow morning,
10:30am (gather at 10am). the last 2 times he visited he sent the police
with a phony warrant and then came to destroy our murals, so who knows
what he's up to.
Please come by if you can and let Singer know that we will not let him

Manchester, 2nd-4th April 2002

The eighth international conference on ALTERNATIVE FUTURES and POPULAR
PROTEST will be held at Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester,
England from Tuesday 2nd April to Thursday 4th April 2002.

This Manchester conference series has proved a small but significant
success. Reflecting the inherent cross-disciplinary nature of the issues,
previous participants (from over 40 countries) have come from such
specialisms as sociology, politics, cultural studies, social psychology,
economics, history and geography. The Manchester conferences have been
notable for discovering a fruitful and friendly meeting ground between
activism and academia.

francisco rojas of Genoa Resistance writes: "Why October 20th?

Three months after the police violence in Genoa it is more and more clear what the policies of the police and intelligence services are towards dissent and towards minorities and migrants. While these policies started well before the July g8 Summit in Genoa, the implications have been more and more elaborated in Genoa, and accelerated in the aftermath of the attacks in the US.

Minorities are being harassed and terrorized all over the West. Migrants are being rounded up in mass and deported as ‘threats to society’. Draconian laws are being introduced everywhere under the cover of ‘anti-terrorist’ measures which will significantly restrict civil liberties and limit the rights to dissent and protest.


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