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Globalization of Anarchism (Anti-Capital)

Never Say Never - The Music Must Go On

To stop human suffering we must stop capitalism. If we want to save of what remains of this planet we must dismantle the class society. Most of the people on earth are suffering, like me and billions of others, for the first time in human history we can end this suffering.

The ruling class must go, the state must be replaced with anarchy, and the rich will have to learn to live with us on equal terms. The laws must be abandoned and replaced with human consideration and creative alteration.

A new human being is created, a new brain is manifested. A positive human character is emerging, a new and different individual, a revolutionary personality that does not tolerate any suffering and discrimination whatsoever. New and different social relations are created, that are not based on money but on the love of freedom. At last a different attitude towards property and matter which is based on complete equality and total freedom.

Without trade or barter, without capitalism and slavery, without authority and hierarchy – just real anarchic relation based on the materialistic and anarchic understanding of the world and the laws of nature.

Anarchy is the only known alternative to capitalism and the forthcoming anarchic revolution will create a new society with a new anti-capitalist interaction so we could live in a harmonious anarchic planet on the ruins of primitive civilizations of the past.

All the pain and suffering that humanity has experienced and all of the past and present struggles that humanity has undergone and is undergoing; all this is will not be spent in vain. All the crimes of civilizations against humanity, in modern and in ancient times is not going to be repeated, it is going to be stopped and a new post-civilization will begin its new march to a better and a more humane future.

Nothing goes in vain, every cause has its effect and reaction and a meta-action. The time has come for this global insurrection to transform us from suffering to happiness. All the systems of the past including the present one, are all the same continuation of the same thing but with a more advanced tools.

The people will rise, they have no choice, it is either happiness or suffering, they have nothing to loose but their modern slavery. The majority just had enough of this everlasting torture, and we want it stopped now, and this is done through the destruction of the state, capitalism and all ideologies including religion. We want a life without police and classes, without cheap labor and poverty and without wars and violence and without the root of all evil – money.

The post-democratic anarchic revolution

Bloodless and unarmed revolutions lead by the majority. There is no dictatorship because there are no leaders. The revolution will be anti-national, anti-religious and anti-capitalist. It will be a social revolution without violence and without physical force. The revolution will succeed when the conscious level of the people reaches its height.

Billions of people will participate and take a direct and active part in a simultaneous revolution all over the world. Borders will be erased and capital and the means of production decentralized and distributed to those who created it in the first place. A revolutionary leap into a future, a future without gods or masters, just people living happily on one planet for a while.

You can never blame the poor

When conditions are hard and painful, the people become more extreme and more radical. When the conditions are easy and wealthy, the minorities advocate democracy and moderation to hide their real motivation, the exploitation of people and the planet for profit. The poor people everywhere are still wrongly navigated; their extreme and radical view of the world is manipulated for other purposes, like national and religious struggles. The well to do preach to the oppressed the meaning of law, class and order, punishment and impoverishment is the reward for those who never obey. The consensus is a mediocrity of the alienated, the broken citizen in a capitalist collective of joined tragedies. Half of the people who still earn wages and salaries have to keep on swallowing apologies for democracy and liberalism designed cleverly for the maintenance of their disguised enslavement.

Are You Active In The Revolution?

Imagine a proletarian without work, imagine a proletarian with work, the former is homeless and starving and the latter lives on a minimum wage. What a life to the majority of the people, what a life each of these individual have to undergo. Capitalism is turning all of us into paupers, the lucky ones who work are in constant fear of losing it, the unlucky ones are in constant fear of brute survival.

They employ you when they need you and dump you in times of surplus. The pay you the lowest wages when they need you and you starve if they don’t need you. This is the true face of capitalism; it is a very ugly system that destroys humanity and nature around the clock till oblivion.

The only way out of this desperate situation is a social revolution to liberate us from the yoke of capitalism and its lackeys. We need an anarchic revolution to free us from the capitalists, as long as they are in power we shell suffer. The revolution will topple them down and eliminate those positions, i.e., the elimination of capitalism and the state.

Try and live in capitalism without money or work, you cannot, you die. And since capitalism is everywhere you have no choice but to serve it if you can to survive and you will be very unlucky if you could not, i.e., you will have a short life of despair.

Therefore only an anarchic revolution can guarantee to all the billions of the poor people, a permanent abundance and a permanent freedom. Only an anarcho-individualist communist revolution on a massive scale will guarantee all of us an interesting and labor free life, where we determine how we want to live and not the bloody capitalists.

Capitalism kills love and kindness, capitalism kills everything that is beautiful in the world, capitalism kills life and nature and the absurdity of it all, is that all this killing is just for the mere greed of more profit. Anarchy is the exact opposite of capitalism.

They own the water we drink, they own the food we eat, they own the rooms where we sleep, they own the entertainment we swallow, i.e., they own everything and everyone who owns not. Soon will be paying for the oxygen we breath and for the waking on a pavement, this means that if you are not born into this class your life is doomed for an eternal torment here on earth and now. To pay them for everything you are paying them to survive, you are forced to work all of your life if you are lucky. If you are born without money you are going to suffer all of your life and eventually become either a legal or illegal criminal. In power or in prison, lick the rich people asses or live a life of poverty, disease and despair, capitalism aggravates all these antagonistic conflicts, a nega-process that leads to a fatally absurd terminal.

I am not a Jew therefore there is no Chanukah I am not a Christian therefore there is no Christmas I am not a Muslim therefore there is no Aladkha I am not a Nationalist therefore there is no country I am not a Capitalist therefore there is no business I am not an Idealist therefore there is no dialectics I am an Anarchist therefore I am free

The Revolution Is Here To Stay A Post-Cultural Revolution The Revolution Starts At Home

Globalization of Anarchism (Anti-Capital)

The economico-political and the nation-state system known as capitalism is the most vicious and cyclic tragedy that humanity has ever encountered, the ugliest form of social relations known to wo/man – with consequences that are more severe than a natural mega-disaster.

The catastrophic effect of capitalism on humanity and on nature is devastating and mostly irreversible, its effect on each and every individual is horrific and horrendous, and we cannot compare it to anything else because humanity has never known anything else. From the beginning of civilization we have known nothing but the three varieties of slavery.

Capitalism impact you on all levels, it destroys and deforms your inner self by shuttering the structure of your character and instead implanting the perfect worker - soldier – shopkeeper – consumer. Capitalism utterly distorts and deviate your psyche and emotions and turning them into brutalized sensations of rage and permanent dissatisfaction, a severe form of alienation. Capitalism forbids you to think and daring to do so you risk legal retribution, capitalism also ruins the foundation upon which you can think independently. In the name of profit and business success they destroy the living; in the name of democracy they rape life and the planet.

The so called free market capitalism is a continuation of the mid-ages feudalism, but with an improved industrial implements and electronic techniques. Capitalism is a very brutal system, capitalism is the modern version of slavery, and all this in the name of progress and democracy but which in reality means poverty and hardship, therefore this system must be terminated.

The termination of the capitalist system with its nation–state as the only possible social relation will mean that for the first time in the history of wo/mankind – humanity will at last achieve a real and true individual and social freedom, i.e., the end of modern enslavement.

The end of the class-system will mean the for the first time ever in human existence that people will live in harmony with themselves and with nature, for the sake of the pleasure of human existence and the continuation of it’s survival and future existence.

Capitalism or life – there can be no happiness or peace on the face of this planet, no prosperity for the masses, as long as this modern version of slavery continues. Capitalism kills the individual and society, it can kill you in a variety of ways, slow or quick, with or without suffering etc.

This pathological race for more profit and exploitation at any cost, will lead capitalism to its final downfall. By robbing fast the planet and enslaving the majority of its people is not going to last long, people will eventually rebel when they will discover that all their suffering was spent in vain, for the sake of more power and wealth of the few.

Capitalism has polluted the whole planet and more, it has pauperized billions of people for what? So the rich can continue to wallow in their luxuries whilst we are the slaves that maintain all this. By keeping the modern slave in a permanent crises they can control and manipulate him to their advantage, this destroys the inner self of the individual and disintegrates society, leaving nothing behind but a metropolis of moles and mentally disturbed consumers.

By crippling the individual intellectually and emotionally, the capitalist system wounds the subject turning him into one dimensional zombie who is ready at any time to work for a minimum wage and/or sacrifice himself whenever he is called to serve the flag of the rich and/or become a gullible consumer that works overtime and/or two jobs so he can also cue for his own self-consummation.

I hope that this mass mayhem will end one day, the sooner the less misery will have, the globalization of anarchy is the first step towards this goal, the termination of all misery and suffering on the planet and the creation of society based on equity and mutual-aid.

Only Anarchy

“We must overthrow the rulers of the mind by the workers of the mind, an act of insurrection. The bourgeoisie ego shall be replaced by the proletarian ego. The Revolution will be followed by a long period of the withering away of the proletarian ego. Then, and only then, will it be Revolutionary Anarchy Time!”