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Moscow Conference Planned on Victor Serge and Anti-Totalitarian Socialism

Autonomedia writes: "Centre for Research and Education «Praxis» plans an
International Conference on
Moscow, 29-30 September 2001.

The conference is timed to coincide with the publication in Russian of the
book From Revolution to Totalitarianism: Memoirs of a Revolutionary by
Victor Serge, the political activist, thinker and writer, fighter for
social liberation.

The conference will discuss a wide range of issues related to Victor
Serge's activies, literary works, and ideological-political legacy.

Suggested discussion topics:
1. Victor Serge as a participant in revolutionary movements.
European and Russian anarchism. Russian revolution of 1917-21.
Contradictions of the Bolshevik dictatorship. World revolution and the
Comintern. Evaluation and analysis of revolution's experience. Critique and
defense of Bolshevism.

2. V. Serge and bureaucratic counter-revolution in USSR.
Struggle against Stalinism. Analysis of revolution's totalitarian
degeneration. Nature of totalitarianism.

3. V. Serge's conception of Socialism.
Socialism and freedom. Strengths and limits of Marxism. Anti-dogmatism,
necessity for renovation of socialist theory and practice. Search for
political alternative to capitalism and totalitarianism.

4. Literature in the age of revolution and counter-revolution. Social and
psychological problems of the epoch in Serge's literary work.

5. Actuality of Victor Serge's legacy.
Serge and present-day Russia. Left anti-totalitarianism alternative today.
Prospects of democratic and libertarian socialism.

The languages of the conference are Russian, English and French.

To participate please apply by 5.09.01 to Centre «Praxis»: Fax: (095)
292-65-11 (mark your fax clearly "Box 385". E-mail: .

In your letter please include your full name, date of birth, passport
number, place of work, and the theme of proposed paper (please enclose
photocopy of first page of your passport). Please indicate if you intend to
extend your visit beyond the days of the conference. We need these details
in order to write you a letter of invitation in the form necessary for you
to receive a Russian visa."