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Male Sex Trade Worker

Luka Magnotta :

Men are as much a part of the sex industry as women are, and while we are at it, lets not forget our transgendered co-workers. Having worked in the sex industry for over three years I would like to make my observations known. Men in the sex industry must be prepared to face homophobia and invisibility in addition to the traditional ignorance and hostility towards the profession. Most people, if not all, when they hear the word 'prostitute' automatically assume the feminine gender. This is understandable to a point. I am sure there are many more women in prostitution then men.

This bias is a by product of sexism in our society that oppresses women at every turn. Those who are against prostitution see the profession as yet another example of violence against women by men. Prostitution advocates see sex work as a way for women to empower themselves, at the expense, literally, of men. Sex workers of other genders do not fit easily into the equation, and no one has known what to do with us beyond the recognition that we exist.

I have encountered what I perceive to be homophobia among members of the female escorts as well as prostitute advocates, and sexphobia among gay men, in addition to whorephobia from all angles. Because a male prostitute is such a new animal to many people, those of us who are out and have opinions are easy targets for criticisms based on partially processed assumptions about being a man, being a queer, and being a whore.

However, homophobia has darker manifestations for men in the industry. The obsession in this society of labeling based on who you have sex with has resulted in many problems for those who do not conform. Just ask any bisexual.

The man who has sex with men for money but is not gay is another creature who, because he doesn't fit in any of the existing structures, gets placed in whatever cage is left over in the What Are You? zoo. Because sexual identity is such a charged absolute, and because the ramifications of not picking the right answer, these men are in a service and support twilight zone.

Sex Workers have the right to not be assulted, we are providing a service and doing our job. We are consenting adults. It really bothers me when somebody says "hookers deserve whatever happens to them" because noone, no matter what profession they are in deserve to be assulted.

I am not a "weirdo" nor am I a drug addict. I have a nice home and I have a car I go grocery shopping, have friends over to my place, relatives over. I go to University. I am just like everyone else.

I would like to set the record straight and to let others know what male sex trade workers go through and to bring a better understanding to the profession. Luka Magnotta