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Report from France: Recent Developments in the Class Struggle

Report from France:
Recent Developments in the Class Struggle

Friday, May 11, 2012, 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM
The New School, Room 716, 6 East 16th Street, NYC

The speakers are militants of the Groupe d'Action pour la Recomposition de l'Autonomie Proletarienne (GARAP), based in Paris but with some members elsewhere in France. Founded recently, this small formation and its revolutionary perspective are primarily inspired by anti-statist and anti-authoritarian Marxism. Its members are blue, white-collar and unemployed workers, as well as students.

The group believes that the struggle of the proletariat in France is contained by the left and far-left parties (in the first case, the Stalinists and the Social Democrats and, in the second case, the Trotskyists)--the latter being well placed in institutions and especially at every level of the major trade-union federations. Only struggles that confront those forces of containment have the potential of confronting capital effectively.

Although the specifics of the political landscape are somewhat different between France and the US, the fundamental challenges and opportunities for revolutionary politics are quite similar and we believe that our French comrades will be addressing issues of great relevance to an anti-capitalist movement in this country.

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