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"Keep the Dream Alive!" Demo Set for UN Plaza, Sept. 25th

The National Action Center Newsletter contains a call to action to commemorate the historic Civil Rights March on Washington:

Keep the Dream Alive!"
A Movement for Civil and Human Rights World Wide

"Demonstrations have served as unifying forces in the movement; they have
brought blacks and whites together in very practical situations, where
philosophically they may have been arguing" - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
"Showdown for Non-violence" 1968

Last year Rev. Sharton and Dr. Martin Luther King III led the Redeem The
Dream demonstration on the anniversary of the historic March on
Washington. Tens of thousands gathered, highlighting the national plague
of racial profiling and demanding that the US federal government address
the issue. As a result of this and other efforts of community activists
across the country, racial profiling became a national issue and all the
2000 presidential candidates addressed it and pledged to make efforts
toward change. This year Rev. Sharpton and the National Action Network
have decided to again mark the anniversary of the March on
Washington with a rally-this time, at the United Nations.