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Australia's "Global Insights" Calls for Video Activist Submissions

Whether it's independent media collectives pulling together footage from 30 camcorders at a giant action against the World Bank, a protester filming her comrade destroy the control room of a military helicopter, or media satirists creating 'anti-ads' to send up the corporate media's banality and bias, Global Insights has showcased the best of activist video from around the world for the last four years.


Attention: Independent Activist Video Makers!

GLOBAL INSIGHTS, Australia's most inspiring screen event, is set to return for 2001.

SKA TV is now calling for submissions from video activists.

Since GLOBAL INSIGHTS 3, the world has seen an amazing explosion of new media activism - as well as the growing interest from mainstream television outlets in this kind of material.

Is it an attempt to reinvigorate a sterile and artificial tv culture, or just because it's cheap to purchase?

Just file it under 'reality tv'...

Meanwhile GLOBAL INSIGHTS remains one of the few means of screening and distributing this kind of material.

GLOBAL INSIGHTS has two arms - a compilation of short video activist works which is screened in Melbourne, and a videomagazine which is distributed through grass-roots networks, festivals and community broadcasters around the world.

Global Insights 3 was seen in places as diverse as Seoul and Antarctica.

Submissions should be complete edited pieces of less than 12 minutes duration, or able to be cut down to less than 12 minutes.

The deadline is the end of September 2001.

Contact us about video formats and other questions.

We have a small budget to cover costs in getting your material to us.

All contributors will receive a copy Global Insights 4.

Global Insights (and in fact SKA TV) is a %100 volunteer production made by dedicated activists and media mischief makers.