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Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Once more we ask you to walk with us and shout "Ya Basta! Enough is Enough!"

Once more we ask you to walk with us for globalized human rights.

Once more we ask you to walk with us against the transcendence
of multinational interests.

On May 31st at 9am to 12pm on June 1, 2002, EST.

Join the Electronic Disturbance Theater's Virtual Sit-In:

Against President Fox's Support of the "Plan Puebla Panama" in Mexico.

And In Support of Labor and Indigenous Right's In Mexico.

This Electronic Disturbance Theater Performance
Is Sponsored By
The Berkman Center For Internet & Society
At Harvard Law School.

Anonymous Comrade writes

Artists Engaging Globalization

May 24-July 14, 2002, opens 5-23-02 6-8pm

Exhibition by Whitney Indie Study Prog fellows: K. Butler, J. Farrell, Y. Mckee and M. Vicente
Francois Bucher, Peter Fend, Emily Jacir, Laura Kurgan, Mark Lombardi, Sergio Munoz-Sarmiento, Josh On and Futurefarmers, Alex Rivera, Martha Rosler, Allan Sekula, Wolfgang Staehle, David Thorne and Oliver Ressler, Patricia Thornley, Fatimah Tuggar and Marisa Yiu.

Tuesday May 28 at 7pm

Panel discussion with Fend, Rivera, Rosler and Yiu.

Tuesday June 4 at 7pm

Gregg Bordowitz film "Habit" (2001) re. HIV activism

Gallery open Wed-Sun 12-6pm Location: CUNY Grad Center, 5th Ave. between 34th & 33rd St.

Dear Friends,

I have come to the unhappy determination that I cannot afford to keep Eco
Books open at our present rent. Eco Books will close at the end of
June. I will put the books in storage and spend the coming months looking
for less expensive space in which to relocate. I am considering relocating
in New York City or outside the city.

Between now and the end of June, I hope you will join us for one or more of
the many events we have scheduled. Our events are listed below and on our
website at www.ecobooks.com/events.htm The various groups that meet at Eco
Books will continue to meet in other locations. In a future email I will
ask you to let me know if you would like your email address to be given to
any of these groups so that you can be kept current with their future events.

Eco Books will be closed this coming weekend from Thursday, May 23 to
Monday, May 27.


Unbearables Arts Festival Calendar of Events

May 1 - 31, 2001

Events Venues:

Bowery Poetry Club, 305 Bowery btwn Houston and Bleeker

Bullet Space, 292 East 3 Street btwn Avenues C & D

Collective: Unconscious, 145 Ludlow

Fire Patrol No. 5, 307 West 121 Street btwn Manhattan & 8th Avenue

Fusion Arts, 57 Stanton Street btwn Forsyth & Eldridge

Nuyorican Poets Cafe, 236 East 3 Street

Parkside Lounge, 317 East Houston Street, corner of Attorney Street

Tonic, 107 Norfolk btwn Delancey & Rivington Street

Tribes Gallery, 285 East 3 Street btwn Avenues C & D

May 1: Opening - "Corporate Delecti" art opening and reading at Fire Patrol
No. 5, 6 - 9 PM

May 3: Ugly Duckling Presse presents and evening of Quasi-Poetic Mayhem at
Tribes Gallery.
6 - 9 PM

May 4: Rob Hardin presents A reading at Tonic, 1 - 5 PM
Opening - "Face to Faith" art opening and reading at Tribes Gallery 6
- 9 PM

May 6: A Night at Tonic with Steve Dalachinsky, 8 - 11 PM

May 7: James Kowalczyk and Survivor Theatre present and evening at Fusion
Arts, 8 - 11 PM

May 8: Tsaurah Litzky presents: "Wet Wednesday" - an evening of erotica at
Fusion Arts,
8 - 11 PM

May 9: Joe Maynard and the Illbillies at the Parkside Lounge, 8 - 11 PM
May 11: Carol Wierzbicki presents "Iron Poet Triathlon" at Tribes Gallery, 4
- 7 PM

May 12: Thad Rudkowski presents: "Dilated Pupils" a reading at Fusion Arts, 7
- 10 PM

May 15: James Kowalczyk and Survivor Theatre present and evening at Fusion
Arts, 8 - 11 PM

May 16: P.A.N. artists arrive n New York

May 18: An afternoon with Kristan Ryan and actors reading her dark one-act
comedy "Unplugging Nathan", at Fusion Arts, 3 - 5 PM

Shalom presents: "an evening with Andrei Codrescu" at Fusion Arts, 8

May 19: 1st Annual Unbearables Arts Festival Lower East Side Street Fair on
Stanton Street
btwn Forsyth & Essex, 12 - 7:30 PM

P.A.N. Arts at The Collective: Unconscious, 8 PM - Midnight

May 20: Shalom presents: An Unbearable Evening at the Bowery Poetry Club,
9:30 PM - Midnight

May 21: P.A.N. Arts at The Collective: Unconscious, 7 - 9 PM

May 22: P.A.N. Arts at The Parkside Lounge, 5 - 7 PM

May 23: P.A.N. artists depart

May 25: James Kowalczyk and Survivor Theatre present and evening at Fusion
Arts, 8 - 11 PM

May 26: Tom Savage presents: Sunday afternoon with The Unbearables @ The
Nuyorican Poets Cafe, 4 - 7 PM

May 29: Jim Gardiner presents: An Evening at Fusion Arts, 8 - 11 PM

May 30: The New Pythagorean Poets present: An Evening at Fusion Arts, 7:30 PM

May 31: Lee Klein presents: The Unwearables Fashion Show, 63, West 23 Street
Pier, 6 - 9 PM


May 25-27 (Memorial Day weekend)

Near Dallas, TX

For more information:

Website: www.radicalencuentro.org

Email: radical encuentro

(214) 642-6580

Don't miss this opportunity to build grassroots solidarity in Texas!
Learn about the histories of different radical struggles!
Apply lessons learned to our future action plans!

Mission: The Radical Encuentro camp is organized with the mission to build
solidarity amongst diverse grassroots communities and activist groups in
Tejas and beyond so that we complement each other and the movement in
general though our efforts towards resistance and evolution.

Anonymous Comrade writes "If you are curious about the worldwide revolutionary movement of the 1960's, you may want to see _A Grin without a Cat_, playing through Tuesday at Film Forum. Amazing footage assembled by a poet of the cinema, Chris Marker.


Via a-infos news service:



JUNE 26-27, 2002

This coming June 26-27, the executive board of global capitalism is
retreating to the foothills of Alberta, Canada. Jean Chretien, George W.
Bush, Tony Blair and the other so-called leaders of the industrialized
world continue planning for war at home and abroad, surrounded by
pristine wilderness, putting greens, and thousands of police and

The self-serving "war on terrorism", orchestrated by the leaders of the
G8, continues to militarize and brutalize the world, while cynically
making appeals to civilization and freedom. From Afghanistan to
Colombia, from the Philippines to Somalia, Western powers continue to
exercise their self-proclaimed right to dominate and determine the
destiny of the global South at an ever more accelerated pace.

Harry Cleaver, autonomist, author, academic, and activist; will
be speaking on Long Island, NY on May 4th at a Long Island Free Space event. Author of 'Reading Capital Politically' (anti-thesis/ak press) and long time proponent of autonomist Marxism, it is rare that we have the opportunity to hear from this exciting individual in this area.

Also that nite the Freespace will be hosting its regular DIY Flea
Market w/ potluck & wares for sale/trade.

Kevin Skvorak, an NYC activist who is now in Palestine, is also booked to speak that night, speaking about stopping the Middle East Conflict with non-violent direct action!

Come to the lovely San Francisco Bay Area for MayDay! We're having summer weather (bring a sweatshirt), and we have a famous tradition of fabulousness, labor activism, and
of course an active anarchist scene.

Mayday Convergence: Autonomous Festivals of Resistance

Week of Resistance In Many Forms, Celebrating Mayday

May Day: Anti-capitalist Convergence & Autonomous Festivals of Resistance
is a week-long series of direct actions, demonstrations, marches and
celebrations to oppose Global Capitalism and all forms of oppression. A
variety of events will take place in the San Francisco Bay Area from April
26th to May 1st. The convergence continues the centuries-old tradition of
May Day as a time of celebration of the Earth and human creativity. May
Day has been an Anarchist and pro-worker holiday internationally since the
general strikes of 1886. For a more complete schedule of events,
including photos, contact information and more details, visit

The International Center for Migration,
Ethnicity and Citizenship at New School University is pleased to present the
concluding conference of a three-year study funded by The Pew Charitable

Religion and Immigrant Incorporation in New York
May 9-11, 2002


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