Radical media, politics and culture.

Issue 1 of Lateral online now

Issue 1 of Lateral online now

Lateral is the publishing platform for the Cultural Studies Association (CSA). Its aims are to support, leverage, and organize the capacities of those affiliated with CSA to develop critical forms of publishing that are commensurate with innovative approaches to knowledge making, political intervention, and material forms of cultural expression. Lateral focuses on providing a place of experimentation in the range of material forms so that the knowing, feeling, sensibility ascribed to the cultural can find an elastic and sustainable outlet for expression. In short, Lateral is interested in recasting both the form and content of what cultural studies can be. Lateral is an online and open access journal published under the Creative Commons license. Lateral is organized in research threads; Issue 1 consists of four threads: Theory and Method, Mobilisations, Interventions and Cultural Policy, Universities in Question and Culture Industries. Patricia Ticineto Clough, Randy Martin and Bruce Burgett compose its curatorial board; design editor is Jamie “Skye” Bianco.

Contents of Issue 1:

Introduction (mashup by Erin R. Anderson)

Theory and Method (edited by Patricia Ticineto Clough)
The Humanities and the University in Ruins (by John Mowitt)
Ante Anti-Blackness: Afterthoughts (by Jared Sexton)
With responses by Morgan Adamson, Adam Sitze and Christina Sharpe

Mobilisations, Interventions, Cultural Policy (edited by Emma Dowling)
Urban Interventions/Interventi Urbani (by Alexander Dellantonio)
Postcool: the question of collective organization in postcolonial capitalism as challenged by a small militant group in the Raval, Barcelona (by Francesco Salvini)
nanopolitics: a first outline of our experiments in movement (by the nanopolitics group)
With responses by Gavin Grindon, Begüm Özden Firat and Sandro Mezzadra

Universities in Question (edited by Randy Martin and Bruce Burgett)
Countermapping the University (by the Countermapping Queen Mary Collective – Manuela Zechner, Tim Stallmann, Maria Catalina Bejarano Soto, Liz Mason-Deese, Rakhee Kewada, Bue Rübner, Mara Ferreri, and Camille Barbagallo)
Interview Countermapping Queen Mary Collective
The Map | The Game ( Countermapping Queen Mary Collective/Interaction design by Erin R. Anderson)
Lateral Moves – Across Disciplines (by Miriam Bartha, Bruce Burgett, Randy Martin, Diane Douglas, and Kanta Kochhar-Lindgren)

Culture Industries edited by Jaafar Aksikas, Stefano Harney and Toby Miller)
Towards a Cultural Study of the Culture Industries: A Research Resources Guide/ Chart
“Nothing gold can stay:” Labor, Political Economy, and the Birmingham Legacy of the Culture Industries Debate (by Sean Andrews)
Distributed Centralization: Web 2.0 as a Portal into Users. Lives (by Robert W. Gehl)

Design: Erin R. Anderson