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The Future Is Anarchy

The Future Is Anarchy

Capitalism causes and maintains the conflicts of history and the only way to resolve these conflicts is by ending capitalism. Capitalism can be ended through a non-violent social revolution that will replace the social relations. By deepening and expanding our thinking and knowledge we will find all the alternatives necessary for the transformation of society and the world.

The human condition is stuck because it is good for capitalism; people suffer because it is profitable for capitalism which is solely based on exploitation and deceit. As long as capitalism continues to exist, humanity will remain in misery and disease. As long as business operates and functions there is no hope for humanity and no genuine freedom.

There is no left or right, there is no capitalism or socialism, what there is it is either anarchy or capitalism and I am thinking heartedly recommend the former. Capitalism has no right of existence, not in the past and definitely not now. Humanity is capable of living much better than by killing or enslaving one another for the sake of organizational power and capitalist globalization.

What will happen in the future and whether capitalism will last, depends mainly on the amount of conscious anarchists that will be around in different regions. The level of social consciousness and the stage of the anarcho-subversive penetration and intervention will determine the speed at which capitalism will fall.

All the wars and national violence, all the poverty and hardship in the world are directly caused by the functioning of capitalism and its greed for more profit and domination. All the antagonism in history is orchestrated for the maintenance and preservation of hierarchical structures and rulers and ruled.

But there will come a time when capitalism will collapse and on its ruins a new social system will rise and flourish, a new world will be created, without classes, bosses and kings, without generals and tycoons, without states and labor. Anarchy will prevail everywhere and humanity for the first time in its agonizing short existence will discover real freedom and a different level of existence. That will terminate the condition of survival and it will be the start of a new form of anarchic life.

Where will the first anarcho-social revolution start at the 21st century? America Asia Australia Africa World

Capitalism is the name for everything ugly and obscene, a name given for modern slavery and exploitation of the planet and humanity. Capitalism is the system of economy that destroys life and earth, a class system that is based on violence, mass poverty and coercive discrimination. This system must go and the sooner the better for our future, the capitalist system must be dismantled by a minimum force if necessary before it dismantle us and all what’s around us. The capitalist system will fall, with all its anti-human values and bourgeois social relations, when people will start rejecting these values and the accompanied alienated social relations. Capitalism will be destroyed when the people start disobeying the rules of class indoctrination and liberate the lower classes from the upper class. The state goes with its classes, once capitalism is terminated anarchy and equality will prevail as to allow humanity for the first time in its evolution to live in dignity and total freedom without a fear of counter-revolution by the reactionaries.

Our life does not have to be like this and society does not have to look like this, our lives and society as whole are only a reflection and a reaction to what capitalism has caused and imposed coercively upon us and upon planet earth and the rest of humanity. So the time has come to stop and terminate this historical mayhem through an anarchic social revolution that is based on an advanced conscious and on the emancipated self.

It is hard for you to imagine how life would be on this planet without capitalism and all its accessories, because you have known nothing else, they told you that capitalism is the only natural process, it is the only way to motivate the people to work for their masters. They say it is the laws of the jungle that make capitalism natural, but it is natural to whom? Is it natural for a person to exploit another person and for generations, so his master can live and get ever richer on his back? The answer is of course that there is nothing whatsoever natural about capitalism. Capitalism is the creation of the masters so they can enslave the rest of us. It is designed to keep you down and oppressed, so they can control you better, it is made by the master for his slave, by the employer for the employed.

Let’s break the chains and set ourselves free, let’s finish capitalism and start something else much better and utterly humane. There is only one way out of capitalism - a highly advanced anarchic conscious.