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genoaResistance is seeking partners for October 20

genoaResistance writes: "genoaResistance is seeking organizations to work with.

GenoaResistance is looking for groups and organizations that wish to help with building support for and coordinating the October 20 Mobilization and the People's Tribunal investigating the events
during the g8 Summit in July.

We are offering groups and organizations wishing to help three options of how they can cooperate with us:

1) Groups can affiliate with us as members. This involves the taking on of specific responsibilities within our organization (see our current volunteer list) and entitles the group to be listed under our umbrella and to take part in our internal democracy.

2) Groups can agree to cooperate with us without joining. This involves coordinating activities without joining our internal democratic structures. The group with be listed as a Partner of

3) Groups can offer statements of support. This involves no commitment by the group or organization beyond a statement of support. The statement will be included on our support page, with a link
provided to the group's homepage and contact address.

If you are interested in more information about us you can check our homepage www.genoaresistance.org and on our FAQ page.

For more information email contact@genoaresistence.org