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Anarchy as the true reality

Anarchy as the true reality

Reality as a direct experience - Reality as the objective experience of the subject - As it is also the real experience of the majority of the people of earth including my own. We experience daily direct oppression and suffering and severe physical and mental exploitation too. We live under draconian anti-poor laws that aim at maintaining the employed and unemployed under their total control, the question is for how long they (the capitalists) will succeed. I say that capitalism is running out of excuses and apologies, capitalism is desperate as ever, but this time I exist and you too.

The cause of all this mass misery is the law of private ownership of property (capitalism) – Misery obviously has existed before capitalism and before slavery but the causes where then different and which don’t exist anymore, whereas capitalism does exist now and causes most of the misery on this planet. For the last 300 years capitalism has degraded the world to unrecognizable and nearly irreversible condition.

The name of the disease is the private ownership of resources and production under the disguise of private property, ie. People are the property therefore slaves to the wage. They own us to serve them indefinitely, they own the land we live upon and they own the water and the air we breadth and we have to work for them and buy the products that we produce, this is called modern technical capitalist slavery – the proletarian slave. The nation-state was created to allow capital its free operation of enslavement as the religious-state has done earlier.

The military industrial complex is good for killing and looting, the business corporation is good for keeping us waged or unwaged till death and to the next generation. They claim that selling and buying products and labor is natural and that this can never change, i.e., a wishful thinking of the rich to keep us terminally poor and always ready to work for a minimum wage or less.

To support capitalism you must be a nasty person, by supporting capitalism, like a willful salve you are increasing the pains and suffering of others and your own. We are the majority; we are the human race controlled by a few rulers who are driving capitalism fast to its ultimate end and the start of the anarchic society. By increasing my pain and the pain of others they are constantly declaring war on us and we are fighting back and in full force to liberate ourselves and for the first time from the tentacles of capitalism.

Disregarding someone else’s oppression and suffering is exactly as taking part in the oppression and the exploitation itself. We will eventually eliminate all the causes of suffering and pain first by erasing capitalism and dismantling its infrastructure and secondly by the creation of an anarchic world. Capitalism will be substituted by an egalitarian and humane society without any form of oppression or exploitation and this will mean also the end of inherited classes and the collapse of the nation-state.

Capitalism is a catastrophe on a global scale that must be stopped and as quickly as possible so we can save as much of what is left after devouring all the people and matter and then excreting us in the form of zombies and poisonous environment - lets get rid of capitalism and start our real long lost living and as it was supposed to be from the beginning but it was not, not up to this moment, but this time the future will unfold differently from its cyclic past and for the first time in human history people will to live together or apart but without capitalism.