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Gurgaon Workers News, "Towards a Workers' Organisation"

Towards a Workers' Organisation
Gurgaon Workers News

In this and the following issue of GurgaonWorkersNews we debate the question of 'workers' organisations': how do workers' bodies formed in the daily struggle relate to 'political' coordinations of workers, in continuity with the struggle against the existing social system?

This debate has to be firmly based on an analysis of a) the actual current workers' experiences of struggle and the problematic and promising tendencies within; b) the relation between particular struggle and general conditions of the capitalist cycle; c) the changing composition of work-force and the relation of workers to the immediate and social production process - as material basis for self-organisation.

This first part consists of general political theses concerning the question of workers' organisations and, in relation to this, we present six longer reports on recent struggles in Delhi-Faridabad-Gurgaon industrial areas. The second part will focus on current developments at Maruti Suzuki and its supply chain regarding the re-composition of workers' collectivity after the struggle in 2011. On this background we will raise general questions on the relation between workers' organisations and workers' inquiry. Please contribute to the debate.


*** Bullet-Points for the Debate on Workers' Organisation -
The steps towards a workers' organisation are based on political assumptions - one of them being that the classical distinction in 'trade union struggle' and 'party struggle', in 'economical' and 'political' struggle, has become a stumbling block.

*** An Unnecessary Repetition / Struggle at Harsoria Healthcare, Gurgaon -
On 24th of April 2012 workers at Harsoria Healthcare, a manufacturer of cannula and catheters for the medical sector, engaged in a sit-down strike before once more ending up in dead-ends of symbolic and legalistic protest.

*** Lock-Out at Automobile Supplier Senior Flexonics, Manesar -
Workers at multinational Senior Flexonics in Manesar registered a trade union and put forward a demand notice. Subsequently they were locked out from early January till late February 2012.

*** Riots at Orient Craft and Larsen&Tubro Construction Site, Gurgaon -
On 19th of March workers at garment exporter Orient Craft rioted after a work-mate had been attacked by a contractor. On 23rd of March construction workers attacked company property in response to the death of a colleague after a work-accident.

*** Workers' Sirens at Lakhani Vardan Samuh, Faridabad -
From December 2011 till April 2012 Lakhani workers in Faridabad were engaged in various forms of struggle about delay of wage payments: from direct action on factory grounds to wildcat strikes, to street blockades and demonstrations to governmental institutions.

*** Unrest at Theme Export Garment Factory, Okhla -
Successful direct collective step by garment workers in Okhla on 16th of April about delayed wages, which attracted workers in surrounding factories and workers' settlements.

*** Revealing Potentials / Struggle at Globe Capacitor, Faridabad -
During April 2012 workers undertook various collectively planned steps to enforce higher wages, which forced management to give concessions. The struggle was influenced workers in the supplying company and by workers in a neighbouring factory.

*** Delhi Calling: Get Involved in Faridabad Majdoor Talmel -
To abolish the global work/war house will take more than informative exercise! If you live in Delhi area, please be welcomed to take part in Faridabad Majdoor Talmel - a workers' coordination. We distribute around 10,000 copies of Faridabad Majdoor Samachar on ten days each month in various industrial areas around Delhi and try to organise local workers' meetings.