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No More Capitalism Capitalism cannot last for much longer because it is against human nature and against its law-governed objective processes. Capitalism like feudalism and slavery before it managed to exist and continue for a while only through sheer force and violence, through coercion and mass exploitation of humanity and nature and obviously through a long and bloody war by sacrificing most of the population. Capitalism is fast nearing its final stage, its historical burial at last and humanity for the first time will be free from the long and vicious arms of the wealthy and their representative rulers. At last humanity will breathe the air of freedom and genuine liberty. Capitalism is doomed because it is anti-life and anti- nature and anti-human, it has been hurting billons of people for a very long time, its time to stop it and hopefully without much force. Everyday capitalism destroys many lives and cause near-infinite unnecessary pain and suffering, it time to terminate this mayhem. Capitalism like its cousin socialism is based on centralized control and military police dictatorship under the false name of democracy and science. Capitalism like religion is anti-human that permanently causes mass ignorance and suffering and lots of mental and physical pain for billions of people. This is why capitalism must go and cannot last for much longer – from now on capitalism is on its march to oblivion, to its end, its final stage of exploitation and like Nazism no one is going to drop a tear for its disappearance beside a few unlucky tyrants and their lackey’s. Anarchy is the only natural and logical option because anarchy is beyond dialectics and contradictions, it is free of the ugly traits of some humans who abuse humanity and nature for a relatively a long time and through a highly organized violence they managed to remain up until now, but that’s it, its end is very near. Anarchy is human and geo-friendly, anarchy is personakl and cosmic, it was created for humanity and by humanity for a free and happy future for all and for a long time. No more money and unnecessary work, no more obedience and fear, enough with poverty and the suffering of children on five continents, no more existing for others to profit. Time for new life on this battered planet and enslaved inhabitants, it is time for a different history, an anti-political economic meta-system that is based on equity and the celebration of life. A new revolutionary development for the correction of a nasty material deviation that will end thousands of years of slavery and hardship. So we are very lucky to live in the era that will witness the fall of capitalism and the termination of the state. The time is ripe for the big leap, for the achievement of the highest conscious that ends the exploitation of nature and wo/men. We must establish a universal happiness for all and a total material equality of each, it is the big anti-capitalist pro-anarchist leap into a very creative future that will rescue nature and save humanity from this capitalist historical conspiracy. Anarchy is full equilibrium between life and nature; anarchy terminates the private ownership of the social means of production for ever and never will it repeat the brutality and the colossal misery of the present and the past. Anarchy is for all and by all.

The future of the world anarchic revolution

The people of the world will rise up and destroy capitalism and build instead an anarchic society only when they will reach the necessary historico-revolutionary conscious stage. Up until then capitalism will continue to bring about havoc upon the masses and the planet. People are not yet conscious enough to be able to liberate themselves. It will take some more time before humanity could develop consciously and intellectually enough so they could comprehend the totality of the objective condition and have the co-ability to transform it. Our job is to further stimulate and accelerate this meta-process of human conscious development and advancement. The sooner the people will acquire this objective conscious the faster the real freedom of each will be achieved.

Global Riot

It is not about attacking the capitalists themselves but their system. We want to destroy the system not the person. After the revolution the capitalists will have to learn anew and live in another way, without exploitation, oppression or discrimination thus a much better and freer way. It is the system that is killing us, some slow some quick, it is a system that makes us pay for water and shelter, for land and soup, a system in which if you don’t have money you die or become mentally ill and be hospitalized or become a criminal a get arrested. Always paying for very move you make and if your parents are not born rich you are certainly doomed for misery and hardship. There is enough for everybody yet most are starving, there is abundance in the midst of global scarcity, a surplus as never before in the face of the utmost universal poverty. The form of the capitalist system is unsuitable for a prolonged human existence, is unsuitable for human life but is very successful for monarch, autocrats, all hierarchs and all authority. This why our human history looks so miserable, full of genocide and suffering, every century is bloodier than one that preceded it. It is time to choose another course of co-living, another way of living in the best way, the way of anarchic freedom, a historical development, a higher consciousness, a time of anarcho-social revolution.

Labor is an imposed violence and psycho-physical forceful transgression and being without labor is also a coercive force imposed upon the unlucky person. The system is owned privately by a few individuals who share it with the institution of power the army and the state. The economic system which is known as neo-capitalism is ruled and controlled by a clique of elite families and their organizations, banks, media, insurance, etc. capitalism is not a natural phenomenon or the result of human nature, it is not a natural selection nor a historical necessity but is the objective condition of modern slavery. From slavery through feudalism to modern capitalism, nothing much has changed, it is the same class that owns and manages the neo-slaves. Organization is primarily designed for the efficient operation of managers, guards, salaried and waged workers and the self-employed accept of course the unemployed. We are now 22 years after the Orwellian state of affair in 1984 – 1944 – 2004 etc, meta-historico-simulation and the only available option is an anarchic social revolt. If capitalism destroys you and I so let’s together destroy it –

Work is Theft

In capitalism you are a prisoner and a slave if you happened to be poor. You are a slave and a prisoner of the objective condition, i.e., the fiscal condition. To be a free for a poor wo/man is impossibility without an anarcho-communist revolution. Most people are very poor although they try hard not to show it, most are ashamed of their fate and outwardly they do everything to show otherwise. Work, wages, money, food, etc, are all functions that are beyond the worker and the unemployed. They are directly the victims of this objective capitalist condition. You don’t chose if there is work or not and no one can guarantee or secure you or me the next rent or wage or debt. If the owners of capital build a new factory you might get a job, but if not, you don’t. So you immigrate closer to the owners of capita and their profiteering enterprises, the capitalist metropolis. We are salves of the capitalist masters lets revolt and set ourselves free – for anarchy, equity and freedom.

All the history of humanity has started from a primitive mistake and an evolutionary error primarily from when agricultural settlements began and gathering and hunting faded away. From slavery to neo-capitalism, from utopian socialism to Nazi ideology stem directly from this historico-evolutionary homo-sapiens deviation thus launching the continuous violent contradictions of the present. History is a long war, the war of wealth, power and control, a bloody and shameful history, where people kill one another by the millions and where the majority has always been on the tragic and catastrophic end of things. Look at the state of humanity today; it is not much better than hundreds years before, people suffer the same and even more. Capitalism is killing all of us, some quick some slow and it is killing our environment and it is killing us from the inside too. Pursuing money all life long brings about this tragic human situation since life is not for sale unless you were born a salve. When each person is for him/herself on the battle of survival then we are always all against all and all against each others, in other words, blind aggression and institutional and criminal violence for money and control. Instead of living happy and naturally people find themselves depressed and often miserable, they cannot enjoy real freedom and creativity because they have deprived of nature and a natural surrounding and living in the country does not make it nature yet. The rat race of dog eat dog forever is over, we need anarchy immediately to stop this all devouring Leviathan, the big worm that digests anything in its path. Humanity can live otherwise, well fed, healthy and highly creative yet you see the absolute majority of humanity living in utmost poverty, suffering, and hunger and in disease. Capitalism should be further accelerated towards its own natural termination, towards its definite end, an objective withering away of capitalism. Enough with this brutal system that does only serious harm to nature and humanity, let’s get rid of it and liberate what remains of our lives and of nature. A cruel and destructive capitalist system that constantly devours its subjects and excretes them anally as a bio-human product, as a superfluous junk unneeded for the modern techno-production. Prosperity is theft.

What communication are you talking abut, in capitalism there is no communication there is only a total miscommunication and alienation. Forums like blogs and the internet as such is also capitalist therefore anti-communication between consumers and frustrated citizens. So please don’t preach to me about communication because there is no communication but a miserable passing of time of well fed middle class individuals who play amongst themselves during and after working time. Forums are a capitalist manifestation for the pretence of non-existent democracy. Therefore my friend it’s your lack of comprehension that makes communication impossible not my writings. Thanks.

I agree with you about the an exploited anarchic situation in Africa, Lenin is dead but I am alive and I assure that one day you are going to find me leading the libratory revolution in Africa. But for the time being I do the revolution everywhere I find my self to be. The anarcho-revolution is global and it will start at a several areas simultaneously and all this is coming very soon, in our life times at the end of this decade. No police, or any other authority and without revolutionary leaders, just anarcho-social revolutionaries changing the world fast.

Anarcho-Liberation Hope – Optimism – Revolutionary Transformation – Ontological Meta²morphosis

From a cruel and ugly capitalism to the beauty and harmony of anarchy, from vicious capitalism and extreme hardship to the joys and intense pleasures of anarchy. Only a very minute percentage of the world population benefit materially and live comfortably from capitalism whilst the billions rest live as paupers in shanty cities and in a life long total poverty. The cause of all this mass universal human misery is the system called capitalism which means in other words and in practical terms, the well to do of the very few and the total destruction of all the others and they tell us that this is the famous democracy of theirs i.e., their legal excuse for exploiting and controlling all the others. Democracy = Capitalism = Classes = Feudalism = Slavery Only an anarchic material synchronization and coordination and concrete cooperative association which is based not on organization and discipline i.e. Party/state/money/security but on complete equity and the natural right for a life of dignity. Communist – Individualist – Anarchism (CIA²)

Optimistic practice and anarcho-revolutionary activity is the answer to your pessimism. Bakunin warned Marx about his authoritative communism. The last one to blame is Bakunin; it is Marx, Lenin and Trotsky that fucked the whole thing into the hands of the CIA and the World Bank. So don’t blame the anarchists for the failings of Bolshevism. During the Bolshevik revolution anarchists were executed, jailed or expelled from Russia. Capitalism is theft and democracy is for the ruling class alone.

Capitalist atheism is worst than religious capitalism, anarcho-capitalists are worst than the neo-conservative capitalists and the individuals in this quasi-atheist forum are nothing but a bunch of bored frustrated middle class persons, sexually dissatisfied Americans that happened to have computers to play and waste their time with. If I was them I would have read what is written and shut up and not expose your ignorance and malicious intellectual impotence. If I was you I would leave America or make a revolution there so as to save the Iraqis and the rest of humanity and earth, so for now fuck you all tremendously and if you wish further confrontation here I am awaiting you all at your own shaky home ground.

First of all you personally have to rebel against the system and always lead the struggle of the oppressed and exploited, the rest will come on its own objective accord.

Capitalism is disease and all living in it, with the exception of the anarcho-social revolutionary, are sick individuals and sick people. What is needed not only a revolution for the destruction of law, the state and capitalism but the creation of new minds and new thinking and new emotions. Without this emancipation we shell remains living in the neo-modern dark ages.

To my friend activist, folk, solidarity, etc, make the revolution and look no back, the only solution is a total anarcho-social revolution for the creation of free and equal humanity without oppression, repression or suppression. My anarcho-revolutionary activity is parallel to my existence and is operative on all levels, 24 hours a day and 360 days a year, therefore the revolution is very near (in our life span), and the anarchic society is awaiting us all.

Grammar is an etiological terrorism and terrorism is capitalism’s foreign and domestic policy.

Anarchism Instead of Capitalism Humanity did not choose capitalism; it is the capitalists and their managers that maintain and keeps capitalism going. Capitalism is cruel as was its Bolshevik counterpart, now we have remained with raw capitalism lead by Bush and Blare. 85% of the world population directly suffers from this discriminatory system. Capitalism excludes the poor even from bare survival, it uses the law and psychiatry to dictate its rules and punish dissidents. This so called free market is just another word that implies that you will remain poor forever and repressed and they will always just get richer. Even a kid knows that without a large capital you are doomed to a definite oblivion. So burn all illusions about democracy and free enterprise, these are just terms for further justification for the enslavement of the majority of humanity and guaranteeing it to last for a long time. Violent capitalism for profiting at any cost even at the cost of sacrificing tens of thousands of poor youth that has been given only 2 miserable choices, either to get severely injured and die for the state for a wage or end up in the gutter of the chronic poor and the punitive rehabilitation system. The capitalist system is systematically destroying people, nature and causing irreversible damage to planet earth. Capitalism exists on barrowed time given to it by the techno-industrial revolution of the ‘Western Civilization’ but not for much longer. This capitalist system is lead and managed by the rich ruling class which has been decaying into decadence and degeneration for a prolonged time and we definitely see very clearly the results all over history and at our present time. The longer capitalism remains to rule and control us and continues to oppress and punish us, the more mass misery we will have and the more depressed, frustrated and bored we will become. The shorter the future life span of capitalism will be, say less than a decade from now, the quicker humanity will be liberated and freed from the octopus arms of the authority of the capitalist system, happiness for all will be achieved and emancipation practiced all over the land. Freedom at last realized in real lives and regions and material equality for all and by all. The rich rulers of the world with their hypocritical democracy and techno-military might impose their ugly will on all of us in the past, present and future and with very tragic and catastrophic consequences. Capitalists are the agilest individuals on earth, their ideas of life and the world is Nazi-like and extremely reactionary like all the governments and the states. Their personal characters is a gangster like dictatorial behavior through threats and military or secret violence, sheer brutality disguised beneath democratic tautology but extremely anti-human and anti-nature. The banks they have constructed, the organization they have created and the companies the have built are all designed for one purpose only and is based one principle too: institutional fascism with suits and ties, contracts steal deals. A fascist mode of official operation, the master-mind of modern capitalism – neo-conservative neo-capitalism that treats most of its people and civilians like shit, they treat their pets much better and their thoughts of nature and humanity is as resources for their disposal and for their immediate and corrupt financial and political manipulation and for their cynical displeasures. Our poverty and misery is their achievement and success, our instability and anguish is their leadership and power control over all of us everywhere and any time they choose the can inflict what ever they want and when ever they want to kill or cause damage, imprison or hospitalize and physically and psychically eliminate anyone they chose. The globalization of control over us and the mass rehabilitation on all modes that is available to them, using modern technology to implement their Greco-Roman and Judeo-Christian - Muslim laws, rules, patriotism and ideology. They have weapons that can blow up the planet earth into particles and dust and eliminate the our planetary existence in the solar and milky galactic systems and erase us from cosmos and space, and all this is just for the maintenance of rule and profit. Hegemony at any cost and at any price, a free market etiology, words the express greed and a lust to rule others stemming from a severe self-devaluation and chronic fear of equality with an inferiority mega-complex. No more capitalism …. S.A

The End and Re-Start of Humanity & Nature From the start of life, through the evolutionary process we arrive at the revolutionary meta-process. A navigation of the objective law-governed revolutionary process and its movement towards the accomplishment of Anarcho – Individualist Communism - the final blow to capitalism. The expanding of a mass universal anarchic consciousness and its direct application as a global social revolution is taking place at the present everywhere. The rich and their representatives live as anti-human criminals, parasites that suck on human vitality and the unshakable will to live free. The richer they become the nastier is their policy, power corrupts in a big way and always. The rich rule the world and anarchists will rule the rich, known as the “dictatorship of the poor”. They choose their politico-military governments according to their profit plans and at the top of their organization they put either a dictator or a clown depending on the fiscal global situation. Anarchy has humanity as its ultimate goal and freeing it from this modern slavery is its only purpose. Political economy is a conspiracy of the oligarchy, the quasi-theory of neo-capitalism, neo-colonialism and neo-imperialism. A conspiracy of hegemony over time, place and over all existing matter natural or produced is as brutal and torturous a system as all the ones that preceded it, from the first civilization till now. A special system designed for the masters of the earth, a private appropriation of wealth maintained through inheritance and spouse control for ever. The rich are rich because of looting and enslavement of the majority, that is why 2/3 of the world population live on less than 2 dollars a day, because there is someone somewhere out there making one billion a day, this is a crime against humanity, a crime against us all. Those who benefit from managing their masters assets are opportunistic, well to do venerability and fear, the middle class, the miserable petty bourgeois and their lust for an easy income, the leeches of the wealthy. The rich with military make the state; they choose the leaders and head of security on top of the pyramid. Megalomaniacs supported by the money of the decadent rich, they will support any lunatic, any dictator, any blood thirsty neo-conservative psychotic, to implement their investment to profit on a global scale. In an anarchic world everything will be equally produced and shared, so that each living organism has an unalienable right for a dignified existence and a physical foundation for his/her freedom and joy. Anything less than this is a declaration of violence and brute force upon the human race in general and on me in particular, therefore only a total material equality and distribution can bring about the end of capitalism and the start of anarchism. A lot of rubbish is written these days about the difference of communism and anarchism, but we will not go into this now, beside this subject is limited by its nature because of the personal pro-capitalist academic subject/matter. The religious values and ideologies of capitalism, like their ethics and idealist metaphysical philosophies, as socialism too are always manipulated by the state/party, these are nothing but apologies and excuses for the continuation of mass capitalist brutality and a colossal destruction of planet nature. Capitalism is terrorism and it relies only on horror and on a forever lasting nightmare for the majority of the population on earth. For the profit of less than 0, 05% of the world population the rest of us, the rest of the world population – 99, 95% of the people will have to suffer and live all their life on the bare minimum for a miserable short lived survival. Well the time has come to terminate this barbaric economico-political system and in its place create an anarchic free society, without war, exploitation or oppression. The anarchists are preparing everywhere to orientate the coming socio-anarchic revolution. We are permanently in an anti-capitalist action towards the final knockout of capitalism and substituting it with a humane alternative to private survival, with an anti-system called anarchy.


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