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revolution for ever

Global Riot

It is not about attacking the capitalists themselves but their system. We want to destroy the system not the person. After the revolution the capitalists will have to learn anew and live in another way, without exploitation, oppression or discrimination thus a much better and freer way. It is the system that is killing us, some slow some quick, it is a system that makes us pay for water and shelter, for land and soup, a system in which if you don’t have money you die or become mentally ill and be hospitalized or become a criminal a get arrested. Always paying for very move you make and if your parents are not born rich you are certainly doomed for misery and hardship. There is enough for everybody yet most are starving, there is abundance in the midst of global scarcity, a surplus as never before in the face of the utmost universal poverty. The form of the capitalist system is unsuitable for a prolonged human existence, is unsuitable for human life but is very successful for monarch, autocrats, all hierarchs and all authority. This why our human history looks so miserable, full of genocide and suffering, every century is bloodier than one that preceded it. It is time to choose another course of co-living, another way of living in the best way, the way of anarchic freedom, a historical development, a higher consciousness, a time of anarcho-social revolution.