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freedom from capital

What communication are you talking abut, in capitalism there is no communication there is only a total miscommunication and alienation. Forums like blogs and the internet as such is also capitalist therefore anti-communication between consumers and frustrated citizens. So please don’t preach to me about communication because there is no communication but a miserable passing of time of well fed middle class individuals who play amongst themselves during and after working time. Forums are a capitalist manifestation for the pretence of non-existent democracy. Therefore my friend it’s your lack of comprehension that makes communication impossible not my writings. Thanks.

I agree with you about the an exploited anarchic situation in Africa, Lenin is dead but I am alive and I assure that one day you are going to find me leading the libratory revolution in Africa. But for the time being I do the revolution everywhere I find my self to be. The anarcho-revolution is global and it will start at a several areas simultaneously and all this is coming very soon, in our life times at the end of this decade. No police, or any other authority and without revolutionary leaders, just anarcho-social revolutionaries changing the world fast.

Anarcho-Liberation Hope – Optimism – Revolutionary Transformation – Ontological Meta²morphosis

From a cruel and ugly capitalism to the beauty and harmony of anarchy, from vicious capitalism and extreme hardship to the joys and intense pleasures of anarchy. Only a very minute percentage of the world population benefit materially and live comfortably from capitalism whilst the billions rest live as paupers in shanty cities and in a life long total poverty. The cause of all this mass universal human misery is the system called capitalism which means in other words and in practical terms, the well to do of the very few and the total destruction of all the others and they tell us that this is the famous democracy of theirs i.e., their legal excuse for exploiting and controlling all the others. Democracy = Capitalism = Classes = Feudalism = Slavery Only an anarchic material synchronization and coordination and concrete cooperative association which is based not on organization and discipline i.e. Party/state/money/security but on complete equity and the natural right for a life of dignity. Communist – Individualist – Anarchism (CIA²)