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This is our planet, not theirs. Our planet is without authority and borders. There are two planets mixed into one. One is called capitalist planet and the second is the anarchic planet. The capitalist planet is full of barriers and thousands upon thousands of soldiers and police, known as the state of that planet. The capitalist planet is entangled with its own barbed wires. The mass murderers and mass exploiters created their own luxuries prison to dwell in, they have to protect themselves from the mass rage they have created around them. The financial and political leaders of the planet can exist only by being permanently surrounded with police, soldiers and body guards. Behind high walls protected by guns and helicopters afraid to move afraid of the people.

The future is ours not theirs, we refuse all continuity, we want to create a new world, we don’t obey and rebel, ours time is for love and creation theirs is a timetable for the destruction of humanity and its planet. We are truly free but you are a commodity fetishist, we have the dance and music you have only military marches and loud speakers from helicopters. We give pleasure you give torture, the only dance you know is the marching of your soldiers trampling all over the planet.

We have the knowledge you have disinformation, we have the communication you have indoctrination. We are the planet and you are (the capitalist system) its exploiter and destroyer. We are the freedom you are the enslaver. It is important to know, especially in these miserable and horrible times, especially when they have launched the fifth world war against us, the war of state capitalism against all people. Whilst capital is celebrating its bloody but very profitable orgies, it violently represses and oppresses those who want to create a different and a much better world, this is the routine practice of every state and every system. They want to subordinate us, the want us as mindless obedient zombies, to make us like them.

They want us to be capitalists or workers, they want us to be nasty like them, the stinking part of inhumanity – the very thought is ugly and sickening. Not only that we abhor capitalists and capitalism but also we want to finish it and start something different and new. Through violence and brutality, through deceit and bribery they keep the majority under control and tragically enough the majority of the people relate to this, consciously or subconsciously as normality as nature. How wrong they are and naïve and they are going to learn this unfortunately in the hard way, in the form of catastrophes and social upheavals.

The real enemy is the capitalist system and its lackey’s, religion, the state, the nation, all the diseases of human historical evolution in one basket, and capitalism is guaranteed to lose and vanish once and for all from the face of planet and free us from its bloody claws. We don’t need new rulers; we want no rulers at all but An-arch-y. Revolutionary emancipation is the key to our struggle and liberation, our weapon is that we are truly and clearly different than them. We don’t look or behave like them but always to the contrary and with levels of conscious far beyond their reach.

Against their borders and prisons we have our exter-national and anti-authoritarian terrains; against their coercive labor we have festivity and the celebration of life and creativity. Against their constitutional violence and exploitation we have our courage and revolutionary imagination, against their hate and viciousness we have love and human compassion. Against their arrogance, we have the knowledge and daring to bring them down, and this is the plan for tomorrow.

Against their imagined permanence we guarantee their permanent disappearance from the globe, through a revolutionary transformation of society and the creation of the anarchic alternative. They are not going to exist in the future; this is their final phase, the end of their his-story. All those who defended and advocated capitalism will become relics of the past, hated, despised and then forgotten. We the anarchists are uncontrollable and insubordinate to all commands, in our world there is no authority and control, there is no bosses and workers, just people living for the sake of free living. Let’s rebel and enjoy it.

The Future Is Anarchy

Capitalism causes and maintains the conflicts of history and the only way to resolve these conflicts is by ending capitalism. Capitalism can be ended through a non-violent social revolution that will replace the social relations. By deepening and expanding our thinking and knowledge we will find all the alternatives necessary for the transformation of society and the world.

The human condition is stuck because it is good for capitalism; people suffer because it is profitable for capitalism which is solely based on exploitation and deceit. As long as capitalism continues to exist, humanity will remain in misery and disease. As long as business operates and functions there is no hope for humanity and no genuine freedom.

There is no left or right, there is no capitalism or socialism, what there is it is either anarchy or capitalism and I am thinking heartedly recommend the former. Capitalism has no right of existence, not in the past and definitely not now. Humanity is capable of living much better than by killing or enslaving one another for the sake of organizational power and capitalist globalization.

What will happen in the future and whether capitalism will last, depends mainly on the amount of conscious anarchists that will be around in different regions. The level of social consciousness and the stage of the anarcho-subversive penetration and intervention will determine the speed at which capitalism will fall.

All the wars and national violence, all the poverty and hardship in the world are directly caused by the functioning of capitalism and its greed for more profit and domination. All the antagonism in history is orchestrated for the maintenance and preservation of hierarchical structures and rulers and ruled.

But there will come a time when capitalism will collapse and on its ruins a new social system will rise and flourish, a new world will be created, without classes, bosses and kings, without generals and tycoons, without states and labor. Anarchy will prevail everywhere and humanity for the first time in its agonizing short existence will discover real freedom and a different level of existence. That will terminate the condition of survival and it will be the start of a new form of anarchic life.

Where will the first anarcho-social revolution start at the 21st century? America Asia Australia Africa World

Capitalism is the name for everything ugly and obscene, a name given for modern slavery and exploitation of the planet and humanity. Capitalism is the system of economy that destroys life and earth, a class system that is based on violence, mass poverty and coercive discrimination. This system must go and the sooner the better for our future, the capitalist system must be dismantled by a minimum force if necessary before it dismantle us and all what’s around us. The capitalist system will fall, with all its anti-human values and bourgeois social relations, when people will start rejecting these values and the accompanied alienated social relations. Capitalism will be destroyed when the people start disobeying the rules of class indoctrination and liberate the lower classes from the upper class. The state goes with its classes, once capitalism is terminated anarchy and equality will prevail as to allow humanity for the first time in its evolution to live in dignity and total freedom without a fear of counter-revolution by the reactionaries.

Our life does not have to be like this and society does not have to look like this, our lives and society as whole are only a reflection and a reaction to what capitalism has caused and imposed coercively upon us and upon planet earth and the rest of humanity. So the time has come to stop and terminate this historical mayhem through an anarchic social revolution that is based on an advanced conscious and on the emancipated self.

It is hard for you to imagine how life would be on this planet without capitalism and all its accessories, because you have known nothing else, they told you that capitalism is the only natural process, it is the only way to motivate the people to work for their masters. They say it is the laws of the jungle that make capitalism natural, but it is natural to whom? Is it natural for a person to exploit another person and for generations, so his master can live and get ever richer on his back? The answer is of course that there is nothing whatsoever natural about capitalism. Capitalism is the creation of the masters so they can enslave the rest of us. It is designed to keep you down and oppressed, so they can control you better, it is made by the master for his slave, by the employer for the employed.

Let’s break the chains and set ourselves free, let’s finish capitalism and start something else much better and utterly humane. There is only one way out of capitalism - a highly advanced anarchic conscious.

To exist so they can get richer

The poor, the worker, the unemployed, the salaried and all those who were born without inheritance or business, are forced to waste their whole lives in monotonous and stupid jobs that makes the owner much richer. The pay they get from government or private sources (owners of the means of production) is immediately spend on drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, rent, food and fuel so as to survive another day and be ready and healthy enough to provide the service (work) again and again till old age if you last that long.

The majority coercively sell their labor all their lives and are always afraid of losing their jobs since unemployment is constantly on the rise. Life under such circumstances becomes instantly very desperate and cruel, so imagine a life long conditioning to such a miserable and torturous existence. Also can you imagine a worker without a job, how will he or she exist, how will they eat and sleep, without a wage you are doomed to die.

I know that one day capitalism will end and a new society will replace it, as the conscious level of humanity rises so too the end of capitalism becomes closer. The end of capitalism is directly proportional to the ratio of human consciousness. We want a world without oppression and exploitation, a world which broke loose from the influence of the past and from the rulers of capitalist economy. We will have a society without classes and states and without workers or bosses, just people living for the fun of it.

Humanity will have to free itself from this fate of ever lasting modern enslavement. If you don’t want your children to become the next generation of neo-slaves, then you must start doing something about it now. The rich are also subjectively very desperate individuals but with plenty of money to cover it up. By oppressing and exploiting the others, the rich and their representatives also pay a price; the repercussion is the inevitable anarchic revolution. The poor must be released from their misery and agony and also free the rich from their unnecessary and cruel power.

No person should be able to exploit and oppress the other; no system should allow and encourage persons to do so. The whole capitalist system is based on the sole exploitation and enslavement of others. First they occupy the geography violently with all the assets of the planet and then herd the total majority of the population to serve the rulers of economy so as to barely survive generation after generation. We can exist very well without the nation-state, religion and capitalism; these three parasitic structures are blood thirsty, violent and psychotic. The capitalist organization is a fascist and a nazi in time of crises and war whilst portending to be liberal in time of relative low class antagonism.

All the people of the planet can become rich without the mediation of money and hierarchy, all the people of the planet could be free immediately if they will get rid of capitalist sub-development and its deformed social relations. Humanity can coexist without trade and business and turn history on its head and change it for ever. Most of us spend our whole life either employed on a minimum wage or unemployed barely living on what remains of social benefits. No matter where you are “living”, freedom and subsistence is needed by every one and all, the need for health and creativity is the same everywhere but the objective conditions are different. No matter where is the place or at what time, its is pleasure and liberty that we seek and desire, but under capitalism only the exclusive few have the material ability to achieve this, but with it comes also the constant fear of revolution.

I know that one day in the coming future the capitalist-state system will implode and free humanity to choose how it wants to live, in an anarchic society or in a class society, in boring jobs or interesting lives. Capitalism cannot go on like this forever, it is reaching its last historical phase, the phase of collapse and the end of empire and the liberation of humanity. It will be the first time in human civilization and evolution that humanity has reached the stage of not wanting a system of servants and masters and a social relation based on discrimination and racism.

Anarchists make an anarchic society, without many anarchists there will never be anarchic society, the more anarchists there will be the faster the capitalist system will goe and since anarchism is deeply rooted in human nature we see the revolution on the horizon of the not so distant future.

Anarchy as the true reality

Reality as a direct experience - Reality as the objective experience of the subject - As it is also the real experience of the majority of the people of earth including my own. We experience daily direct oppression and suffering and severe physical and mental exploitation too. We live under draconian anti-poor laws that aim at maintaining the employed and unemployed under their total control, the question is for how long they (the capitalists) will succeed. I say that capitalism is running out of excuses and apologies, capitalism is desperate as ever, but this time I exist and you too.

The cause of all this mass misery is the law of private ownership of property (capitalism) – Misery obviously has existed before capitalism and before slavery but the causes where then different and which don’t exist anymore, whereas capitalism does exist now and causes most of the misery on this planet. For the last 300 years capitalism has degraded the world to unrecognizable and nearly irreversible condition.

The name of the disease is the private ownership of resources and production under the disguise of private property, ie. People are the property therefore slaves to the wage. They own us to serve them indefinitely, they own the land we live upon and they own the water and the air we breadth and we have to work for them and buy the products that we produce, this is called modern technical capitalist slavery – the proletarian slave. The nation-state was created to allow capital its free operation of enslavement as the religious-state has done earlier.

The military industrial complex is good for killing and looting, the business corporation is good for keeping us waged or unwaged till death and to the next generation. They claim that selling and buying products and labor is natural and that this can never change, i.e., a wishful thinking of the rich to keep us terminally poor and always ready to work for a minimum wage or less.

To support capitalism you must be a nasty person, by supporting capitalism, like a willful salve you are increasing the pains and suffering of others and your own. We are the majority; we are the human race controlled by a few rulers who are driving capitalism fast to its ultimate end and the start of the anarchic society. By increasing my pain and the pain of others they are constantly declaring war on us and we are fighting back and in full force to liberate ourselves and for the first time from the tentacles of capitalism.

Disregarding someone else’s oppression and suffering is exactly as taking part in the oppression and the exploitation itself. We will eventually eliminate all the causes of suffering and pain first by erasing capitalism and dismantling its infrastructure and secondly by the creation of an anarchic world. Capitalism will be substituted by an egalitarian and humane society without any form of oppression or exploitation and this will mean also the end of inherited classes and the collapse of the nation-state.

Capitalism is a catastrophe on a global scale that must be stopped and as quickly as possible so we can save as much of what is left after devouring all the people and matter and then excreting us in the form of zombies and poisonous environment - lets get rid of capitalism and start our real long lost living and as it was supposed to be from the beginning but it was not, not up to this moment, but this time the future will unfold differently from its cyclic past and for the first time in human history people will to live together or apart but without capitalism.

Never Say Never - The Music Must Go On

To stop human suffering we must stop capitalism. If we want to save of what remains of this planet we must dismantle the class society. Most of the people on earth are suffering, like me and billions of others, for the first time in human history we can end this suffering.

The ruling class must go, the state must be replaced with anarchy, and the rich will have to learn to live with us on equal terms. The laws must be abandoned and replaced with human consideration and creative alteration.

A new human being is created, a new brain is manifested. A positive human character is emerging, a new and different individual, a revolutionary personality that does not tolerate any suffering and discrimination whatsoever. New and different social relations are created, that are not based on money but on the love of freedom. At last a different attitude towards property and matter which is based on complete equality and total freedom.

Without trade or barter, without capitalism and slavery, without authority and hierarchy – just real anarchic relation based on the materialistic and anarchic understanding of the world and the laws of nature.

Anarchy is the only known alternative to capitalism and the forthcoming anarchic revolution will create a new society with a new anti-capitalist interaction so we could live in a harmonious anarchic planet on the ruins of primitive civilizations of the past.

All the pain and suffering that humanity has experienced and all of the past and present struggles that humanity has undergone and is undergoing; all this is will not be spent in vain. All the crimes of civilizations against humanity, in modern and in ancient times is not going to be repeated, it is going to be stopped and a new post-civilization will begin its new march to a better and a more humane future.

Nothing goes in vain, every cause has its effect and reaction and a meta-action. The time has come for this global insurrection to transform us from suffering to happiness. All the systems of the past including the present one, are all the same continuation of the same thing but with a more advanced tools.

The people will rise, they have no choice, it is either happiness or suffering, they have nothing to loose but their modern slavery. The majority just had enough of this everlasting torture, and we want it stopped now, and this is done through the destruction of the state, capitalism and all ideologies including religion. We want a life without police and classes, without cheap labor and poverty and without wars and violence and without the root of all evil – money.

The post-democratic anarchic revolution

Bloodless and unarmed revolutions lead by the majority. There is no dictatorship because there are no leaders. The revolution will be anti-national, anti-religious and anti-capitalist. It will be a social revolution without violence and without physical force. The revolution will succeed when the conscious level of the people reaches its height.

Billions of people will participate and take a direct and active part in a simultaneous revolution all over the world. Borders will be erased and capital and the means of production decentralized and distributed to those who created it in the first place. A revolutionary leap into a future, a future without gods or masters, just people living happily on one planet for a while.

You can never blame the poor

When conditions are hard and painful, the people become more extreme and more radical. When the conditions are easy and wealthy, the minorities advocate democracy and moderation to hide their real motivation, the exploitation of people and the planet for profit. The poor people everywhere are still wrongly navigated; their extreme and radical view of the world is manipulated for other purposes, like national and religious struggles. The well to do preach to the oppressed the meaning of law, class and order, punishment and impoverishment is the reward for those who never obey. The consensus is a mediocrity of the alienated, the broken citizen in a capitalist collective of joined tragedies. Half of the people who still earn wages and salaries have to keep on swallowing apologies for democracy and liberalism designed cleverly for the maintenance of their disguised enslavement.

Are You Active In The Revolution?

Imagine a proletarian without work, imagine a proletarian with work, the former is homeless and starving and the latter lives on a minimum wage. What a life to the majority of the people, what a life each of these individual have to undergo. Capitalism is turning all of us into paupers, the lucky ones who work are in constant fear of losing it, the unlucky ones are in constant fear of brute survival.

They employ you when they need you and dump you in times of surplus. The pay you the lowest wages when they need you and you starve if they don’t need you. This is the true face of capitalism; it is a very ugly system that destroys humanity and nature around the clock till oblivion.

The only way out of this desperate situation is a social revolution to liberate us from the yoke of capitalism and its lackeys. We need an anarchic revolution to free us from the capitalists, as long as they are in power we shell suffer. The revolution will topple them down and eliminate those positions, i.e., the elimination of capitalism and the state.

Try and live in capitalism without money or work, you cannot, you die. And since capitalism is everywhere you have no choice but to serve it if you can to survive and you will be very unlucky if you could not, i.e., you will have a short life of despair.

Therefore only an anarchic revolution can guarantee to all the billions of the poor people, a permanent abundance and a permanent freedom. Only an anarcho-individualist communist revolution on a massive scale will guarantee all of us an interesting and labor free life, where we determine how we want to live and not the bloody capitalists.

Capitalism kills love and kindness, capitalism kills everything that is beautiful in the world, capitalism kills life and nature and the absurdity of it all, is that all this killing is just for the mere greed of more profit. Anarchy is the exact opposite of capitalism.

They own the water we drink, they own the food we eat, they own the rooms where we sleep, they own the entertainment we swallow, i.e., they own everything and everyone who owns not. Soon will be paying for the oxygen we breath and for the waking on a pavement, this means that if you are not born into this class your life is doomed for an eternal torment here on earth and now. To pay them for everything you are paying them to survive, you are forced to work all of your life if you are lucky. If you are born without money you are going to suffer all of your life and eventually become either a legal or illegal criminal. In power or in prison, lick the rich people asses or live a life of poverty, disease and despair, capitalism aggravates all these antagonistic conflicts, a nega-process that leads to a fatally absurd terminal.

I am not a Jew therefore there is no Chanukah I am not a Christian therefore there is no Christmas I am not a Muslim therefore there is no Aladkha I am not a Nationalist therefore there is no country I am not a Capitalist therefore there is no business I am not an Idealist therefore there is no dialectics I am an Anarchist therefore I am free

The Revolution Is Here To Stay A Post-Cultural Revolution The Revolution Starts At Home

Globalization of Anarchism (Anti-Capital)

The economico-political and the nation-state system known as capitalism is the most vicious and cyclic tragedy that humanity has ever encountered, the ugliest form of social relations known to wo/man – with consequences that are more severe than a natural mega-disaster.

The catastrophic effect of capitalism on humanity and on nature is devastating and mostly irreversible, its effect on each and every individual is horrific and horrendous, and we cannot compare it to anything else because humanity has never known anything else. From the beginning of civilization we have known nothing but the three varieties of slavery.

Capitalism impact you on all levels, it destroys and deforms your inner self by shuttering the structure of your character and instead implanting the perfect worker - soldier – shopkeeper – consumer. Capitalism utterly distorts and deviate your psyche and emotions and turning them into brutalized sensations of rage and permanent dissatisfaction, a severe form of alienation. Capitalism forbids you to think and daring to do so you risk legal retribution, capitalism also ruins the foundation upon which you can think independently. In the name of profit and business success they destroy the living; in the name of democracy they rape life and the planet.

The so called free market capitalism is a continuation of the mid-ages feudalism, but with an improved industrial implements and electronic techniques. Capitalism is a very brutal system, capitalism is the modern version of slavery, and all this in the name of progress and democracy but which in reality means poverty and hardship, therefore this system must be terminated.

The termination of the capitalist system with its nation–state as the only possible social relation will mean that for the first time in the history of wo/mankind – humanity will at last achieve a real and true individual and social freedom, i.e., the end of modern enslavement.

The end of the class-system will mean the for the first time ever in human existence that people will live in harmony with themselves and with nature, for the sake of the pleasure of human existence and the continuation of it’s survival and future existence.

Capitalism or life – there can be no happiness or peace on the face of this planet, no prosperity for the masses, as long as this modern version of slavery continues. Capitalism kills the individual and society, it can kill you in a variety of ways, slow or quick, with or without suffering etc.

This pathological race for more profit and exploitation at any cost, will lead capitalism to its final downfall. By robbing fast the planet and enslaving the majority of its people is not going to last long, people will eventually rebel when they will discover that all their suffering was spent in vain, for the sake of more power and wealth of the few.

Capitalism has polluted the whole planet and more, it has pauperized billions of people for what? So the rich can continue to wallow in their luxuries whilst we are the slaves that maintain all this. By keeping the modern slave in a permanent crises they can control and manipulate him to their advantage, this destroys the inner self of the individual and disintegrates society, leaving nothing behind but a metropolis of moles and mentally disturbed consumers.

By crippling the individual intellectually and emotionally, the capitalist system wounds the subject turning him into one dimensional zombie who is ready at any time to work for a minimum wage and/or sacrifice himself whenever he is called to serve the flag of the rich and/or become a gullible consumer that works overtime and/or two jobs so he can also cue for his own self-consummation.

I hope that this mass mayhem will end one day, the sooner the less misery will have, the globalization of anarchy is the first step towards this goal, the termination of all misery and suffering on the planet and the creation of society based on equity and mutual-aid.

Only Anarchy

“We must overthrow the rulers of the mind by the workers of the mind, an act of insurrection. The bourgeoisie ego shall be replaced by the proletarian ego. The Revolution will be followed by a long period of the withering away of the proletarian ego. Then, and only then, will it be Revolutionary Anarchy Time!”

May the year 2007 be the beginning of the end of capitalism?

Another year of capitalism is coming to an end, one more year has passed full of wars, serious poverty, low paid work and addictive boredom. But at the same time, the count down has begun for the final chapter in the existence of capitalism.

The Future is Ours Anarchic

You don’t have to go far to know that capitalism is tragic for most of humanity. It is just enough to look at your own personal life and my own to realize that capitalism is life and planet destroyer. Because of a prolonged oppression, poverty and enslavement, most people have never experienced in their lives any freedom or choice, they never new the meaning of pleasure and creativity, they where always severely deprived of all the good things in life. They don’t know what it means to be materially secure, or that one can live if circumstances allow, an interesting and satisfying lives. All this is beyond them and beyond their reach, what they are left with is hunger and disease. Most people don’t know the meaning of free choice and free will, they where never given the chance, always in poverty and depravity they know only one thing, that they suffer and that the rich always wallow in corruption and in luxury. Humanity is in misery for many centuries and now it is the time to change all this ‘permanence’ and turn it into a full blown anarchic revolution in the coming future. We must return to humanity its long lost dignity, there is enough for everyone and plenty, no excuses and apologies can change the facts that billions of people survive and barely exist in a downtrodden subjective reality and unbearable misery. This explains clearly why is the politico-economical world situation is like this – the most inhuman and brutal. Who can dismantle capitalism and how? The answer is really simple; the anarchists will dismantle the capitalist structure and replace it with an anarchist society brought about by an anti-national anarchic revolution. The sooner the capitalist system is dismantled is the better for all even for the rich although they don’t know it. The sooner capitalism goes as a result of the anti-capitalist social revolution the sooner humanity will start tasting the never ending spring of freedom and discover for the first time in human history the real meaning of life, pleasure and creation. A mass revolution, beyond borders and nations, beyond classes and countries, a social revolution that will definitely and once and for all put an end to this capital geo-demographic mayhem. All poverty and all wars are the result of political economy of wealth and control, all human misery and suffering also all the violence are the direct result of political economy and its representatives, all is because of economical laws of the masters of capital. Once we de-economize society and abolish capital and politics we shell enter into a higher a stage of canceling all money and the private ownership of the means of social production. Capitalism negatively affects the inner self of every individual; the rate of degradation of each is according to the actual material objective condition of the subject. Capitalism is the latest form of slavery and it must be abolished, before we are abolished. This imposed modern universal slavery will implode one day soon, because of the deteriorating pressure of the last threshold. A major rebellion will take place against this condition of oppression and quickly turning into an anarchic social revolution sweeping with it the unwanted remains of the previous era and creating for the first in human history a genuine anarchic society that guarantees the well-being and the freedom of all everywhere and all of time. Our selves are constructed and made on the major of oppression and poverty we endure, our behavior and personalities are founded on the major of our enslavement to the system and its leaders and on the major of our resistance to it all. The more rebellious we are the less we fear the brutality of capitalism and its executing arms. The more revolutionary we become the less time will remain for the nation-state capitalism and the less time will remain for its hegemony. The more we fight theoretically and practically against discrimination and exploitation, the sooner will our freedom be achieved and our livelihood guaranteed.

ONE DAY CAPITALISM WILL END – SO YOU BETTER START GETTING READY NOW – LIVING AFTER CAPITALISM Notifying humanity which is stuck deep in agony and frustration as a result of a prolonged sub-existence under global capitalist domination and conditioning. The masses are dependant, weak and severely exploited, incapable yet of freeing themselves from this monster of capital, law and order. Humanity cannot yet liberate itself from the yoke of authority (the rich) and the state. Capitalism is a fascist system of power and control by the rich of the poor and all the means for its hegemony are legitimate and practiced. People everywhere are in the same sinking drunken boat symbolizing the utter fall of capitalist social relations and the creation of anarchic social relations without any ownership of the social means of production and the natural resources. The start of anarchy at the end of capital will be a new and a first start for humanity to exist in what remains in liberty and happiness. Capitalism is reaching it final crises, its panicking and is hitting everywhere but no avail, it is a bit too little too late. The revolutionary resistance is wining everywhere and nearly all of the time. This is a sign for the dawn of anarchy and living in equality. Capitalism is in crises and so is humanity – the anarchists are doing their best but it seems to be not enough to bring about the revolution – so what is to be done? Conscious individuals and groups, in different places and circumstances, simultaneously moving within rebelliousness and in full emancipation. Emancipation is knowing the truth and understanding it consciously whilst rebelliousness is the total negation of slave-feud-prol-class history. The future belongs to freedom, freedom from capitalism and its classes, freedom from authority and subjugation, i.e., an anarchic society based on material equality and individual liberty. Develop higher the human conscious towards a better world and a better humanity. You can not be free alone, you need the rest for this and the rest needs you as well – this is the social revolution that is taken place now underneath capitalism and above it. A different revolution to take us to a different space and time called anarchy. A place where conflicts are resolved before they happen and where antagonism vanishes before it appears. Physical equality leads to total liberty, i.e., real anarchy in a real world, anti-capitalist relations in a complete equality situation. 1) Communism arising from below as opposed to communism imposed by force by the state – anarcho-communism is against authoritarian communism. 2) Anarchy is for anti-capitalist, anti-state, anti-authority – anarchy is permanent freedom. 3) Individualism is for the personal guarantees of a permanent liberty, objective and subjective. Anarchic anti-empire – Anarchic anti-neoconservatives – Anarchic anti-religion – The anarchic positive – Capitalism destroys life and nature and is the sole cause of violence and discrimination. Capitalism kills all and everything, what about you, is it killing you too, slowly but surely, in the name of progress and profit. Is it killing the people alive and is poisoning the surrounding in every conceivable form and shape, at home and in work – enslaved for the system “forever”.

The Hate of Capitalism Why so many people hate Capitalism, because it causes them so much misery, hardship and pain, every minute of every day so many individuals suffer everywhere all over the planet and for a very long time. Discussing and interpreting the different historical manifestos of different periods of class struggles is not enough and brings not the revolution any nearer. Posting constantly about the differences and similarities in the anarchic movement or trying to disapprove anarcho-capitalism and all the negotiations about the various anarcho-political organizations is fruitless and brings not the revolution any closer. This is all too late and too little; we are beyond words and arguments, we are at the stage of permanent conscious metamorphosis, from the low to the higher, from the simple to the complex and vice versa. Whether things existed before or after Capitalism is not relevant at all to what we want to achieve, i.e., total anarchy without any residues from the ugly past. Whether Marxism is correct or not is not important and just causes the good people to split into hostile camps. What we want is a united theory of revolution, a revolution that goes beyond armed struggle and pseudo-peaceful reformation. The state and capital must go and be dismantled immediately. That will be also the end to hierarchy and with it goes all its accompanied authority. What will remain are a people living in abundance, harmony and festivity. This system must go as soon as possible, it causes too much suffering and agony to billions of people on earth; it has to be eliminated and destroyed before it utterly destroys us first. Capitalism and it states must be destroyed at the nearest time possible so we could rescue and save humanity from further butchering and devastation, we will take humanity to the road of pleasure and liberation and finally reach a society of equals and the free. All the argumentation about the differences of communism, socialism, the withering away of the state, proletarian state, all this is designed for one purpose alone: ideological recruitment. All this must be avoided and instead invest energy in directly communicating with the people in every mean available, anarchists must relate to people experiences in the now and here and offer an immediate solution before the revolution. Communicating with people everywhere and in every place, through what is written, seen, heard and spoken and always connected to its anarcho-theoretical equivalence. Being knowledgeable and clever or well educated is not enough, what we need really is more personal courage more social daring, to fasten and accelerate the process of emancipation and material liberation. Anarchists must live by deeds and actions, fearless but careful, real anarchists move and change thousands of individual’s everyday, because they are exemplarily in practicing what they say and write. The theory of revolutionary change and liberation, the theory of anarcho-emancipation, the theory of being happy without oppressing or killing the other, this is what is all about. A revolution without manuscripts and blueprints, without leaders of any sort, we us the people leading ourselves to a better future according to our own will and desire and not according to some foreign investor. We are beyond onto-epistemological confusion and corruption, the world is in paralyses and is in complete stasis. Lets push it forward, beyond the limits of Marxism and science, beyond Bakunin and his friends, it is time to break and cut loose from all that was written up until now and start afresh and anew stage for a further development and a critical advancement to a more humane and happier future. Otherwise many of you will remain behind the momentum still dwelling deeper in the mud of capital circulation, in fear, in poverty and class-horror. Come to anarchy without politics and ideology, come to anarchy without an ego and a trumpet, come as you are free and uncorrupt, as everyone should be too, so you could contribute your part in the creative process of self and others liberation. To free ourselves from our daily misery, anguish and alienation, why let the rich get richer and the rest get poorer, why allow them to dominate and exploit us, let’s fight back and take what is ours. Break the limits, break the system from in and out, from below and from above, shorten their staying time to zero. Set yourself free from the chains of property and modern enslavement and we will liberate ourselves together as it has never been done before, with a pluralistic singularity. The rest will join us soon in a movement of individual and social liberation from money and their owners. Will move on the path of anarchic equity and personal freedom – here the revolution starts. what have you to lose but your chains laid down to you by the system, what have you to lose but your virtual inter-cage cellular pseudo-communication, hanging desperately between your credit cards and your habits of consumption and all this of course is only in accordance to your earnings i.e., wage/income/salary/job for the mob and then what? Then back to your computer to spell out your frustration and boredom. Pasting the quotation of the ones before, hoping for some analysis and assuming that we don’t know what it is all about, is naivety on your behalf, so wake up. The true anarchist always and courageously speaks the truth except to authority, because he doesn’t want to get killed, so in face of authority he is underground. She/he lives according to anarchic theory and practice, by avoiding the law the anarchist prepares the ground of insurrection and upheaval. We don’t have to sit in jail to make a revolution, we can make it to be beyond the reach of the longest arm, and you can bring down the system without being arrested. Most people want to be free and happy but they don’t know how achieve this; we will help them find the way to everyone’s freedom and happiness. We will show them where the right knowledge and practice to be found, we will give them the revolutionary tools of liberations and the anarchic means of self-emancipation and self-liberation. We don’t want to be rich we want to be anarchists in an anarchic society, we don’t want to succeed within the capitalist system we want to destroy it all together for the rescue and benefit of us and of humanity. We don’t want to exploit or oppress anyone, all we want is to live free of work, religion and authority, we want a life without money and classes, without the weak and the strong, life is not a jungle and if so is capitalism then I am Tarzan. We don’t need your pity bourgeois attitudes, we don’t need your shop-keeper mentality, what we need is a revolutionary person that fears no one and nothing, all carriers are for the distorted and desperate lower middle-class, trying so hard to improve their dull condition, known also as ambition or as the American dream of equal collapse. Anarchist chose the simplest and cheapest ways to live as not to require a lot of money, from there they bring about havoc to the system and bring nearer the day of liberation and self-determination. From their humble places they launch their onslaught on capitalism and its states, and by the demolishing of both of them we bring about their full destruction and its disappearance for ever.

1) Western Democracies = Capitalist democracies = Democratic Governments = Democratic States. 2) The Soviet Bloc = Finished = Bolshevik Capitalism = Democratic Centralism. 3) Religious States = Capitalist System = Islam > Jewish > Christian > Buddhist = Capitalist Socio-Economic System. 4) Dictatorship = Capitalist. 5) Democracy = Capitalist.

The common thread in all this is always the capitalist economy; therefore what is essential is the complete undermining of capitalism as a socio-economic system. Our uncompromising commitment to anti-capitalism and for an anarchic socio-post-economic meta-system, will universalize the revolution and bring nearer the downfall of the anti-human capitalist system, i.e. the creation of individualist-communist anarcho-social economic system = Meta-anarchy. All I am saying is that as long as capitalism exists there will always be classes, war and anguish, as long as the capitalist economic system continues to exist, we are going to have a lot of suffering and unnecessary pain. So what is the conclusion? It is of course the dismantlement of this socio-economic system immediately and without any delay, so we could save a lot of future sufferings and poverty. Just because your city has not yet been bombed by the American or Israeli air force and flattened out that does not means that your city is not next. There will come a time soon just before the final collapse of capitalism when the American and Israeli air forces will bomb (atom) their own country and vanish. The ills that capitalism encourages and causes is humanly intolerable, and anyone who can tolerate this system is either a direct beneficiary from it or indifferent to the oppression of others, you cannot dance in both weddings at once, unless of course you are a wave of energy that goes faster than the speed of light.


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