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How to make revolution?

The End and Re-Start of Humanity & Nature From the start of life, through the evolutionary process we arrive at the revolutionary meta-process. A navigation of the objective law-governed revolutionary process and its movement towards the accomplishment of Anarcho – Individualist Communism - the final blow to capitalism. The expanding of a mass universal anarchic consciousness and its direct application as a global social revolution is taking place at the present everywhere. The rich and their representatives live as anti-human criminals, parasites that suck on human vitality and the unshakable will to live free. The richer they become the nastier is their policy, power corrupts in a big way and always. The rich rule the world and anarchists will rule the rich, known as the “dictatorship of the poor”. They choose their politico-military governments according to their profit plans and at the top of their organization they put either a dictator or a clown depending on the fiscal global situation. Anarchy has humanity as its ultimate goal and freeing it from this modern slavery is its only purpose. Political economy is a conspiracy of the oligarchy, the quasi-theory of neo-capitalism, neo-colonialism and neo-imperialism. A conspiracy of hegemony over time, place and over all existing matter natural or produced is as brutal and torturous a system as all the ones that preceded it, from the first civilization till now. A special system designed for the masters of the earth, a private appropriation of wealth maintained through inheritance and spouse control for ever. The rich are rich because of looting and enslavement of the majority, that is why 2/3 of the world population live on less than 2 dollars a day, because there is someone somewhere out there making one billion a day, this is a crime against humanity, a crime against us all. Those who benefit from managing their masters assets are opportunistic, well to do venerability and fear, the middle class, the miserable petty bourgeois and their lust for an easy income, the leeches of the wealthy. The rich with military make the state; they choose the leaders and head of security on top of the pyramid. Megalomaniacs supported by the money of the decadent rich, they will support any lunatic, any dictator, any blood thirsty neo-conservative psychotic, to implement their investment to profit on a global scale. In an anarchic world everything will be equally produced and shared, so that each living organism has an unalienable right for a dignified existence and a physical foundation for his/her freedom and joy. Anything less than this is a declaration of violence and brute force upon the human race in general and on me in particular, therefore only a total material equality and distribution can bring about the end of capitalism and the start of anarchism. A lot of rubbish is written these days about the difference of communism and anarchism, but we will not go into this now, beside this subject is limited by its nature because of the personal pro-capitalist academic subject/matter. The religious values and ideologies of capitalism, like their ethics and idealist metaphysical philosophies, as socialism too are always manipulated by the state/party, these are nothing but apologies and excuses for the continuation of mass capitalist brutality and a colossal destruction of planet nature. Capitalism is terrorism and it relies only on horror and on a forever lasting nightmare for the majority of the population on earth. For the profit of less than 0, 05% of the world population the rest of us, the rest of the world population – 99, 95% of the people will have to suffer and live all their life on the bare minimum for a miserable short lived survival. Well the time has come to terminate this barbaric economico-political system and in its place create an anarchic free society, without war, exploitation or oppression. The anarchists are preparing everywhere to orientate the coming socio-anarchic revolution. We are permanently in an anti-capitalist action towards the final knockout of capitalism and substituting it with a humane alternative to private survival, with an anti-system called anarchy.