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Anarchy For Ever

No More Capitalism Capitalism cannot last for much longer because it is against human nature and against its law-governed objective processes. Capitalism like feudalism and slavery before it managed to exist and continue for a while only through sheer force and violence, through coercion and mass exploitation of humanity and nature and obviously through a long and bloody war by sacrificing most of the population. Capitalism is fast nearing its final stage, its historical burial at last and humanity for the first time will be free from the long and vicious arms of the wealthy and their representative rulers. At last humanity will breathe the air of freedom and genuine liberty. Capitalism is doomed because it is anti-life and anti- nature and anti-human, it has been hurting billons of people for a very long time, its time to stop it and hopefully without much force. Everyday capitalism destroys many lives and cause near-infinite unnecessary pain and suffering, it time to terminate this mayhem. Capitalism like its cousin socialism is based on centralized control and military police dictatorship under the false name of democracy and science. Capitalism like religion is anti-human that permanently causes mass ignorance and suffering and lots of mental and physical pain for billions of people. This is why capitalism must go and cannot last for much longer – from now on capitalism is on its march to oblivion, to its end, its final stage of exploitation and like Nazism no one is going to drop a tear for its disappearance beside a few unlucky tyrants and their lackey’s. Anarchy is the only natural and logical option because anarchy is beyond dialectics and contradictions, it is free of the ugly traits of some humans who abuse humanity and nature for a relatively a long time and through a highly organized violence they managed to remain up until now, but that’s it, its end is very near. Anarchy is human and geo-friendly, anarchy is personakl and cosmic, it was created for humanity and by humanity for a free and happy future for all and for a long time. No more money and unnecessary work, no more obedience and fear, enough with poverty and the suffering of children on five continents, no more existing for others to profit. Time for new life on this battered planet and enslaved inhabitants, it is time for a different history, an anti-political economic meta-system that is based on equity and the celebration of life. A new revolutionary development for the correction of a nasty material deviation that will end thousands of years of slavery and hardship. So we are very lucky to live in the era that will witness the fall of capitalism and the termination of the state. The time is ripe for the big leap, for the achievement of the highest conscious that ends the exploitation of nature and wo/men. We must establish a universal happiness for all and a total material equality of each, it is the big anti-capitalist pro-anarchist leap into a very creative future that will rescue nature and save humanity from this capitalist historical conspiracy. Anarchy is full equilibrium between life and nature; anarchy terminates the private ownership of the social means of production for ever and never will it repeat the brutality and the colossal misery of the present and the past. Anarchy is for all and by all.