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the next

In capitalism you are a prisoner and a slave if you happened to be poor. You are a slave and a prisoner of the objective condition, i.e., the fiscal condition. To be a free for a poor wo/man is impossibility without an anarcho-communist revolution. Most people are very poor although they try hard not to show it, most are ashamed of their fate and outwardly they do everything to show otherwise. Work, wages, money, food, etc, are all functions that are beyond the worker and the unemployed. They are directly the victims of this objective capitalist condition. You don’t chose if there is work or not and no one can guarantee or secure you or me the next rent or wage or debt. If the owners of capital build a new factory you might get a job, but if not, you don’t. So you immigrate closer to the owners of capita and their profiteering enterprises, the capitalist metropolis. We are salves of the capitalist masters lets revolt and set ourselves free – for anarchy, equity and freedom.