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revolution for ever

Optimistic practice and anarcho-revolutionary activity is the answer to your pessimism. Bakunin warned Marx about his authoritative communism. The last one to blame is Bakunin; it is Marx, Lenin and Trotsky that fucked the whole thing into the hands of the CIA and the World Bank. So don’t blame the anarchists for the failings of Bolshevism. During the Bolshevik revolution anarchists were executed, jailed or expelled from Russia. Capitalism is theft and democracy is for the ruling class alone.

Capitalist atheism is worst than religious capitalism, anarcho-capitalists are worst than the neo-conservative capitalists and the individuals in this quasi-atheist forum are nothing but a bunch of bored frustrated middle class persons, sexually dissatisfied Americans that happened to have computers to play and waste their time with. If I was them I would have read what is written and shut up and not expose your ignorance and malicious intellectual impotence. If I was you I would leave America or make a revolution there so as to save the Iraqis and the rest of humanity and earth, so for now fuck you all tremendously and if you wish further confrontation here I am awaiting you all at your own shaky home ground.

First of all you personally have to rebel against the system and always lead the struggle of the oppressed and exploited, the rest will come on its own objective accord.

Capitalism is disease and all living in it, with the exception of the anarcho-social revolutionary, are sick individuals and sick people. What is needed not only a revolution for the destruction of law, the state and capitalism but the creation of new minds and new thinking and new emotions. Without this emancipation we shell remains living in the neo-modern dark ages.

To my friend activist, folk, solidarity, etc, make the revolution and look no back, the only solution is a total anarcho-social revolution for the creation of free and equal humanity without oppression, repression or suppression. My anarcho-revolutionary activity is parallel to my existence and is operative on all levels, 24 hours a day and 360 days a year, therefore the revolution is very near (in our life span), and the anarchic society is awaiting us all.

Grammar is an etiological terrorism and terrorism is capitalism’s foreign and domestic policy.