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revolution for ever

Anarchism Instead of Capitalism Humanity did not choose capitalism; it is the capitalists and their managers that maintain and keeps capitalism going. Capitalism is cruel as was its Bolshevik counterpart, now we have remained with raw capitalism lead by Bush and Blare. 85% of the world population directly suffers from this discriminatory system. Capitalism excludes the poor even from bare survival, it uses the law and psychiatry to dictate its rules and punish dissidents. This so called free market is just another word that implies that you will remain poor forever and repressed and they will always just get richer. Even a kid knows that without a large capital you are doomed to a definite oblivion. So burn all illusions about democracy and free enterprise, these are just terms for further justification for the enslavement of the majority of humanity and guaranteeing it to last for a long time. Violent capitalism for profiting at any cost even at the cost of sacrificing tens of thousands of poor youth that has been given only 2 miserable choices, either to get severely injured and die for the state for a wage or end up in the gutter of the chronic poor and the punitive rehabilitation system. The capitalist system is systematically destroying people, nature and causing irreversible damage to planet earth. Capitalism exists on barrowed time given to it by the techno-industrial revolution of the ‘Western Civilization’ but not for much longer. This capitalist system is lead and managed by the rich ruling class which has been decaying into decadence and degeneration for a prolonged time and we definitely see very clearly the results all over history and at our present time. The longer capitalism remains to rule and control us and continues to oppress and punish us, the more mass misery we will have and the more depressed, frustrated and bored we will become. The shorter the future life span of capitalism will be, say less than a decade from now, the quicker humanity will be liberated and freed from the octopus arms of the authority of the capitalist system, happiness for all will be achieved and emancipation practiced all over the land. Freedom at last realized in real lives and regions and material equality for all and by all. The rich rulers of the world with their hypocritical democracy and techno-military might impose their ugly will on all of us in the past, present and future and with very tragic and catastrophic consequences. Capitalists are the agilest individuals on earth, their ideas of life and the world is Nazi-like and extremely reactionary like all the governments and the states. Their personal characters is a gangster like dictatorial behavior through threats and military or secret violence, sheer brutality disguised beneath democratic tautology but extremely anti-human and anti-nature. The banks they have constructed, the organization they have created and the companies the have built are all designed for one purpose only and is based one principle too: institutional fascism with suits and ties, contracts steal deals. A fascist mode of official operation, the master-mind of modern capitalism – neo-conservative neo-capitalism that treats most of its people and civilians like shit, they treat their pets much better and their thoughts of nature and humanity is as resources for their disposal and for their immediate and corrupt financial and political manipulation and for their cynical displeasures. Our poverty and misery is their achievement and success, our instability and anguish is their leadership and power control over all of us everywhere and any time they choose the can inflict what ever they want and when ever they want to kill or cause damage, imprison or hospitalize and physically and psychically eliminate anyone they chose. The globalization of control over us and the mass rehabilitation on all modes that is available to them, using modern technology to implement their Greco-Roman and Judeo-Christian - Muslim laws, rules, patriotism and ideology. They have weapons that can blow up the planet earth into particles and dust and eliminate the our planetary existence in the solar and milky galactic systems and erase us from cosmos and space, and all this is just for the maintenance of rule and profit. Hegemony at any cost and at any price, a free market etiology, words the express greed and a lust to rule others stemming from a severe self-devaluation and chronic fear of equality with an inferiority mega-complex. No more capitalism …. S.A