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survival for how long

All the history of humanity has started from a primitive mistake and an evolutionary error primarily from when agricultural settlements began and gathering and hunting faded away. From slavery to neo-capitalism, from utopian socialism to Nazi ideology stem directly from this historico-evolutionary homo-sapiens deviation thus launching the continuous violent contradictions of the present. History is a long war, the war of wealth, power and control, a bloody and shameful history, where people kill one another by the millions and where the majority has always been on the tragic and catastrophic end of things. Look at the state of humanity today; it is not much better than hundreds years before, people suffer the same and even more. Capitalism is killing all of us, some quick some slow and it is killing our environment and it is killing us from the inside too. Pursuing money all life long brings about this tragic human situation since life is not for sale unless you were born a salve. When each person is for him/herself on the battle of survival then we are always all against all and all against each others, in other words, blind aggression and institutional and criminal violence for money and control. Instead of living happy and naturally people find themselves depressed and often miserable, they cannot enjoy real freedom and creativity because they have deprived of nature and a natural surrounding and living in the country does not make it nature yet. The rat race of dog eat dog forever is over, we need anarchy immediately to stop this all devouring Leviathan, the big worm that digests anything in its path. Humanity can live otherwise, well fed, healthy and highly creative yet you see the absolute majority of humanity living in utmost poverty, suffering, and hunger and in disease. Capitalism should be further accelerated towards its own natural termination, towards its definite end, an objective withering away of capitalism. Enough with this brutal system that does only serious harm to nature and humanity, let’s get rid of it and liberate what remains of our lives and of nature. A cruel and destructive capitalist system that constantly devours its subjects and excretes them anally as a bio-human product, as a superfluous junk unneeded for the modern techno-production. Prosperity is theft.