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I have been too depressed since the re-election of the bastard to write much here or anywhere else. The news on America's homefront is very, very bad. Bush's social policies are not about fiscal responsibility. He goes before Congress to get another 40 billion for the genocide in Iraq rubber-stamped by a complacent governing body made up of fellow party members.

The dirty little secret that no US paper or media outlet will report is that Bush and his storm troopers continue to carry out a policy that will result in the eventual needless deaths of thousands of America's disabled and elderly. The government currently expects millions of disabled and elderly Americans to live on $550 a month from Social Security. Meanwhile, the social security funds have been raided to the tune of almost a trillion dollars to feed the hungry maw of the department of defense and America's killing machine.

The housing voucher program which meant the difference between life indoors or life on the streets is slowly being dismantled. At this point the housing voucher program in every state is frozen. Many who had been awarded housing vouchers are now seeing them being taken away.

There is a scene in Leon Uris's book "Mila 18" about the Jewish uprising against the Nazi's in Warsaw's Jewish ghetto during the second world war. A Jewish family with their elderly father in a wheelchair are just sitting down to their meager dinner when suddenly the storm troopers burst through the door. The handicapped have been designated as "useless eaters" by the Hitler regime, and the storm troopers lift the man, wheel chair and all, and toss him from the upper story window of the family's apartment.

Bush is doing the same thing today. No one covers it because it's less dramatic, but the effect of the cuts is no different. How long can an 80 year old woman be expected to survive on the streets? How about a man with profound cerebral palsy? No one cares.

Feb 15 2003 saw hundreds of thousands of demonstrators in NYC, and Julie Talen's "Sixty Cameras Against the War" presents a unique document of that day. Talen collected footage from sixty different videographers present at the march, and edited it together in multiple screens. This multichannel narrative at times juxtaposes the experiences of activists across Manhattan, and at other times provides different angles on a single arrest or happening. The film presents the NYPD's use of pepper spray, horse charges and barricades to cleave the march in two. Feb 15 turned out many people, in NYC and all over the world, but I think if more Americans saw how New Yorkers said "no" in the leadup to war some opinions about Iraq would change. Also, those who see demonstrators as an inhuman mob should see regular people facing extreme cold and claustrophobic conditions to make a moral stand. The film toured swing states before the election, and has screened in exhibits in NYC and Los Angeles. Anyone can download the film for free, under a Creative Commons license. Take a look at a film that is both visually interesting and painfully relevant.


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Get some bad Elvis hair, a white collar, white
jacket and enter a Starbucks store. Deposit information about child
labor in coffee fields on the tables. Hallelujah! Feel the Spirit!

As you read this, the Rev is on trial for destruction of property and
malicious mischief. But his April 19th laying on of hands upon a cash
register, with the help of the Stop Shopping Gospel Choir and LA
activists, channeled what all coffee industry monitors have warned:
billionaires like Starbucks chief Howard Shultz make money by harvesting
coffee for virtually nothing. Cut out a thick strip of white cardboard
and seal it over the back your neck with some duct tape: that's your
collar. Throw some cement on your hair and wear a white outfit. Now
you're a preacher! Have a friend follow you with a video camera. When
you get to the store:

  1. Stand outside the Starbucks with that mermaid logo in view,
    displaying a sign with your town, state and country
  2. Enter the Starbucks and place your fact sheets on the tables
  3. Raise your arms into the air and preach what the Spirit
    tells you, but make clear that the $4 lattes come from the DEVIL and
    child mortality rates in Guatemala are soaring

Be polite to the baristas, they're just doing their jobs. Have your fun
and leave, you've done your job! Follow these links to info on
grievences with Starbucks:


Consumers Association


Be sure to send a copy of your tape to PO Box 1556, New York, NY 10013.
We’d appreciate a note of permission to use your footage in our
documentary (for release next year). Hallelujah! See you in the

questions/comments: michael@revbilly.com 917-825-3562 style="font-weight: bold;">

Capitalism Is Theft & God is profit

Economy is opium for the masses – the right & left of Capital The religion of political economy

Economical orthodoxy and fundamentalism Fiscal fanaticism

Money > War > Work > Poverty > Capitalism Reich/Rich – Poor > Revolt > Oppression > New Order Ruler – Ruled > Anarchy > Liberation > Anti-Order

How many wars – how much pain & suffering – how much hate and con it takes to make one more buck. How about having billions of that blood/sweat stained bucks, that kills and maims and exploits anything that moves on the land for the sake of more hegemony, profit and power.

Capitalism = ideology of class Feudalism = religion of nation Slavery = brute force neo-colonialism

The consumer pirate in his castle narcissistic with fetishism and the producers toxic commodity sadism – the think tank of western capitalism: Hobbs – Smith – Ricardo – Malthus – Mill - Kenya’s – Taylor – Rockefeller – Ford – Freedman. The belt lines of exploitation, constantly faster and more productive with nazi discipline – a shop – a church with a clock, a prison with a gallows.

A final touch of religion for the rulers and the stupid: Jewish, Christian, Islamic and Buddhist mythoi-theological fantasies and fairy tails. The ideology of brainwash and social/labor management: Marxism-Leninism and Smithism-Taylorism. Economy is the science of recorded usury and deceit; capitalism is the art of racial and class discrimination. From slavery to feudalism to capitalism, one big universal pain in the ass. Slavery leads to individualism, feudalism leads to communism and capitalism leads to anarchism.

Economy = primitive accumulation = primitive barbaric social relations. Economy = suitable only for financial psychopaths and fiscal sociopaths. Economy = coercive accumulation of profit and violent investment and control. Economy = state/capital terrorism in the name of fair play and Laisure fair fascist economics. Economy = laws & punishments, the verdict is always life with hard labor without parole. Economy = army/police for you and for me, bombs not food, tanks not houses, death not life. Economy = inequality – a market of savage barbarism – free market for looting and stealing.

Specialists of economy or an economy in specialties, with such capitalist economists and their stupid repetitions about incentive and similar rubbish, no wonder the planet is in a grim condition.

Eco-no-my = systematic exploitation of humans and the planet for the sake of profit which translates into power. Eco-no-my = the stock market of dead stinking big fat fish, numeric-economical stench. Blood thirst, vengeance and fear = economy = nazi control and management of resources and labor = permanent market demand for more profit – constant consumer demand for more masochism. Democracy in name but dictatorship in law and economy = the dictatorship of the big capitalists and their puppets spokespersons.

The confusion of national/religious “liberation struggle with “class” anti-capital exter-national struggle. National liberation struggle = inter capitalist civil war for the local bourgeoisie. Anti-capital exter-national liberation struggle = anti-capitalist social revolution for the anarchic multitude.

Political economy = the politics of slavery, hierarchy and domination = the mentally sick authority = serious psychiatric diagnosis caused by an unjustified extreme wealth and power = business megalomania & the leaders superiority complex. The political economy of the masters = business – trade – commerce – exchange – investment – price – percentage – rate – circulation of misery – and the recycling of live and dead labor – statistics of pauperism.

Political economy for the counting of dead bodies, civilians and soldiers in New York Gaza or Iraq. Political economy of office slavery and Techno-addictions designed for the management of daylight planetary robbery and the raping of its inhabitants. Political economy = mass and individual murder and looting in the name of security of the fair deal and the liberal-global military/police occupation. Political economy = philosophy for the private and state appropriation of matter and living/dead labor = the ethics of market keepers and the mentality of private property puritan = the economy of the elected gangsters. The economy of psycho-emotional control and intellectual domestication = police and military guard for the market institutions and the protection of their political establishments. Have a good day at work – have a nice war somewhere else – have a pleasant revolution.

Capitalism Is An Organized Violence

Anti-Force > Anti-Power > Post-Violence De-Violence > De-Force > De-Power Post-Force > Post-Power > Post-Capitalism

Anarcho-transformation of society from class, racist and religious society into freedom loving and equal society. Words that speak as loud as deed the new language of revolution and exposition. The world is fed up with capitalism, we all hate it and directly daily we experience its cruelties, but not for long, billions are going to watch capitalism fall and no one is going to run to its aid. Capitalism has never hesitated to enslave, torture and starve humanity since its inception up to this minute. Kill, exploit and oppress is all what capitalism knows, the sweat and blood price of the accumulation of profit. All is sacrificed for military business profit, the planet is for battlefields, banks and oil pumps, just like a con-stitutional promised post-slave paradise. Equal opportunity in poverty and democracy for the rich alone. Poor people see only police, courts and prisons that where designed exactly for this purpose, to control and punish the poor multitude. Capitalists cannot exist or profit without directly killing and injuring people, Capitalism cannot survive without humiliating and torturing people, this the nature of capitalism and profit making. Capitalism cannot sustain and maintain itself any bit longer without destroying the planet and the atmosphere. Capitalism destroys what it touches we will destroy capitalism by a death touch too. Only the rich and the upper crust of their loyal and obedient privileged servants benefit from this capital-military mayhem. The rest of the world, the majority of the world populations are beginning to demand an anarchic revolution now and everywhere. Capitalism means brute survival for the largest suffering majority and wallowing in luxury and planing for loot wars for the minutest minority.

Anarcho-Linguistics > Anarcho-Self-Defense > Anarcho-Subversion > Anarcho-Social Revolution

It Is Much Easier Now To Bring Down Capitalism.


1) To stop the oppressors and bring them down. 2) No new oppressors will come instead. 3) Anarchy – a society without oppressors and without oppressed.


1) Un-armed anarcho-revolution – subversive. 2) The collapse of capitalism 2010 – 2020 CIA/acb. 3) Anarchic meta-economic (post-scarcity post-survival post abundance the gift economy) alternative. a) Communist economy (free of charge). b) Anarchic social relations (anti-capitalism). c) Individualist cooperation/coordination.

USA + Europe

1) As in revolution in the most developed and advanced Techno-industrial society, which means the end of capitalism and the start of the anarchic era. 2) The beginning of the meta-economy of non-ownership. 3) Humanity before calculation and property.

Israel + Palestine

1) Anti-tribal Anti-religious Anti-state Anti-nationalism. 2) One multitude One people One land One planet. 3) One solution anarchic territorial resolution. 4) The poor Israelis and the poor Palestinians will unite, the oppressed of Israel and the oppressed of Palestine will fight together against both of their rulers.

The World

1) Global anarchic revolution on the near horizon – one anarchy one communism one individualism. 2) Anti-capital Anti-state Anti-nation Anti-authority – the anarcho-global multitude.

The Anarchist/s

1) Many wrong and false pseudo-anarchic varieties and quasi-anarchic organizational and party rhetoric’s. 2) There is only one kind of anarchy. 3) Anarchy cannot be anything else but anarchy. 4) The correct and true anarchy is this : a) Anti-Capitalist economic equality in society = Communism. b) Freedom without a state and government = Anarchism. c) Total individual and social liberty = Individualism.

5) The multitude emancipates itself as anarchists emancipate themselves for the creation of a new and humane life for all. 6) The anarcho-theory = meta-theory of consciousness and anarcho-emancipation = anti-discipline and anti-organization. 7) Anarchy has all the solutions and much more. 8) Where are all these North American and French “anarchist” writers and intellectuals are they hiding?

The only way to change the world is from the bottom up. It begins by distributing first all the essential requirements to the poorest people on earth then to the poorer people of earth and after this to the poor multitude on the planet – the rest will continue on its own. Once the multitude is materially equalized true freedom and real happiness will start spreading like a wild fire amongst the people of the world and who will dare to stop it or us. The biggest army on earth could not even defeat a poor rice growing peasant, the final breath of capital. Shining the way with an anarcho-meta-theoretical light to mark the road to freedom and equality.

A) Abolition of the nation-state-capital. B) Anarchic post-economy = meta-economy. C) Anarchic Exter-national anti-political coordination.

The count down has begun - you and others and I have accelerated its spatio-temporal collapse. The dramatic fall of capitalism and its his-story will teach humanity a good lesson - never again allow gods or masters prevail.

Always few steps further > beyond the longest arm > flying free

Global Insurgence Anti-Capitalist Anti-State Anarchism

The evidence for the collapse of capitalism and the state – The economical collapse of capitalism follows the collapse of the USSR, which brings about the economic collapse of the USA, Europe, Japan and Australia. The collapse of capitalism as a global and historical system brings about the total collapse of the state as well. Sudden increase in poverty all over the world with a low tolerance insurgence in particular in the un-industrialized countries accelerating further the process of capitalist self-destruction and it replacement by anarchy. The collapse of super power one will occur approximately thirty years after the collapse of super power two. This means that approximately by the years 2010 –15 capitalism will start to collapse and with it the US Empire and its lackeys. Nations will disintegrate and religions will die out completely, the state will become extinct. An unresolved dialectical antagonistic contradiction is the foundation of the capitalist civilization. Mass unemployed and millions upon millions of paupers, increasing by the thousands daily everywhere “living” in an extreme intolerable conditions always ready to attack at last. To get out of this, capitalists need another third world war, which they cannot have this time because it will be also mean the end to themselves. A stalemate that is perfect for the causation of world wide anarchic insurrection, a mass planetary Intifada against oppression and occupation. For the first time in human history we have reached such a situation which is exactly the perquisite for anarchic global rebellion. To get out of the 1905/1930’s capitalist depression they resorted to two world wars that killed third of participant nations. They need war for high profits, their power is maintained through organized police and military violence and at whatever human cost or physical damage, this is the true face of capitalism – bloody, sweaty and brutal. The illusion of “prosperous” capitalism where the rich gets richer without a limit and an unlimited amount of people become down trodden and poorer. It is democracy for the rich and dictatorship for the poor. The fall of capitalism brings about a post-capitalist conscious – the objective condition that is required for the manifestation of anarchy in place of capitalism. Anti-capitalist consciousness as the base for building the anarchic post-national society –

1) All religious people will be converted to anarchism once they discover the falsity of their religions. 2) All the poor people will receive every thing necessary for their easy survival for the time being. 3) Unhappy citizens will become anarchists as they realize their helpless and stupid position in the hierarchy of the nation-capitalist-state. 4) Capitalists will be intensively re-educated so we can introduce them to the newly created anarchic society. 5) There is no period of transition but a direct transmission from capitalism to anarchism. 6) The end of the class structure – the end of wage, labor and authority.

1905 – 2005 -------------- 1917 – 2017 -------------- CIA = Communist Individualist Anarchism.

A low-governed historical process that is also the perquisite for an anarcho-social revolution guarantees the collapse of capitalism. Capitalism is running out of time, nothing but big wars can maintain it now and this is why its fall is determined and widely anticipated. Capitalism has been living on borrowed time for too long; the time of its dome is nearing. If you are not doing well in this system why should you want to keep its existence, are you a sadist or what? Mass insurrections and regional revolutions will accompany the capitalist collapse – a massive worldwide revolting multitude, with only one aim in mind – global anarchy. Capitalists will be prohibited from pursuing their greedy careers, and anarchists will have to stop arguing with another all of the time. The empire is causing havoc on planet earth and havoc in personal lives – it must be stopped and the first ones to do it will go down in history as the gravediggers of capitalism and the state and religion. These three diseases that humanity must get rid of if it wishes to live in freedom and equality. No to ideology and politics – No to organization and centralization – No to discipline and authority – No to leaders and parties – No to comities and speeches – No to rightwing thoughts and conservatives – No to nazis and anarcho-capitalist – No post-modernism and post-structuralism – No to de-constructions and theology – No to Marxists and greens. Yes only to anarchy, which means freedom from the above crap. All human pain and suffering are unnecessary and superfluous, it can be avoided and instead of the past and present human misery there will be the celebration of freedom and happy life for all. Once you have tasted a little bit of freedom you will always want more.

Radicalization of the Multitude

The harder it gets the more extreme we become, the stronger capitalism gets the more militant we become. The capitalist social structure and relations deforms the individual and cripple the human nature and destroys nature itself. The industrial and technological revolutions fell into the wrong hands, what a colossal subjective and objective disaster leading to the present tragic mass catastrophe. How much more blood and sweat humanity has to shed before we learn to live as human beings and not as a lusty red necked monsters roaming the strait? Religion and politics created for the stupid and ignorant who vote for their own execution or democratically transformed into forced hard labor slum. Together they finish the job by inducing national psychosis and class perversions not to mention a fundamentalist regression resulting from a severe lack of erotical pleasure turning into an instant death wish – the bush benladden syndrome. Capitalism the son of feudalism and the grandson of slavery have unleashed a big monster worm that devours and excrete all and everything and round the clock. From Babylonian times to the present new Order Empire the world has not changed only the techniques. A primitive world using modern technology, a very sick situation indeed – the more technological it gets the more violent it gets, being in the very wrong hands, like the military. The more we advance the more primitive we become – but all this can be stooped and altered and starting from now. We can change the world condition quickly in a sudden outburst of a revolutionary conscious that will take place simultaneously in many places on the globe. Anarcho-revolutionary anti-vanguard conscious which is capable of an immediate termination of capitalism and the creation of anarchic society on its ruins. Oil, toil and life in the market, very corrupt violent men in disguise, in civil and military uniforms, the pride of every Roman master who speak of democracy and mean war causing local and global devastation. In an Anarchic society there is no ownership, private or state. A society without capital and without capitalists – the hidden hand of anti-authoritarianism – a society without a state or hierarchy, where everyone is free, equal and extremely happy and satisfied – a universal global post-Citizen – anarcho-individual – the navigator of his own destiny. All states are military/police states – 99% of all capitalists are anti-human and anti-your real freedom and happiness and we all know why? In the Anarchic society everyone is materially wealthy, no one owns the means of production and the land, all things belong to all, and no one has the right to claim ownership over nature. All belongs to all, all of the time and everywhere on the planet. Equality is a complete justice – real freedom in a world of plenty, without sins and redemption – without labor and stockbrokers. Post-scarcity post-abundance anarchic society, a free and creative multitude capable of self-determination and bringing joy and true happiness to this miserable universe. Comfort in capitalism just makes you more depressed, living a capitalist every day life you lose your imagination and you become a frustrated nasty producer-consumer of mass misery. The multitude will turn you from being a reactionary force into being an anarchic force for a global transformation of the world. The turning of anti-capitalist resistance into a fully blown open social revolution. The turning of national liberation struggle into an individualist anarcho-communist regional insurrection for the termination of neo-colonialism, neo-imperialism and neo-capitalism. The time of revolution has come, it is very close and coming our way very fast – it will suddenly appear out of the blue and shake the foundation of the system and bring it to a final halt. At last humanity will be free to live without this historical un-necessity, where for the first time ever humanity will be really happy and free. Knockout Capitalism

Uproot The Root Of All Evil

Money = god = religion = capitalism = war. Money = terrorism = ideology = power = violence. Money = morality = state = hierarchy = authority. Money = empire = exploitation = oppression = tradition. Money = theory = science = philosophy = class. Money = economy = politics = military = police. Money = law = rich = work = poor = poverty. Money = survival = hate = conflict = antagonism. Money = mental + physical disease = daily misery. Money = consumption = leaders = force = coercion. Money = system = discrimination = racism = genocide. Money = inequality = pain = suffering = boredom. Money = killing industrial machine = production of daily misery. Money = time = space = feeling = business = organization. Money = corporation = structure = hegemony = civilization. Money is theft = the root of all existence = abolish money. End of money as a political economy + and dismantling the rich class = the distribution of all wealth amongst the local inhabitants, there is more than plenty to all + much more. Abolition of money is also the abolition of the state + religion = abolition of price, wage and rent = the abolition of work and capitalist production = a poisonous and dangerous profit making enterprises. Money kills = capitalism is a killing machine + what it does not kill it enslaves. Profit making is war making = money making is a deadly + very harmful + boring. The leaders and the rich are the most ugly and boring people on earth; even the life of a pauper is more exciting than theirs. Wallowing in luxury whilst rampaging the planet with their mercenaries and crusaders, devastating the populations they conquer + exploit. With the aid of sweat + blood money they rule us + do with us what they wish, they can do to us what ever they like anytime and everywhere, whilst you can do nearly nothing to them. Macro – capitalism = macro-terrorism. Micro – capitalism = micro-terrorism. A revolution will end all this tragic mess and bring forward a free-living unknown for more than 5000 years.

I don't think anyone reads this, but I guess it's good practice for more public venues. Soooo, today I called up the local Independent Living Center (by way of reference, Independent Living Centers are Federally mandated outfits which supposedly help the disabled to find housing and work). My friendly ILC told me that there has been a freeze on housing vouchers for the disabled (and everyone else) since June. What this amounts to, folks, is federally mandated genocide of an undesirable group. Strong words, but stop and think about it. You are too ill, or too physically disabled to hold down a nine to five job; you are not some asshole who filed a questionable lawsuit against some individual and got megabucks, and your disability is not work related, so you don't get workman's comp. You turn to the government of the United States of America (remember all those social security taxes you've been paying all these years?); and after a two to five year or more bitter wait, you at long last get YOUR SSDI "award" if you're still alive. What do they give you back? In my case a lousey $625.00 a month plus $140.00 in food stamps. I worked for 30 years, folks, and paid my taxes like a good girl and that's what my American government gives me back on my hard paid taxes. Anybody out there wanna try living on an income like that, hmmm...? Rent, food, utilities, transportation, clothing (from thrift shops, of course), all the many medical expenses that Medicare (Surprise!) won't cover. An abled bodied person couldn't survive on that amount, never mind those of us on disability where even the most common, everyday task is a nightmare. Take away our housing vouchers and put us out on the streets, and what do you think will happen to us? Don't everybody shout "Sig Heil!" all at once. Jesus Christ! Why isn't there more reporting of this, why isn't there any outrage? OK, all you white bread, middle class revolutionaries can go back to sleep now...


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