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Hi all,

Over the last month I've spoken to a number of people about the need to create a common discussion on the subject of intellectual property, communications and immaterial production. The first transnational hackmeeting planned for Pula in June suggests that the moment may be right to try and develop a common response to a shared problem.

The recent announcement of legal actions against users of P2P networks makes this more urgent, IMHO. The proposal is attached below and has not been made public yet. I have no desire to manage or control this project and will not circulate it until there is a response and amendment of the text that reflects that it is a shared interest.

If you would like your response forwarded to the people bcc'ed on this mail, please indicate so. If you don't want to receive any further mail on this matter, just let me know.



Ciao Tutti/e,

Da un mese sto parlando con diverse gente del bisogno di creare una discussione condivisa sul sogetto di proprieta intelletuale, communicazioni e la produzione immateriale. Il primo hackmeeting progettato per Pula alla fine di giugno suggerisce che puo essere il momento adatto per provare sviluppare una risposta commune a una problema condivisa.

L'annuncio negli ultimi giorni dell'inizio di cause giuridiche contro gli utenti di rete P2P in Europa lo rende ancora piu urgente. Il documento sotto non e' publico xche non ho voglia, comunque, di gestire o controllare un tale progetto e quindi non sara messo in circolazione fino che ci fosse una risposta e amendimento del testo che indica che c'e' un interesso condiviso.

Mi dispiace che il descrizione e' solo in inglese.

Se vuoi la tua risposta girata anche a chi sta sul 'bcc' di questa mail, indicarlo. Se non vuoi riecevere altri messagi su questa facenda, fami sape' ;)




Proposal for a wiki based/modular collection for a common european discussion; (or the mother of all FAQs and some polyphony....)

Form/Content a reader/dossier/assemblage on the following three themes:

- intellectual property - immaterial labour - communications

basically broken down into four sections:

(1) - introduction to the concepts and the key problems [clear explanations of functioning, consequences, locations of decision-making power, interconnections]

(2) - descriptions of actions carried out to contest/render visible the conflictuality in them [satellite decryption, attacks on advertising, strategies of workplace disruption, technical techniques for circumnavigating enclosures etc.]

(3) - alternative propositions capable of resolving the problems which the existing institutions in this area are supposedly intended to solve [self-organization, licensing, lo-tech technics, non-proprietary solutions, hacklabs]

(4) - perspectives: given the three previous parts, what are the implications/horizons/possible directions to proceed? [too many different perspectives to be worth listing]

The idea would be to try and appropriate as much as possible from already existing texts rather than to write new ones.

A useful byproduct of this work would be a list of the different groups active in these areas, the level of their operations (grassroots, institutional etc) and the resources they dispose of.


Apart from the content element, the work would have two objects:

(1) - in the different local/linguistic areas of europe (and beyond) these themes have been under discussion for quite some time. in each case there is a different background/emphasis. There is an inability to create a common discussion in part due to the barriers of language. The first key part would be the translation of sections of texts from the various 'local situations' into as many languages as possible. The idea being that eventually we would have a common set of materials existing in multiple languages. It may seem mad but when i think of Oekonux(Germany)/Hipatia(Argentina/Latin America/Iberian Peninsula)/Hacklabs-operaismo(Italy)/capitalisme cognitive (french)/empirical work done in english etc.

There seem to be a lot of similarities and an inadequate level of exchange. As a result there is a lot of time and effort wasted as the same themes are discussed in different contexts without even the benefits of those differing approaches being enjoyed.

(2) At the same time we are faced with an adversary on a european level which is united.

- this process could help to build up a tissue of relationships ultimately capable of acting in future conflicts. Like when the first individual is sued for file-sharing. or when the first person is charged criminally. And unfortunately in the first case i expect that to happen any time now.


Building Participation My proposal is to ask that collaborators present the proposal at all relevant meetings in the next months (Telestreet Conference/Italian Hackmeeting/Hipatia days/Jornadas Copyleft/ Oekonux 3/Free Bitflows/Wizards of OS) whilst actually initiating the work. Apart from these physical events we would of course use the existing mailing lists (hacklabs, hackmeeting, indy, independent collectives etc) to gather those interested.

A first presentation of the work in progress would be made in Pula, Croatia, during the Transnational HackMeeting, but obviously it would be a work in progress. If the thing is decent - and it should be - it ought not be difficult to find publishers in different languages, but this would obviously be left up to those wanting to take responsibility for it and wouldn't be a core part of the project aims.


Rather than laying down a rule for a final product, the idea would be to set it up clearly so that it was modular. if we're clear about this from the beginning, it should be possible to continue with the work even in case of serious disagreements [license, agreement on method of presentation of project in public, collective 'author' list based on labour and providing the option to disassociate from individual sections]

Maintainer-groups might be useful for looking after sections, languages etc.

Request for Comments Your thoughts and criticisms are requested :-)

I've already spoken with several people about it informally and some 'get' the utility of the proposition immediately. Do you?

Is it too vague? I don't want to occupy the center in this so I'm hoping that leaving it open will enable people to take it and develop it as theirs.

Or is it too defined, creating stupid limitations and exclusions?

What guidelines/structures need to be developed from the beginning so as to anticipate potential conflicts/forks/other problems?

If such a project is not relevant to the work you are doing, why is that?

Opening Elements

1. Four pillar structure

2. Group memory

3. Decision-making and divergence.

4. Questions left open in the project description.

5. Where does the explanatory meet the engagement?

A former student of is now active with the Long Island Free Space and claims that Digital Activism was part of what prompted her to get involved with the Free Space. I am actually surprised at how little coverage this has been getting as the trial begins, though perhaps if I read A-Infos I'd be seeing it?

Conor's story is told in varying lights here:

http://nyc.indymedia.org/newswire/display_any/2689 http://lists.village.virginia.edu/lists_archive/sixties-l/2982.html http://stream.paranode.com/imc/hashes/c7/c74140c8f1926b59879c86a456381ea8

I have a lot of (fairly obvious) thoughts about the decision to brand these kids as terrorists, but I will spare you. Ultimately, this is part of a national trend to throw the book at organizers and activists. This is how Sellars ended up looking at a half a million dollar bail in Philadelphia, this is how Jeff Luers is serving 23 years in California (http://www.freefreenow.org).

I encourage you to pass this on, especially if you have connections in progressive communities nearer to Islip. His lawyer seems to feel that a strong (silent, well dressed) presence in the courtroom bodes well for Conor, so anything you can do to help make that presence happen is important. This trial does affect all of us, as activists and organizers.

------------------------------------------------- > > This is for those who are familiar with what Conor Cash, co- founder > of Freespace inc. has beeng going through for the past 4 years or so. > If you would like to attend his trial, please read the information > below. > > After a first day of witness testimony in Conor’s federal case, it is > increasingly clear that we need to maintain a strong presence in the > courtroom. Conor’s attorney, Fred B., has personally asked that the > punk/hardcore/activist community make every attempt to show up in > force on Conor’s behalf. > > PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! > > The dates left to attend the trial are May 12th, 13th, 17th, 18th 19th 20th > > 1. Conor’s trial is taking place on the 10th floor of the Federal Court Building, room 1040. The presiding judge is named PLATT. Apparently there are also judges named “Spratt” and “Pratt”, so remember it is PLATT like as in Plattsburg. > > 2. Court begins session every morning at 9:30 am, runs to 4:30 pm under normal circumstances. CONTRARY to previous information, you do > not need to arrive at 8:45 am AND you can come and go at any time. > Even an hour of your presence is of value, so don’t think that any > visit is “too short” - DO NOT BE LATER THEN 9AM! > > 3. Please dress in a manner that will convince a very mainstream jury > that Conor’s supporters are a respectable group of people. (guys, > slacks, button shirt, a tie if available) > > 4. Conor’s attorney has specifically asked us to show up and sit quietly throughout the trial proceedings. We are not there to make any statements at all (and any interference by us with the proceedings will reflect poorly on Conor). We are to keep “poker faces” on throughout the trial… do not react to the proceedings in any manner that might taint the jury and result in a mistrial. > > 5. Newsday reporters were on hand today. DO NOT SPEAK TO THE MEDIA. > If approached by a member of the media, Conor’s defense team has > asked that you say “I am here to see justice done. I have no other > comments.” Comments to the media have the potential to taint the jury > and lead to a mistrial. > > The federal court building is at 290 Federal Plz Central Islip, NY 11722-4437. Take exit 43A off of the Southern State and follow the > signs to the federal courts. The building is an immense white monolith... hard to miss > > Directions can also be had via mapquest. " > > ----------------------------- > > Support Conor Cash > > Tuesday the 11th of May 2004, Conor J. Cash, a young Long Island activist and friend to many, will be starting trial and is facing serious legal charges. Without going into details, Conor has been targeted for his political activism and he needs our support. IF YOU CAN MAKE IT DOWN TO THE COURTHOUSE, PLEASE COME! ITS IMPORTANT! > > Conor has been a long time youth community activist. Employed as the > Convergence Coordinator for the Long Island Free Space, Inc., Conor > has worked with countless young people to develop programs, which > have provided free music lessons for youth in the community, > consciousness raising group for young women, a recycle-a-bike > program, and other artistic and activist programs. Conor has also > dedicated his time to supporting the work of day laborers, the local > peace movement, the campaign to save WBAI, and countless other > important issues. > > Friends of Conor Cash are calling on the Long Island progressive community and people of good conscience and good will to come out and > support Conor by being present in the courtroom at his trial. Your > presence will show the prosecutor, FBI, judge, and jury that Conor is > a member of a vibrant community that supports him. > > Details: The trial begins Tuesday May 11th and will continue for > about two weeks, and court will not be in session on Fridays. Court > starts at 9am sharp, with a noon lunch break. Please bring food. At > the Central Islip Federal Court Building, the large white building. 10th Floor, Room 1040, Judge Platt. Exit 43A off Southern State > Parkway > > Please Note: Dress appropriately. (Suit or slacks/sports coat with > tie if you have it, very neat appearance – cell phones are not > allowed in the building, no piercings or obvious tattoos, so take the > out or cover them up if you can) And please be quiet when coming in > and out of the courtroom. > > Please forward this note to all that would be interested. > > If you are Long Island based and would like to be of assistance the Friends of Conor Cash have set up a program to cook vegan meals for > Conor and his family over the next few weeks. http:// www.czieje.com/conor for more information. > > For more information you can contact the Friends of Conor Cash – Kevin Van Meter – 516.655.4675 – executivedirector@lifreespace.org

I say, let’s do it - reclaim our lives & the world

1) How to turn Muslims and Christians and Jews into anarchism. 2) Debord, Vaneigem, Black, Zerzan, Bey, Chomsky, Perlman, Bookchin, they are ok, but not sufficient for the creation of revolution. 3) Against authoritarian anarchism. 4) The limitation and delimitation of western anarchism. 5) The non-existent of eastern anarchism. 6) Why anarchism as it is today has failed in Europe and North America. 7) The contradiction of anarchic organization. 8) The future of anarchy as a global force. 9) From practice to theory to meta-theory. 10) The first anarchic socio-universal revolution at the end of this century. 11) The anarchic movement for a mass conscious advancement and the rise of full awareness. 12) Bakunin and Kropotkin are still valid for today but with some post-technological modification and updating.

A global party that turns into a global revolution, the place and time for the party will be given by the spokespersons of the global anarchic movement/revolution. All the anarchists of the world will come together to this dance party at the center of earth from which it will spatio-temporally expand to all directions. The world anarchic movement will come into existence by the end of this decade. All the anarchists of the world will know the way to create and help in the manifestation of the global exter-national social revolution. We call upon all the anarchists of the world to drop their differences and theoretical inclinations and come together as one universal anarchic movement. The revolution is only some years away, it is coming and it is coming your way too. You are invited to celebrate the freedom of your life and participate in the creation of the anarchic social revolution. By spreading further the anarchic theory and equation we can turn all the Muslims, Christians and Jews into potential anarchists. The only required direct confrontation is with the god of all religions – capital. After a semi-violent revolution capitalism will be defeated and anarchism in its place installed. All the different varieties of anarchism, beside anarcho-capitalism are being unified in one universal body, the anarchic movement. This anarchic universal field theory will bring about the dismantling of all dialectical differences thus allowing for a total unity. The first stage in the revolutionary transformation of society will become accomplished. The second stage will be to extend and expand to a maximum the radius of human consciousness and its immediate application as an anarcho-revolutionary theoretical practice.

I have been working day and night on CounterConvention.org, to facilitate protests at the Republican Convention and it is pretty functional at this point (and has been live for a while).

Against post-structuralism and post-modernism

* Abolition of power and the objective identity.

* The influence of nazi philosophy on post-structuralism and postmodernism.

* Anti-modern anarchism = Anti-political economy = Anti-post-structualist anarchism.

* The anti-political anti-philosophy of anti-post-stucturalist anarchism.

* From resistance to a revolution.

* Anti-authoritarianism and the abolition of capitalism.

* If you are equal then you have nothing to worry about.

This is about an armchair pseudo-radical demagogy coming from abstract theo-alienated professors propagating a simulative mass and individual subjective paralysis. Post-modern intellectuals and post-structuralism theorists the like of Michel Foucault, Jean Baudrillard, Gilles Deleuze, Jean-Francois Lyotard and Jacques Derrida are all influenced by a nazi philosopher called Karl Schmidt and other fascist theoreticians.

Post-modern theorists, especially Michel Foucault and Jean Budrillard have given us a cowardice and abstract pseudo-critique of Western society. These theorists are often used by quasi-anarchist academics to provide us with a very misleading and dishonest interpretation of power and wrong analysis of revolutionary subjectivity and rebellion. There will never be any intersection between anarchism and post-structural / post-modern thought. Leave anarchy alone, it does not belong to post-structuralist academic rubbish rapped in postmodern campus jargon to impress the stupid and the repressed. Foucault, Budrillard, Deleuze, Loytard, Derrida and much more academic junk is shoved down our throat as anarchy. Day in and day out we encounter these quasi-leftist academic intellectuals masquerading as revolutionary anarchists that obviously they are not and far from it. They are cashing on anarchy at any cost, because they know that we are the sole future. There is no connection what so ever between anarchy and these academicians and professors with there for idiot’s theorization. Anarchism and anarchy is beyond their bolo bolo mambo jambo to impress the students with their high Latin terminology. Lots of blah blah and plenty of fear of action. Revolutions begin in the streets and in society not in the campus or the library. Revolution is not a play in abstract tautological terminology and cheap psychology but a direct conscious action. Post-modernism and post-structuralism are reactionary petty-academic ideologies created in the university to defuse the real social upheaval that is taking place everywhere. We don’t want intellectuals that sell their services to the state and to capitalism, these tendencies were created to deform and distort anarchism and turn it into mechanical impotence.

Our essence is what we make it to be.

Our identity is revolutionary anarchist.

Our ethic is meta-ethical.

Our exchange is gift.

A Users Guide to Autonomedia/Interactivist network (Updated and Amended)

The following is broken down into the features that are most useful and the known problems. Because the use of the functionality relies upon being able to get arouind the existing bugs, we'll start with the flaws.

Known Bugs

Editors please note! At the moment there seems to be a problem with the database, nothing very serious. Sometimes when one clicks on the "Read More" tab below a new story there appears a page with no text at all. Once a few calls have been put into the database the problpme seems to resolve itself. This is something for editors to keep an eye on so that users don't encounter it.

Editors please note 2! When a user is submitting a story there is the option to classify it as an "article" under the drop-down menu. This is in fact fantasy: there are five categories: analysis/polemic, news, reviews, events and announcements. This means that if something is published as an article it will not appear within a section. If the publication option is set to "always display", it will appear on the front page, but only there. If one selects "only in section" then it will disappear. Unfortunately the option to submit as "article" is locked in by default and cannnot yet be removed. This means that everyone should keep an eye out for articles within the database where this mistake has been made.

There are some serious bugs, one specifically relating to cookie path problems accrued through the use of multiple domains which make things very confusing. This known bug, and one or two others will be clearly signaled. The crux of it is that in order to log in one must be at: http://info.interactivist.net and in order to write in one's journal it requires that you log-in a second time, then the menu changes.

This is a serious problem, we recognize that, and the best that can be done about it at the moment is to be explicit about its existence.

The other known bug is that the links to the science and technology sections bring you to a lost windswept feed. Use the search for technology articles. (Uncle Fluffy informs us that this has now been rectified).

Some Features Available to Registered Users

I might signal to you that once logged in you might find the following functionalities useful:

- journals

A space for you to throw up your mad comments without having to pass by the vigilant eye of the editorial group (!) - actually we really just sift the spam...

- moderation and comment filtering

The fundamental difference between this site and, for example, indymedia, is the ability to evaluate the comments of other users. Each comment has a score, which is the sum of users moderations.

Comments posted by anonymous users start at 0.

Comments posted by logged in users start at 1, or 2 if you have a history of positive contribution (this is judged by the software)

Under each comment, next to the "reply to this comment" button, there is a drop down menu where you can select from descriptions such as: redundant, troll, normal, insightful or interesting and have an effect of increasing or decreasing the rating.

Comments end up with a rating somewhere on a spectrum between -1 and +5. At the bottom of each story, before the comments begin, there is a dropdown menu titled "threshold" which allows you to eliminate all comments rated below a certain score. This shgould remove trolls and irrelevant shit.

Of course this facility only becomes useful if more people start commenting....

Getting Messages via the system: Oncfe logged in you can set a series of options that allow you to receive messages through the system to alert you to (a) new stories (b)a response to a comment you have made whil elogged in (c)a comment left on your diary (d) containing the headlines for the stories published each day. These me4ssatges can either be stored for you on the web-page, in which case their presence will be indicated each time you log in, or alternatively the can be sent directly to an email address of your choice.

http://info.interactivist.net/my/messages/ - digest option

Get the headlines to the new stories posted on the site

How: go to preferences (located above your user name) and then click on messages (an option which will appear below your user name). You can then set the system to send daily headlines or full articles.

- rss customization The boxes of headlines on the left hand side of the main page are RSS (really simple syndication) feeds. There are a wide range of sites that you can choose from. This will allow you to follow what is going on in these different places without the need to visit them individually.

We can also add feeds at users' suggestion.

- comment and general notifications If your friends journal has been updates, or if someone has responded to a comment you have made... how: in the same panel "messages" like the digest

- friends and foes

Friends and foes are accumulated by clicking on a user name (but it must be followed by the regstration number, eg:

by mr.smartarse (1111) whose link will be: http://info.interactivist.net/~mr.smartarse/

that will bring you to the appropriate member page. Under their name click on 'relation' - you can then edit appropriately. In this case that url will be http://info.interactivist.net/zoo.pl?op=check&uid=1111

Nominating someone as a friend can automatically increase the rating that your personlised system attaches to that persons contributions.

many of these are located in preferences panel; once you're logged in.

- unique id enabling anonymized communication via the site

Take your Rage out on Us ;-)

abh and I are putting together this how-to article right now, but more pressing tasks in the next days mean that it will not be out until after May 1, it will be then anchored in the top of the page.

Feel free to ask any other questions and make complaints. As far as I'm concerned it will help me put together the document that we need so badly.

The site is built off slashcode and is currently running the CVS version. The most detailed documentation of its features is to be found of course on slashdot, check out their FAQ here.

From the late ‘80s an embryonic hostility to copyright law became visible. Fuelled by the fanzine revolution, the aggression of the music industry’s “Home Taping is Killing Music!” and the ease of copying computer games from tape cassettes, this sentiment expressed itself under the legends ‘anti-copyright’. Meanwhile, in a not so distant universe, programmers had already been experimenting with the subversion of copyright laws using the General Public License propounded by the GNU project. The license is an offer to the world to use the work as they like so long as they respect the conditions specified, no contact with the owner is required. The source code for GPL software is always available, and any program integrating GPL elements must itself be made available under the same terms. This quality is what gives the ‘copyleft’ license its viral quality. Every modification and improvement becomes available to all.

Following the completion of the GNU/Linux operating system the GPL’s fame spread like wildfire and began to spawn imitators in domains outside of software. Artists, writers, musicians and film-makers created a babel of different licenses granting to users rights that were taken of them by a copyright law in constant expansion. These licenses were inconsistent with one another and none managed to galvanise a sufficient community to start a movement akin to what occurred in free software.

Creative Commons began in 2002 with the aim of bridging this gap between software and culture. Their site contains a software engine that produces legal documents based on the answers to three questions: - does the producer insist on the association of their name with the work (“attribution”)? - is it available for any form of reuse or only non-commercial activity? - can new (derivative) works be created from it and if so under what circumstances?

we can discern two divergent and clashing conceptions in the users of CC licenses.

The first employs them as instruments designed to guarantee.The 'commons' that this model aspires towards is one based only on consumption. Universal reception is approved but all other rights are reserved, especially control over context and reuse.

The second focuses on amassing a large stock of common materials for whose use no-one's permission is required. The fear of commercial appropriation is put aside for the hope of contaminatory insinuation into the mainstream. At a moment when the general permeation of casualization and 'precarity' become starkly visible, it seeks to secure access to immaterial wealth is a form of insurance over one's own future. Constituting a countervailing block to monopolies based on exclusivity and control, it offers a material base of raw materials that can be continually reworked, improved upon re-elaborated and exploited in any number of unforseeable ways. Contributors are assured that their work will not be appropriated unilaterally. In this sense common (non) property is collective wealth and a form of indirect income analogous to free transport, access to education and housing. In a world of capricious underemployment and restraints on expression it provides a rare guarantee.

The success of the GPL was not based only on legal force; its goals were simple and it provided a clear way for people to share their work with others without fear of being ripped off. In this sense the license is a media itself and a community around which others sharing a dissident idea about how to produce can gather. The two different visions contained in CC make this more difficult. This tension undermines its mobilizing power; there cannot be a creative commons community where 75% of the users nominate terms that neither facilitate new creativity nor provide access to the economic resource for self-sustenance that the proud term commons refers to.

Systems of video-sharing such as V2V and New Global Vision offer a vision of a different mode of production for audio-visual works, but will never reach their full potential until clear rules governing cooperation emerge as shared values. The construction of a true commons means building and securing a shared archive of materials to allow both us to be sustainable in the present and capable of superceding the state of things in the future. The price of the freedom proffered is the relinquishment of the will to control.

Q: Enforcement of these kinds of laws and directives is becoming very fast and pushy. What's the hurry?

I would like to ask you to say something more about consequences of this law enforcement in East European countries. Do you think that you can do that?

The intensity of enforcement derives from the constant pressure exerted via the US Trade Representative. Each year there is a report listing those countries who have been naughty in copyright terms which is based on information provided by organizations like the International Intellectual Property Association ( a cross-industry lobby group) the Business Software Association, MPAA etc. These organizations are employing consultants and investigators all over the place, running promotional campaigns and have excellent relations with the embassies. The annual report comes out in April so in the months immediately prior to this, states must be seen to be ‘pro-active’.

Current enforcement strategies concentrate on production facilities and distribution points, particularly market places.

Countries like Latvia were considered to be important shipment routes for Ukrainian and Russian product so there we will see more action at the border.

Hungary extends duration. Establishment of special police units on internet and IPR crime etc. Increased pressure on ISPs (in Hungary via a 2001 cooperation agreement). Industry gets very upset about the length of time it takes to prosecute a case and demands a rationalization of the court infrastructure. They are also pursuing cable and television companies who broadcast programs without having payed for the rights. Pressure to increase fines and punishments in general.

Pressure on to institute ex parte searches, usually carried out by private parties but in the presence of a law official, conducted without warning with the intention of seizing evidence. Part of civil action.

Kadaka Market (Estonia), Petofi (Hungary) Warsaw Stadium (Poland)

Gaming Cafes in Romania.

ROACT, is gathering information to organize raids on Internet cafés and private locations

Estonia (1) free and 24-hour access to all FTP servers, including passwords in protected servers, etc.; (2) the immediate removal of pirated files (the current MoU requires 48 hours’ response time); and (3) the identification of FTP users by ISPs.

The Waiting Is Over The Revolution Has Began

The more aggressive the State – Capital becomes the more anarchists join the movement and appear on the scene. The beginning of the end of the Capital –State is expressed by the hysterical attacking the outside and inside of itself. The self-destruct course of the State and Capitalism is showing in all its collapsing manifestations. The Capitalist State is waging a war on all and everything in an attempt to rescue itself from a guaranteed self-annihilation with a little help from a stranger.

The biggest Capitalist State goes down first probably by the end of this decade to be followed by the rest of the market as the known Domino effect. What will come after the collapse of Capitalism worldwide is an anarchic society based on equal distribution of all resources? Anarchists and many people of all over the world sense clearly the coming of the biggest event. Some Anarchists even accelerates the process of head on collision of all contradictions in a meta-antagonistic and revolutionary way. Violence in all its forms will disappear instantly after the revolution from the face of the earth, thanks to the anarchic equation of total equality and equal distribution. Thanks to anarchist theory and to the specific activity of certain Universalistic Anarchists. The last revolution is finally appearing on the horizon of time and of humanity. But this time without Capitalism or Communism, which failed completely but Anarchy which is going to stay with us for a long time to come to the day when even a more perfect concept of permanent human desire for freedom will be discovered.


The Silence Before The Storm Difference & Unity

Anarchists are the leading force of the revolution. People are joining the movement constantly everywhere. Behind the spectacle system the earth is burning and the planet is boiling. How long the capitalist system can sustain its violent lies? The system will crush by itself in itself as the ultimate implosion of its unresolved internal contradictions. The anarchists with other people will offer the final touch to the transformation to a higher post-profit-state plane. Who knows how to get out of this hysterical-historical impasse? How long are we going to lesson to those who preach anarcho-intellectualism? Post-left platformist anarchism and the like who cannot do without being organized, they get lost. Some people want the revolution some don’t, but more and more people daily are thrown to the bottom mass class, they have nothing to loose and they are the majority of the people of the world. We all want anarchy now; soon the rest will want it because it has the most pleasure and happiness to offer to all. We want anarchy because it is the best way to achieve a total human equality and create happiness on a massive scale. This is a new and different anarchic social revolution. This one is going to operate differently from anything known from the past. A revolution of a different sort, becoming ever more clearly as time passes quickly by. The elimination of power and the liberation of humanity are the anarchic revolutionary contribution to humanity. We will liberate ourselves together and alone, we will liberate humanity and humanity will liberate us. Anarchic revolution means the immediate termination of market capitalism and military statism, in its place we will have anti-political gift meta-economy. No profit and wages, the majority is poor and in despair, poverty is hitting hard more and more people everyday. Only equal distribution of matter and pleasure and universal happiness will liberate humanity for the first time in its history. Defeat capitalism with anarchism


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