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Homeless after the election

I have been too depressed since the re-election of the bastard to write much here or anywhere else. The news on America's homefront is very, very bad. Bush's social policies are not about fiscal responsibility. He goes before Congress to get another 40 billion for the genocide in Iraq rubber-stamped by a complacent governing body made up of fellow party members.

The dirty little secret that no US paper or media outlet will report is that Bush and his storm troopers continue to carry out a policy that will result in the eventual needless deaths of thousands of America's disabled and elderly. The government currently expects millions of disabled and elderly Americans to live on $550 a month from Social Security. Meanwhile, the social security funds have been raided to the tune of almost a trillion dollars to feed the hungry maw of the department of defense and America's killing machine.

The housing voucher program which meant the difference between life indoors or life on the streets is slowly being dismantled. At this point the housing voucher program in every state is frozen. Many who had been awarded housing vouchers are now seeing them being taken away.

There is a scene in Leon Uris's book "Mila 18" about the Jewish uprising against the Nazi's in Warsaw's Jewish ghetto during the second world war. A Jewish family with their elderly father in a wheelchair are just sitting down to their meager dinner when suddenly the storm troopers burst through the door. The handicapped have been designated as "useless eaters" by the Hitler regime, and the storm troopers lift the man, wheel chair and all, and toss him from the upper story window of the family's apartment.

Bush is doing the same thing today. No one covers it because it's less dramatic, but the effect of the cuts is no different. How long can an 80 year old woman be expected to survive on the streets? How about a man with profound cerebral palsy? No one cares.