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Capitalism Is Theft & God is profit

Capitalism Is Theft & God is profit

Economy is opium for the masses – the right & left of Capital The religion of political economy

Economical orthodoxy and fundamentalism Fiscal fanaticism

Money > War > Work > Poverty > Capitalism Reich/Rich – Poor > Revolt > Oppression > New Order Ruler – Ruled > Anarchy > Liberation > Anti-Order

How many wars – how much pain & suffering – how much hate and con it takes to make one more buck. How about having billions of that blood/sweat stained bucks, that kills and maims and exploits anything that moves on the land for the sake of more hegemony, profit and power.

Capitalism = ideology of class Feudalism = religion of nation Slavery = brute force neo-colonialism

The consumer pirate in his castle narcissistic with fetishism and the producers toxic commodity sadism – the think tank of western capitalism: Hobbs – Smith – Ricardo – Malthus – Mill - Kenya’s – Taylor – Rockefeller – Ford – Freedman. The belt lines of exploitation, constantly faster and more productive with nazi discipline – a shop – a church with a clock, a prison with a gallows.

A final touch of religion for the rulers and the stupid: Jewish, Christian, Islamic and Buddhist mythoi-theological fantasies and fairy tails. The ideology of brainwash and social/labor management: Marxism-Leninism and Smithism-Taylorism. Economy is the science of recorded usury and deceit; capitalism is the art of racial and class discrimination. From slavery to feudalism to capitalism, one big universal pain in the ass. Slavery leads to individualism, feudalism leads to communism and capitalism leads to anarchism.

Economy = primitive accumulation = primitive barbaric social relations. Economy = suitable only for financial psychopaths and fiscal sociopaths. Economy = coercive accumulation of profit and violent investment and control. Economy = state/capital terrorism in the name of fair play and Laisure fair fascist economics. Economy = laws & punishments, the verdict is always life with hard labor without parole. Economy = army/police for you and for me, bombs not food, tanks not houses, death not life. Economy = inequality – a market of savage barbarism – free market for looting and stealing.

Specialists of economy or an economy in specialties, with such capitalist economists and their stupid repetitions about incentive and similar rubbish, no wonder the planet is in a grim condition.

Eco-no-my = systematic exploitation of humans and the planet for the sake of profit which translates into power. Eco-no-my = the stock market of dead stinking big fat fish, numeric-economical stench. Blood thirst, vengeance and fear = economy = nazi control and management of resources and labor = permanent market demand for more profit – constant consumer demand for more masochism. Democracy in name but dictatorship in law and economy = the dictatorship of the big capitalists and their puppets spokespersons.

The confusion of national/religious “liberation struggle with “class” anti-capital exter-national struggle. National liberation struggle = inter capitalist civil war for the local bourgeoisie. Anti-capital exter-national liberation struggle = anti-capitalist social revolution for the anarchic multitude.

Political economy = the politics of slavery, hierarchy and domination = the mentally sick authority = serious psychiatric diagnosis caused by an unjustified extreme wealth and power = business megalomania & the leaders superiority complex. The political economy of the masters = business – trade – commerce – exchange – investment – price – percentage – rate – circulation of misery – and the recycling of live and dead labor – statistics of pauperism.

Political economy for the counting of dead bodies, civilians and soldiers in New York Gaza or Iraq. Political economy of office slavery and Techno-addictions designed for the management of daylight planetary robbery and the raping of its inhabitants. Political economy = mass and individual murder and looting in the name of security of the fair deal and the liberal-global military/police occupation. Political economy = philosophy for the private and state appropriation of matter and living/dead labor = the ethics of market keepers and the mentality of private property puritan = the economy of the elected gangsters. The economy of psycho-emotional control and intellectual domestication = police and military guard for the market institutions and the protection of their political establishments. Have a good day at work – have a nice war somewhere else – have a pleasant revolution.