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The momentum is we; the numbers are there, the influence already on its way. The revolution is coming with resources and without resources. People today more than ever are prepared to fight to the finish this time. Either to win freedom or remain enslaved under capitalism. We are fighting on all fronts and in twenty years time the planet will be full of revolutionary anarchists, the momentum is now.

How sad, lost faith in the Intifada/revolution, luckily the liberation of people does not depend on anyone’s faith.

The Americans are killing Iraqis and the Israelis are killing Palestinians. Big America and a small America, one Jewish the other Christian and together they travel around killing thousands and thousands of Muslims, Arabs, Vietnamese, Afghanistan, then it was communism and today it is called terrorism. The only terrorism there is to mention is state terrorism, not Muslim terrorism. The CIA trained Muslim terrorists.

Common - be more optimistic; billions of people in the world are preparing themselves as I do for the final battle between slavery and freedom. The anarchic theory is spreading world wide like a nuclear chain reaction. All you have to do is just be more optimistic and leave the rest to us.

First you have to relax; it is no good spreading efforts so much when the ground you stand on is unstable and plastic. Knowledge & information on its own just adds to the already existing confusion. Being busy with other people liberation struggle or with some other colonial/imperial invasion and occupations. The class struggle is dead, national struggle historically obsolete (Palestine is the last). Anarcho-communist subversion or extreme ontological pleasure based on epistemological radical metamorphosis (Taz/Paz). Consciousness expands by direct action, the physical liberation of mental space and the emancipation of the cerebrum – the new meta-humanoid. Your resistance should start where you live, if you cannot then you know what?

The pyramid is your home turn it upside down, where the base rules, a revolution from below, the destruction of the foundation where one person can oppress and dominate another person. The elimination of anti-human activity, modern capitalism, feudalism, etc, Suicide is an unnecessary sacrifice like all other sacrifices, in jihad or the marines or in morality. Anarchy guarantee freedom for all except to those who would want to repeat the past, i.e., roman style social relations - no thanks - down to property that is theft, down to the state which is a control organ for the ruling rich and their representative puppets. Down to religion, politics and judo-Christian totalitarianism. Down to Islam and Hindu, down to all the lies and propaganda advocating gods and leaders. We are getting rid of the them one by one, slowly to assure that is time the transformation is permanent -PAZ The end of hierarchy and the start of anarchy.

I can also assure many in this forum for example: that the Palestinian prisoner or fighter is a hundred fold freer and more emancipated and humane than most of you out there affluent, frightened and at large. Run baby run, but there is no where to run, you go underground and from there you attack until your enemy himself begins to run. The Intifada a taste of real freedom, where you win now and win later. Struggles without sacrifice a resistance without ideology, a revolution without a committee.

Something new is happening in the 21st century – which has never happened before, a new condition exists now that was never before – at the present we are present too. The anarchic revolution is not a military revolution but a social revolution, with the least violence possible. We know very well that in all revolutions put together fewer people where hurt and killed than the smallest capitalist war. No authority in revolution, it is a spontaneous conscious coordinated mutual self-determination. Decentralized revolution based on direct participation of all concerned, without leadership, hierarchy or state/party/class dictatorship. It is the first and only anarchic revolution ever and probably the last as we experience the final epoch of capital control and domination? Universal anarchic anti-rule, every thing is free and for all. Without politicians, business, armies or police. Without courts, law, judges and lowers, no jails or prisoners or taxes. The historical end for the need of labor, the end of work as exploitation and boredom. By the destruction of the state and capital we bring about and immediate prosperity of the whole humanity and in particular instant prosperity to the long-suffering third world countries.

Anarchy is the science of love; anarchy is the joy of life, where the minds and hearts are free. To achieve this happy freedom, which is only based on intense pleasure and satisfaction and which can bring down the largest and most indoctrinated of organizations. The enemy of the law, of all laws is radical passions armed with highly developed pleasure as opposed to all forms of pain. Anarchy can only exist in the most developed industrial/technical countries, where the objective conditions are mature enough for the anarcho-social revolution, that is beginning to manifest itself everywhere and at the same time. Things cannot continue as they are now, the explosive character of the situation, resulting from an accumulated historical contradictions, which are impossible to resolve thus permanently regressive. A universal solution to a universal problem through the uprooting of the causes of all the ills and the other horrors conducted by humanity in its short and miserable slave existence. It is time to create a new history, people that want to live in harmony with nature and other people. We want a world of abundance to all, a world without victims of any sort. A world that seeks not profit and hegemonic domination, but a living place/space where you can really enjoy your life in peace and in creativity. Capitalism and feudalism are against this, they want hardship and suffering to the majority of the world population and we will soon stop it, and push it down to were it belongs to the sewer of hi$tory.

Where was I? Oh, yeah. Looking at the prospect of being on the streets. Well, I guess the streets are as good a place for a revolutionary as any, although getting internet access through the public library is a real pain - packed in shoulder to shoulder like lemmings all charging together off a cliff of virtual reality. I wrote up a draft of a letter to my congressman which I include for anyone's perusal:

Senator Wayne Allard

I am disabled and currently recieving $625.00 a month from SSDI plus $140.00 a month in food stamps. I have no other income of any kind. Last year I was homeless from July until October and lived camped alone on the San Miguel River in western Colorado. Once a month I drove 30 miles into the town of Nucla to get a box of food that the local church distributed to the area's poor. My story appeared in the Colorado Springs Independent last December (please see enclosed copy). Thanks to the great kindness of that paper's readers, especially a gentleman who was a retired Lt. Colonel in the USAF and the fact that my SSDI award finally came through this March, I was able to pay the rent on a small cottage in xxx through Feburary, 2005.

I am 53 years old, divorced with no children, an only child whose parents are now dead. I have no family to turn to. I did not understand about the housing voucher program (section 8) and did not get on the waiting list for a voucher until January of 2004. I called the local housing authority for Colorado Springs and got a recorded message saying that they are currently working with people who got on the list in 2002. I called the regional HUD office in Denver and was given a number to an office here in Colorado Springs (I'm sorry I can't remember its name - one of my difficulties is short term memory loss and I try to write everything down, but sometimes I loose my notes). The woman I spoke to said that the only program they have available is for people who are able to work. I have gone to the local Independent Living Center and they just look sad and shrug their shoulders. Everywhere I try, they just look sad and shrug their shoulders.

Someone told me that there is supposed to be some sort of emergency housing voucher list for the disabled who will face homelessness without assistance. I asked about this at the local Colorado Springs Housing Authority, and they looked sad and shrugged their shoulders. Can your office please help me with an emergency housing voucher?

I face severe emotional/psychological handicaps as well as the difficulties I have from a mild traumatic brain injury due to prolonged exposure to carbon monoxide from a faulty home furnace. I am unable to leave my home for days at a time due to severe anxiety and depression. The last time I tried to go somewhere I walked around for 15 minutes looking for my car key that I was holding in my hand the entire time. When I first moved in here, my landlord came to my door and I didn't know who he was. I just lost $200 that I desperately needed when I cashed my SSDI check and put the cash I got back into a Safeway bag that either got thrown out or stolen. I can't remember what happened.

Please, I need help. I won't make it on the streets or in the Red Cross Shelter next Feburary. I know that you are very pro military. My father was career military - 30 years in the US Army- and served in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam (two tours). I myself worked from the ages of 18 until I was 46 or so when this happened to me. I would work again if I could only rehabilitate myself, but right now I am too frightened and overcome with despair to do anything.

I have been days writing you this letter. I can't find my paperwork or anything to do with my original HUD housing voucher application. If anybody in your office actually ends up getting and reading this letter, it will be a miracle.

What good does it do the citizens of this country if we spend billions fighting a war we can't win in Iraq and rebuild that country with endless tax payer dollars while our own people stand in the winter cold with signs which read "Homeless, Please Help"?

I think we no longer have a government of the people, we have a government of Halliburton and corporations like that. I don't have $2,000.00 or $2,000,000.00 to slip in this envelope for a campaign contribution. I am just one of your constituents who you are suppposedly serving in Congress. I am an American. My father dedicated his life to serving our nation. Please help me.

My phone number is xxx; mailing address xxx.

Thank you.

Sincerely, xxx

This is a first dreaft of a tentative review

This year parallax moved to the American Youthworks space due for demolition downtown on East 4th in Austin. It was far superior as a venue to the university auditoriums we'd been using for the last couple of years and had the same feel as the old Mexican American Culture space (since demolished) we used before then. The event is free to the public and is a program of Cinematexas, an international short film festival based in Austin for the last 9 years.

Friday night opened with two Palestine movies, both still works in progress. We had seen trailers for these films last year and expect both to see general distribution in ‘05. Obstacle by Nida Sinnokrot was the first one screened. We saw the first act of a feature length doc about the wall the Israelis are building in the West Bank. It starts out as a recollection of the Iron Wall proposed by Jabotinsky in the 30's. He assumed that Palestinians were unlikely to embrace the creation of a Jewish state that would dispossess and disenfranchise them and so proposed a wall to lock them out. The film accelerates as it engages the new wall, a wise farmer introduces 6 or 8 different citrus fruits he grows in his ancient orchard from which he will soon be isolated. Bulldozers raze olive trees to make way for the wall as it snakes though the land. Resistance is introduced via scenes of local organization and a rich social ambience. Its beautifully shot and delightfully measured.

Bi Dam (with blood) by Juliana Fredman and Dan O Reilly Rowe meets the wall in similar circumstances. This film gets behind Palestinian health care. It’s a grim scene with shot-up ambulances, chronic shortages from military blockade and inveterate preventable morbidity. Smooth Arab hip hop licks a la France and extraordinary sequences of dialysis patients commuting by donkey through the mountains allow some light in. Both films self consciously understand occupation in all its degeneracy as if they were made in the last 5 minutes. Following the screenings there was a robust discussion among the audience who were a very diverse group of all ages with many immigrants and Muslims.

The place is an old theatre, lately a charter school. The space is still used for art classes and workshops by students but the main school campus has moved elsewhere. It been run down as the plan is to redevelop or sell the lot which is right downtown. They were kind enough to let us have the place free of charge for the weekend. Its huge with a theatre good for 130 people or more. There is a massive basement where Kens last ever radio extravaganza ran all weekend. And there are 10 or 12 other spaces of varying size where we put photos, video projections, installations and the rest. We wanted a torture chamber with a spy hole but it didn’t happen. A local coffee roaster showed up with coffee for the weekend. We’ve been promised a compound near downtown Austin for next years Parallax as its presumed the Youthworks space will be erased by then.

Saturday kicked of with Persons of Interest, an exceptionally fresh doc of testimony by people interned in the round ups after 9-11. Their experiences and those of their families are pretty heavy but the film exploits their shy frankness and nervous laughter to great effect allowing an intimate and disturbing picture of extreme state repression to come into focus. Scary stuff. Like the night before there was a big crowd from the get go. More people arrived for the Steve Kurtz program. Steve had come down with another Critical Art Ensemble member, Steve Barnes.

He began with a preamble asserting that in this era if one is prepared to engage critically through popular or artistic culture with the state and capitalism then one should be prepared to go to prison. He added that we are currently in a period of military fascism, something he didn’t concede lightly. Everyone accepted the validity of his opinion considering the case being taken against him by the FBI which could put him in jail for up to 20 years.

He and CAE had thought about the event and decided to present a survey of the various state bureaucracies they had been challenged by during their 20 years of making work. It was sometimes hilarious and sometimes shocking but it was a great way of following the groups’ prodigious output and broad interests. CAE have done some incredibly smart and subversive stunts over the years. He regaled us with numerous instances like one in Germany where the group spliced the DNA of ‘Eve’, the woman who donated her DNA to the human Genome project, into wheat and made beer with it. The German beer police stopped them giving the stuff out on the streets. Another project in Halifax, Canada involved saying ‘sorry’ for bad public art. A statue of lord Halifax (the first scalper) in the towns park had a new plaque attached saying ‘sorry’. Another public art commission is a tribute to the sea. Its a piece of marble that looks like a paint drip or a poorly inverted skateboard ramp (its supposed to be a wave, and if you are told that you can see the resemblance). Its quite horrible. So they dug out some ground beside it and poured a concrete plaque, sorry. Finally they placed small LCD screens on ferries and around the harbour saying sorry for all the shit dumped into the sea by the city. One of these was noticed by a keen eyed ferry worker and passed to the captain who called the police who closed down the harbour, Canadas biggest, for the day (terror alert number 5).

This story provided the segue into a Steve Barnes led discussion about the case being taken against Kurtz for mail and wire fraud stemming from an investigation under the Patriot Act into a biotech project CAE were undertaking in Mass Moca. Readers can familiarize themselves with the story at caedefensefund.org. Again the audience was fully engaged in considering the significance of the case and the chilling effect it is designed to have on scientists and artists.

Following the CAE presentation Tyler Nordgren from the Yes Men screened clips from their new movie. He also surveyed the world of critical art pranks both on and off line. One of the most interesting was a project he had created with a collaborator. Recode.com allowed users to create new bar codes for commodities which gave the consumer control over pricing. Using a ripped version of the priceline.com site users could create the bar codes with their corrected price in a few easy steps and then proceed to the store and simply stick the new barcode over the old. The site was ultimately driven out of business and forced to close. He also introduced peoplesjeans.com, a project of the carbon defense league. This one allows users to purchase jeans already broken in by real people. Users can choose whether they want their jeans worn for a few days by 3rd World sweat shop workers or 3rd World prisoners to get that lived in feel of the real world. The Yes Men have also been busy bees disrupting socio-capital flows with vicious satire and impersonation. Their film is showing in NY and LA now and should be on everyones list.

On Sunday another big crowd showed for the Iraq war panel. We had brought 3 guests to town, David Martinez spent 3 months in Iraq including time in Falluja during the American siege. David showed an excerpt of about 20 minutes from a work in progress shot there. It’s a verite film and has a very immediate kind of strategy that takes viewers into a frighteningly visceral experience of the place; darkness, noise, confusion and terror. Heady indeed, it also recounts his experience of being taken prisoner by resistance fighters. Rob Eschelman is an independent journalist from the Bay Area, he also spent a few months in Iraq this year. He showed slides and talked about counterinsurgency and the occupation as a primarily disruptive force. Rob Sarra is a Marine Sergeant who returned from fighting in Baghdad and helped set up Iraq Veterans Against the War (ivaw.net). He and the other two led an audience discussion about the war and he related some really spine chilling experiences he had with his band of marine killers. The audience was quite shocked at times. At one point he invited people to close their eyes as he recounted in first person the reality of shooting children to death. The audience included several other older veterans for peace. Guys who had fought in Korea and Vietnam. One of them was a retired Airforce Brigadier General which was pretty ironic given the number of anarchists and other revolutionaries in the audience. Overall the tone of the event was very radical but with the stakes being played with currently it was also very mainstream. There were more than a few disillusioned republicans in the crowd.

Following the war discussion we screened a video from Pink Bloque, a Chicago based womens dance troupe who bust out hip hop routines in public as a means of communicating political messages. That was a joy and very, very funny. 2 cute 2 b arrested. Following that there was a discussion about the RNC with some videos. There were a good number of people present who had gone to NYC for the demonstrations and the discussion considered where to go beyond election time as well as considering what had been learned, if anything, in New York.

That discussion closed Parallax for another year. Overall this was one of the strongest events we’ve done. I assume that has to do with the increased level of general unease with the wars and the escalating repressive creep stateside. But it also indicates an expanding terrain of opportunity to exploit media and social gatherings to insert critical ideas into mainstream discourse. We may try to take it on the road this year.

This is a strange site. I can't figure it out. It seems to consist of mostly blogs and random articles from random cyber-beings. If anyone actually discusses anything, I have yet to find the discussion. The whole thing seems to be run by a computer with no human hand in evidence (shrugs). Well, its as good as writing letters on the walls of the bathrooms down at social services.

So yesterday I wrote one of my elected (Hah!)representatives about my situation. I got a computer generated letter from him too, thanking me for my input. Well, what did I expect? Maybe if I was a CEO at Halliburton with a few million to slip in an envelope, I might have gotten the courtesy of a reply written by one of my senator's junior staff members.

I read some article blogged on this site from the BBC (I think) about 10 year old Afghani girls being sold off into marriages so that their families could eat. I could do something like that. I've got a standing offer for marriage from a man I don't love who lives in a place that makes me feel crushed by despair everytime I visit. This man is in his 60's and chances are I'd end up nursing him for god knows how many years, but I'd be indoors and I'd be warm and have food and clothes. If a little 10 year old girl can sell herself, why can't I? No guts, that's what it is.

I've started going over my camping gear. I can probably hold off eviction until sometime next Spring and then head out for the wilds somewhere and make camp. On Federal land you're theoretically supposed to move every two weeks, but that's only if they discover you. I figure I could potentially hold out one way or another until about a year from now. The trouble is, I don't see how I can survive a winter camped on the National Forest.

Is ANYONE out there? .-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-

So last night I stayed up 'till 2:00 am desperately searching HUD's double-speak web site for any escape clause, any way out of my coming second round of life on the San Miguel River. It's unbelievable - all those smiley/smiley headlines on the site and then you start wading into the rules and regs and the current funding estimates. Things are going to get worse, folks, NOT better. Bush is proposing MORE cuts in 2005! (Why,I wonder? Maybe because Halliburton et al only can feed off the government gravey train for construction projects in third world countries that the US has already torn to pieces. No gain to be had by helping people in THIS country). When are the American people going to WAKE up? There are literally millions of American people just like me, disabled through no fault of own who didn't have private disability insurance or fat cat lawyers to get us some multi-million settlement for some supposedly negligent act on the part of some other person or entity. We want to work and can't. We want medical help and can't get it. We want that most basic human need met - shelter over our heads against the cold of the coming winter. What does the government give us instead? An illegal war which serves no purpose and cost the tax payers billions of dollars. The entire social security system could be funded till the end of time with the money the US has squandered in pointless wars against helpless third world nations. Never mind the loss of American lives. Anyone ever been to the Vietnam War Memorial in D.C.? I have, and I had to sit down and lean against that wall and weep. Are there ANY human beings left in my country? -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.

Last Spring the office of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) made the decision to cut $200 million from its housing voucher program (also known as the Section 8 program). HUD had no requirement to take this step, in fact the funds for Housing Vouchers had already been fully authorized by Congress. HUD administraters apparently were simply reacting to the current climate of the Bush administration in general. The cut translates to some 600,000 American families being left to go with nowhere but the streets over the next two years. I am one of those Americans. I am disabled and my sole income is $625 a month from SSDI plus $140 a month in food stamps. When I finally recieved my SSDI award I used the money to move indoors and pay the rent on a small cottage up 'till next Feburary. Up until October a year ago I had been homeless, camped on the banks of the San Miguel River in western Colorado while I awaited word on my disability appeal. I didn't get on the housing voucher wait list until last January. At that time the wait list in Colorado was a year and a half long. Now with the cuts, the wait has extended to almost 4 years. I am 53 years old, divorced with no children; I am an only child and my parents are now deceased. I have nowhere to go, but back to the San Miguel River. Meanwhile, the US is projecting to spend at least 40 BILLION to rebuild Iraq. Iraqui people who are the bitter enemies of this country will have a roof over their heads while 600,000 Americans will be sent to live on the streets or camp on National Forest land like me. What is wrong with our country?

The Violence Of Capitalism Terrorism Visa-Vi Survival

1) The suppressive violence of daily capitalism. 2) The repressive violence of work, poverty and the unemployment. 3) The oppressive violence of the capitalist system. 4) Nations are collective hallucinations. 5) Political economy + philosophy (ideology + morality + ethics) = A structure for ruling a submissive and obedient majority. 6) The weak and frightened majority. 7) Sick and perverted rich ruling minority.

Capitalism must be ended if we want to save humanity. 25 more years like this and there will be nothing to save but a poisoned planet, extinct animals and diseased humans and plants. Capitalism must go before it will destroy the planet and us, the capitalist infrastructure must go too if we want to save of what will remain of earth and humanity. If capitalism does not implode on its own accord, then we have to assist it on its final dimise. We shell help capitalism in the process of its collapse and accelerate the process of its elimination. This is not historical determinism but a historical necessity to destroy capitalism and save the existence of humanity and oxygen. In ten years time billions of people will rise united against capitalism and capitalist social relations and without repeating historical mistakes, communist individualist anarchism will adopted by humanity as a replacement for capitalism. In less than two decades capitalism is going to be some thing of the past, hated but not forgotten as a reminder of what happens when a man exploits another and its double sided horrific consequences. Capitalism is pain caused to the majority of human being, yet many still don’t see the direct effect of capitalism on their daily misery. The people of Africa, Asia and South America will rise and each get rid of his local tyrant and erase all borders. United under one planetary revolutionary movement in the poorest continents we will overthrow capitalism in the west and everywhere else. More than three billion people will rise simultaneous one day soon and destroy capitalism world wide once and for all and build instead a rich life for all the inhabitants of this world without any discrimination or oppression. The poor of the western world will join hands with us in the final blows to capitalism and the horrors that comes with it. The global revolution has begun, join now and accelerate the process of your personal and socio-economic liberation. By destroying capitalism we will experience real freedom and true material equality amongst all. Capitalism is not about producing commodity and providing services but it is about managing the population to maintain their hegemony and rule. This will be stopped and for the first time in human history people will live without the one ruling the others. Creating a world society without rulers or ruled without poor or rich. Today the western citizen is dousing under some material comfort but extremely unsatisfied. Their life became a sponsor for the war machine efforts, fearing terrorism mixed with security for the benefit of law and bomb production.

The World As It Is And Those In It

1) The behavior of the ruling class (barbaric and terrorist). 2) The behavior of the rest of the people (desperate and helpless). 3) The behavior of anarchists (divided and theoretically confused).

a) The ruling class is nasty (violence and power mania). b) The majority of the people (brainwashed and frightened). c) The anarchists (too many varieties where only one is right).

The alienation of capitalism and it’s latest inventions – the internet and the limited nature of it’s participants, who think they are on something wow – how sad and pathetic to see so many Americans and Europeans so busily feeling illusionary self-importance. Still it is better having the Internet than not, since survival in this shity capitalist system isn’t easy plus we get to find out about the real nature of the American participants and the Europeans. Just like having some temporary rights before they are taken away every time there is securities bluff. Chatting on the net is as desperate as their solitude, ego-centered from the lack of genuine sociability. Participating in forums unless the intention is subversive is slightly less alienated than chatters, liberal verbal diarrhea of desperation and severe loneliness, slow moving and very boring. You can tell exactly what kind of characters that constantly participate in these discussion and chat boards. Some are quite intelligent but they too are the victims of desperation, writing and chatting in search of a desperate communication with anyone anywhere at any cost. The daily computer users are very desperate human being that found some solace in digital communications and so called interactive purchasing and a lonely search for dating and sex partners. All ideology is garbage, digital or not, anarchic or capitalist – computer users are so socially lonely and loveless and who live in a solitary society, where commodity is the temple of the gods, indirectly sponsoring sinister mercenary bounty wars abroad. Now in the east, before in the Far East. The Internet customer is there to purchase love and other accessories, which is the only way they can feel some human contact even if it is only virtual and perverted. The Internet = capitalist sex and quasi-scientific anarchy, the ex-addicts of television and now trapped in an inter net. The only way for the meta-net to survive is to turn the Internet into revolutionary anarchic tool; or else it will vanish with capitalism. The Internet will soon become obsolete, there is no other way, and it is either a computer life or physical social living. It is either being stuck in front of a plastic box most of your awakening time or live instead surrounded but nature and pleasant social experiences. My choice is clear and obvious, use the Internet only as an additional revolutionary tool for the destruction of capitalism and the state. Throw the Internet away and join the celebration of real and actual living. 80% of the anarchic stuff on the net is very much anti-anarchist – at best pseudo-anarchist, quasi-anarchist and semi-anarchist. The same thing could be said of the anarchists on the Internet – 80% of them are false and fake anarchists, anarchy is very fashionable today. I am against capitalism not the people – but the people have been oppressed for a very long time, they have been obeying and submitting for centuries. That is why they are allowed to vote twice every decade to chose their rulers and dictators. There will come a day and they will rebel, as time passes more and more people are starting to take matters into their own hands. Their misery will be transformed into defiance, recognizing no authority but their free will. Instead of marching to oblivion they will construct a new way of living.

Óró Sé Do Bheatha 'Bhaile (© ??)

Óró! sé do bheatha 'bhaile! Óró! sé do bheatha 'bhaile! Óró! sé do bheatha 'bhaile! Anois ar theacht an tsamhraidh

Sé do, bheatha! a, bhean ba léanmhar B' é ár greach tú bheith i ngéibheann Do dhuiche bhreá i seilibh méirleach 'S tú díolta leis na Ghallaibh

Óró! sé do bheatha 'bhaile! ...

Tá Gráinne Mhaol á triall thar sáile Óglaigh armtha léi mar gharda Gaeil iad féin 's ní Gaill na Spáinnigh 'S cuirfid(h) ruaig ar Ghallaibh

Óró! sé do bheatha 'bhaile! ...

A bhuí le Dia na bhFeart go bhfeiceam Muna mbeam beo' na dhiaidh ach seachtain Grainne Mhaol agus míle gaiscíoch Ag fógairt fáin ar Ghallaibh

Óró! sé do bheatha 'bhaile! ...

You Are Welcome Home Welcome Oh woman who was so afflicted It was our ruin that you were in bondage Our fine land in the possesion of theives And sold to the foreigners

Chorus: Óró! You are welcome home! Now that summer is coming

Grainne Mhaol is coming over the sea Armed warriors along with her as guard They are Irishmen, not English or Spanish And they will rout the foreigners


May it please the God of Miracles that we may see Although we only live a week after it Grainne Mhaol and a thousand warriors Dispersing the foreigners


Capital And The State Are Serial Killers

1) Bush – United States – Serial killers of people –Thousands of killings in the name of security. 2) Sharon – Israeli State – Serial killers of people – Thousands of killings in the name of security. 3) Putin – Russian State – Serial killers of people – Thousands of killings in the name of security.

a) Bush – kills for the Empire. b) Sharon - kills for a greater Israel. c) Putin – kills for a falling Empire.

Capital And The State Are Mass Killers

Capital and states kill people everywhere and all of the time. The only way to stop this human genocide is to destroy immediately the state and capitalism. By fully destroying the state and capital we will instantly bring about the total liberation of humanity and make the whole world live comfortably and in peace. By dismantling all authority and hierarchy we eliminate all forms of violence and oppression. The termination of governments and rulers will transform humanity from total misery into total happiness and creativity, ending conflicts and antagonism. By eliminating power and centralization we get rid of poverty and hardship forever. By the abolition of money and discrimination we will have a strong and healthy humanity capable of self-management and universal self-determination. By ending the law of inheritance and private ownership of social production we shall launch humanity into a meta-state of permanent creativity and constant freedom.

Anarchy In Theory – Communism In Economy – Individualism In Society


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