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Knockout Capitalism and The Radicalized Multitude

Radicalization of the Multitude

The harder it gets the more extreme we become, the stronger capitalism gets the more militant we become. The capitalist social structure and relations deforms the individual and cripple the human nature and destroys nature itself. The industrial and technological revolutions fell into the wrong hands, what a colossal subjective and objective disaster leading to the present tragic mass catastrophe. How much more blood and sweat humanity has to shed before we learn to live as human beings and not as a lusty red necked monsters roaming the strait? Religion and politics created for the stupid and ignorant who vote for their own execution or democratically transformed into forced hard labor slum. Together they finish the job by inducing national psychosis and class perversions not to mention a fundamentalist regression resulting from a severe lack of erotical pleasure turning into an instant death wish – the bush benladden syndrome. Capitalism the son of feudalism and the grandson of slavery have unleashed a big monster worm that devours and excrete all and everything and round the clock. From Babylonian times to the present new Order Empire the world has not changed only the techniques. A primitive world using modern technology, a very sick situation indeed – the more technological it gets the more violent it gets, being in the very wrong hands, like the military. The more we advance the more primitive we become – but all this can be stooped and altered and starting from now. We can change the world condition quickly in a sudden outburst of a revolutionary conscious that will take place simultaneously in many places on the globe. Anarcho-revolutionary anti-vanguard conscious which is capable of an immediate termination of capitalism and the creation of anarchic society on its ruins. Oil, toil and life in the market, very corrupt violent men in disguise, in civil and military uniforms, the pride of every Roman master who speak of democracy and mean war causing local and global devastation. In an Anarchic society there is no ownership, private or state. A society without capital and without capitalists – the hidden hand of anti-authoritarianism – a society without a state or hierarchy, where everyone is free, equal and extremely happy and satisfied – a universal global post-Citizen – anarcho-individual – the navigator of his own destiny. All states are military/police states – 99% of all capitalists are anti-human and anti-your real freedom and happiness and we all know why? In the Anarchic society everyone is materially wealthy, no one owns the means of production and the land, all things belong to all, and no one has the right to claim ownership over nature. All belongs to all, all of the time and everywhere on the planet. Equality is a complete justice – real freedom in a world of plenty, without sins and redemption – without labor and stockbrokers. Post-scarcity post-abundance anarchic society, a free and creative multitude capable of self-determination and bringing joy and true happiness to this miserable universe. Comfort in capitalism just makes you more depressed, living a capitalist every day life you lose your imagination and you become a frustrated nasty producer-consumer of mass misery. The multitude will turn you from being a reactionary force into being an anarchic force for a global transformation of the world. The turning of anti-capitalist resistance into a fully blown open social revolution. The turning of national liberation struggle into an individualist anarcho-communist regional insurrection for the termination of neo-colonialism, neo-imperialism and neo-capitalism. The time of revolution has come, it is very close and coming our way very fast – it will suddenly appear out of the blue and shake the foundation of the system and bring it to a final halt. At last humanity will be free to live without this historical un-necessity, where for the first time ever humanity will be really happy and free. Knockout Capitalism