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Global Insurgence - Anti-Capitalist Anti-State Anarchism

Global Insurgence Anti-Capitalist Anti-State Anarchism

The evidence for the collapse of capitalism and the state – The economical collapse of capitalism follows the collapse of the USSR, which brings about the economic collapse of the USA, Europe, Japan and Australia. The collapse of capitalism as a global and historical system brings about the total collapse of the state as well. Sudden increase in poverty all over the world with a low tolerance insurgence in particular in the un-industrialized countries accelerating further the process of capitalist self-destruction and it replacement by anarchy. The collapse of super power one will occur approximately thirty years after the collapse of super power two. This means that approximately by the years 2010 –15 capitalism will start to collapse and with it the US Empire and its lackeys. Nations will disintegrate and religions will die out completely, the state will become extinct. An unresolved dialectical antagonistic contradiction is the foundation of the capitalist civilization. Mass unemployed and millions upon millions of paupers, increasing by the thousands daily everywhere “living” in an extreme intolerable conditions always ready to attack at last. To get out of this, capitalists need another third world war, which they cannot have this time because it will be also mean the end to themselves. A stalemate that is perfect for the causation of world wide anarchic insurrection, a mass planetary Intifada against oppression and occupation. For the first time in human history we have reached such a situation which is exactly the perquisite for anarchic global rebellion. To get out of the 1905/1930’s capitalist depression they resorted to two world wars that killed third of participant nations. They need war for high profits, their power is maintained through organized police and military violence and at whatever human cost or physical damage, this is the true face of capitalism – bloody, sweaty and brutal. The illusion of “prosperous” capitalism where the rich gets richer without a limit and an unlimited amount of people become down trodden and poorer. It is democracy for the rich and dictatorship for the poor. The fall of capitalism brings about a post-capitalist conscious – the objective condition that is required for the manifestation of anarchy in place of capitalism. Anti-capitalist consciousness as the base for building the anarchic post-national society –

1) All religious people will be converted to anarchism once they discover the falsity of their religions. 2) All the poor people will receive every thing necessary for their easy survival for the time being. 3) Unhappy citizens will become anarchists as they realize their helpless and stupid position in the hierarchy of the nation-capitalist-state. 4) Capitalists will be intensively re-educated so we can introduce them to the newly created anarchic society. 5) There is no period of transition but a direct transmission from capitalism to anarchism. 6) The end of the class structure – the end of wage, labor and authority.

1905 – 2005 -------------- 1917 – 2017 -------------- CIA = Communist Individualist Anarchism.

A low-governed historical process that is also the perquisite for an anarcho-social revolution guarantees the collapse of capitalism. Capitalism is running out of time, nothing but big wars can maintain it now and this is why its fall is determined and widely anticipated. Capitalism has been living on borrowed time for too long; the time of its dome is nearing. If you are not doing well in this system why should you want to keep its existence, are you a sadist or what? Mass insurrections and regional revolutions will accompany the capitalist collapse – a massive worldwide revolting multitude, with only one aim in mind – global anarchy. Capitalists will be prohibited from pursuing their greedy careers, and anarchists will have to stop arguing with another all of the time. The empire is causing havoc on planet earth and havoc in personal lives – it must be stopped and the first ones to do it will go down in history as the gravediggers of capitalism and the state and religion. These three diseases that humanity must get rid of if it wishes to live in freedom and equality. No to ideology and politics – No to organization and centralization – No to discipline and authority – No to leaders and parties – No to comities and speeches – No to rightwing thoughts and conservatives – No to nazis and anarcho-capitalist – No post-modernism and post-structuralism – No to de-constructions and theology – No to Marxists and greens. Yes only to anarchy, which means freedom from the above crap. All human pain and suffering are unnecessary and superfluous, it can be avoided and instead of the past and present human misery there will be the celebration of freedom and happy life for all. Once you have tasted a little bit of freedom you will always want more.