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It Is Much Easier Now To Bring Down Capitalism.

It Is Much Easier Now To Bring Down Capitalism.


1) To stop the oppressors and bring them down. 2) No new oppressors will come instead. 3) Anarchy – a society without oppressors and without oppressed.


1) Un-armed anarcho-revolution – subversive. 2) The collapse of capitalism 2010 – 2020 CIA/acb. 3) Anarchic meta-economic (post-scarcity post-survival post abundance the gift economy) alternative. a) Communist economy (free of charge). b) Anarchic social relations (anti-capitalism). c) Individualist cooperation/coordination.

USA + Europe

1) As in revolution in the most developed and advanced Techno-industrial society, which means the end of capitalism and the start of the anarchic era. 2) The beginning of the meta-economy of non-ownership. 3) Humanity before calculation and property.

Israel + Palestine

1) Anti-tribal Anti-religious Anti-state Anti-nationalism. 2) One multitude One people One land One planet. 3) One solution anarchic territorial resolution. 4) The poor Israelis and the poor Palestinians will unite, the oppressed of Israel and the oppressed of Palestine will fight together against both of their rulers.

The World

1) Global anarchic revolution on the near horizon – one anarchy one communism one individualism. 2) Anti-capital Anti-state Anti-nation Anti-authority – the anarcho-global multitude.

The Anarchist/s

1) Many wrong and false pseudo-anarchic varieties and quasi-anarchic organizational and party rhetoric’s. 2) There is only one kind of anarchy. 3) Anarchy cannot be anything else but anarchy. 4) The correct and true anarchy is this : a) Anti-Capitalist economic equality in society = Communism. b) Freedom without a state and government = Anarchism. c) Total individual and social liberty = Individualism.

5) The multitude emancipates itself as anarchists emancipate themselves for the creation of a new and humane life for all. 6) The anarcho-theory = meta-theory of consciousness and anarcho-emancipation = anti-discipline and anti-organization. 7) Anarchy has all the solutions and much more. 8) Where are all these North American and French “anarchist” writers and intellectuals are they hiding?

The only way to change the world is from the bottom up. It begins by distributing first all the essential requirements to the poorest people on earth then to the poorer people of earth and after this to the poor multitude on the planet – the rest will continue on its own. Once the multitude is materially equalized true freedom and real happiness will start spreading like a wild fire amongst the people of the world and who will dare to stop it or us. The biggest army on earth could not even defeat a poor rice growing peasant, the final breath of capital. Shining the way with an anarcho-meta-theoretical light to mark the road to freedom and equality.

A) Abolition of the nation-state-capital. B) Anarchic post-economy = meta-economy. C) Anarchic Exter-national anti-political coordination.

The count down has begun - you and others and I have accelerated its spatio-temporal collapse. The dramatic fall of capitalism and its his-story will teach humanity a good lesson - never again allow gods or masters prevail.

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