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This interview was originally circulated on the nettime list. The article was submitted to us by a reader, but as it had been reproduced elsewhere in the meantime, such as news.openflows.org, I have decided not to place it on the front page.

Interview with DeeDee Halleck by Jakob Weingartner

How would you describe the strategy of indymedia?

The Seattle Indymedia site was inaugurated as part of setting up an
Independent Media Center so that all of the many movement media comng to
Seattle could collaborate. There was a growing realization that radio,
video, print and art groups could effectively work together on specific
issues. Before Seattle, there was the case of the impending execution of
independent radio journalist Mumia Abu Jamal. Although there was no
physical center, nor a coordinating web site, a national meeting of
alterntive media folk made a committment to try to collaborate a campaign.
In the space of very few weeks many of us worked collaboratively to make a
media blitz to counter the State of Pennsylvania’s assigned date for
execution: radio programs, videos, satellite broadcasts, special print
inserts, posters and a CD Rom were made with, for the first time, a real
sense of collaboration between different media. Throughout the country
there were continual messages against the death penalty and in favor of a
new trial for Mumia. For the moment, it worked, and the state postponed
the execution. (Though Mumia is still in jail and may still be executed.)

From Juan Gonzalez

Coordinator, Pacifica Campaign

Dear Friends,

It's been two weeks since the Washington National Board meeting
approved by unanimous vote a plan to end the crisis now crippling the
Pacifica Radio network. Even though some in the Pacifica reform
movement were unhappy with the accord, the 5-5-5 deal promised to mark
an imperfect but important turning point in the history of the network.

We now learn that this second agreement is now being renegotiated by
the board majority and is not at all settled. This is outrageous.

Autonomedia announces that its new

2002 Wall Calendar of Jubilee Saints;

Radical Heroes for the New Millennium

is now available. Click here to see or buy it on-line: 2002 Jubilee Saints.

Here is the "Greeting" from the 2002 Calendar:

Welcome to Autonomedia's new Jubilee Saints Calendar for 2002, rounding out a first full decade of its history! Hundreds of radical cultural and political heroes are celebrated here, and, as in previous years, we want to place our greatest emphasis on the present and the immediate future of the animating ideas that continue to guide this project -- the proper invitation to our new Millennium! But a few words about our recent history may be in order first, to unpack for those just finding us for the first time some of the terms and concepts that informed this project from its inception.

Autonomedia and Big Red Media announce the

2002 "Sheroes & Womyn Warriors" Wall Calendar

which is now available for purchase on-line at 2002 Sheroes Calendar.

Here is an explanation of this calendar project:

This is a corrective "history" project. It is part of a Herstory coming into being. We recognize, celebrate and honor "womyn" (spelled like this to take the Man out) of the past (as well as a few who still live today but are in their twilight years) who have been rebels and fighters against patriarchy, who opposed and fought invaders and aggressors to their homelands, and who represent radicals and revolutionaries of their times and societies, who if they were alive today, would continue to serve as sheroic examples. We've also included a few celestial and supernatural females important to a womyn-centeredness.

hydrarchist writes: "... big news on the Pacifica Campaign. Check out this fresh story from 2600.com.

Pacifica National Board Agrees to Resign

Posted 19 Nov 2001 06:57:24 UTC

It appears that major changes are imminent at Pacifica, owner of WBAI, host of "Off The Hook." At the national board meeting in Washington DC this weekend, a number of important issues were addressed and substantial progress appears to have been made towards resolving some longstanding controversies.

Perhaps most significant is the agreement that would in effect turn the radio network over to an interim board. Five members of this board would be appointed by the current board majority, another five by the "dissident" board minority, and a final five by each of the five Pacifica station's local advisory boards. At that point the current national board would resign. This appears to be a vital step towards overall democratization of Pacifica, something which has been a key demand for years by those opposing the national board and its policy of self-appointments and lack of accountability.

A number of other key concerns were addressed. Among those that will be dealt with in the very near future were the return of "Democracy Now!" to Pacifica airwaves, sharply reduced powers for the Pacifica executive director, a review of the position of national program director, the ongoing strike by former Pacifica Network News reporters, the status of the fired and banned programmers throughout the network, an audit of Pacifica finances, a removal of the "gag" rule forbidding programmers from talking about these issues on the air, and a guarantee that none of the Pacifica stations would be sold or leased.

More significant developments are expected in the next few days."

Beginning on November 14, 2001, in serial installments posted every other day, Autonomedia is publishing, on-line, a new novel by the Swiss author Daniel de Roulet, in an English translation by Stefania Fumo. The novel will appear at davos. Simultaneous postings will appear in the original French at http://www.largeur.com and in German translation at http://www.paranoiacity.ch/

Louis Lingg writes:

"Columbia University's Columbia International Affairs Online website has posted excerpts of recruitment videos produced by Osama bin Laden and his Al Qaida organization."

Chuck Morse writes: "Dear Comrades,

I am writing to tell you that the fall 2001 issue of Perspectives on Anarchist Theory, the biannual newsletter of the Institute for Anarchist Studies, has just been uploaded to our website. It is available at: http://flag.blackened.net/ias/newsletter.htm

This issue contains:

* An Interview with Osvaldo Bayer, Argentinean Public Intellectual and Social Historian By Fernando López Trujillo

* Anarchism and the Struggle to Move Forward By Kim Fyke & Gabriel Sayegh

* An Anti-authoritarian Response to the War Efforts by Chuck Morse & Marina Sitrin

* Respuesta Anti-autoritaria a las Acciones de la Guerra by Chuck Morse & Marina Sitrin

* What's Happening: Books & Events by Chuck Morse

* Obituary: Clara Solomon by Chuck Morse

* Letter to the IAS by Diva Agostinelli Wieck


* Institute for Anarchist Studies Update

* IAS Grant Awards

* IAS Grant Updates

* IAS Writing Contest

* Donors to the IAS's Year 2000 Fundraising Campaign

* 2001 Fundraising Campaign

* Donate to the IAS & Get Great Books

Yours, for a free society,

Chuck Morse

Institute for Anarchist Studies

Carol Spooner writes:

I hope you will find time to read this timely & thought-provoking essay by Lyn Gerry one of the early founders of the "Free Pacifica" movement back in 1994-1995. Lyn maintains the Free Pacifica web page at
freepacifical with archives rich in information on the "how and why" Pacifica reached its current state. Carol Spooner, Committee to Remove the Pacifica Board, web page

Dear All,

The possibility of a mediated settlement to the lawsuits and other
recent developments in the Pacifica struggle have heated up
discussions regarding "democratizing" Pacifica. I have recently
heard people within our movement who I consider admirable, whose
lives and work have been dedicated to the sort of values and
actions that I believe most of us concerned about Pacifica would
appreciate, speak with disparagement about "democracy" at

Eileen Sutton writes: "Friends,

The following exchange occurred recently between scholar Ed Herman
and Gary Null's producer, Jonathan Eder (Ed has released these emails
to us).

It would appear several leading progressives unfortunately chose to
appear on WBAI recently--specifically on Gary's show. Fortunately,
Ed Herman, a man of principle, would not.

I also personally appreciate Mr. Eder's rather charming logic. It's
precisely what was said to the stringers when we struck--"don't take
your work from the world." One bold result of the stringers having
taken a collective stand is Free Speech Radio News, one of the most
important daily news programs in the country.

--E. Sutton, banned reporter


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