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Announcing "Davos," An On-Line Serial Novel by Daniel de Roulet

Beginning on November 14, 2001, in serial installments posted every other day, Autonomedia is publishing, on-line, a new novel by the Swiss author Daniel de Roulet, in an English translation by Stefania Fumo. The novel will appear at davos. Simultaneous postings will appear in the original French at http://www.largeur.com and in German translation at http://www.paranoiacity.ch/

The novel "Davos: Everyone is Coming Down" is set around the resort town in the Swiss Alps that hosts the annual World Economic Forum, and involves a tactical plan to strike against the mobile telephone relay station for the 2002 meetings of the WEF, leaving participants and the media without a primary communications infrastructure.

In reality, the WEF 2002 will start at the end of January, not in Davos but in New York City, a change of venue announced in early November. There are surely many reasons for the re-location of the Forum. It may be that many American corporate executives don't trust the airlines over the Atlantic. And someone in the Davos civil government, or Zurich or Geneva, may have decided that after Genoa and Quebec, their beloved Alpine village was no place for the confrontations which have become the hallmark of globalization talks in recent years.

But there is perhaps yet another reason for leaving Davos. After this novel was already written, a Zurich Sunday newspaper published front-page reports of an alleged terrorist plan to attack the mobile telephone relay station to be used by the upcoming meeting, a story published on the same day as the other announcement. So the question occurs: did somebody take the fiction of Davos for reality? You can judge for yourself.