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Lyn Gerry writes: "Yesterday a post from the goodlight.net message board which was
forwarded onto several lists claimed that Amy Goodman had been
hospitalized for an emotional breakdown.


Amy was seen by her frends last night and is expected at WBAI
shortly, where she will greet picketers who have come out in
support of Democracy Now, the banned and fired, and the freeing of
WBAI and Pacifica.

I would caution everybody to take material published on
goodlight.net with a grain of salt. There is no fact checking and
furthermore as posts are anonymous there is frequently
disinformation posted there. Web forums in general suffer from this
frailty and are a pretty unreliable source of news.

Pacifica management has a history of use of disinfo in this struggle
and I advise activists to beware. When I say "disinfo" I am not
talking about the routine lies and spin control contained in official
press statements.

Bob Lederer writes: "Here's the latest info I've pieced together. Amy Goodman's live Democracy Now! program, broadcast today from a remote location for her safety and offered by high-quality phone line (ISDN) to Pacifica for uplink to its satellite, was rejected by Pacifica and not put on the satellite. Instead, Pacifica sent out an old re-run, which was played on all 5 Pacifica stations. Contrary to an earlier report, the new show was not run on any station anywhere. She has not yet been fired, but it appears that Pacifica management has told her she will not be on the air again until she returns to the station.

Autonomedia writes: "A new e-mail-based discussion list for
anti-authoritarian people of color to discuss issues
of race, organizing, support and empowerment in the
anarchist movement has recently opened its doors and
welcomes new members.

This is intended as a place for anarchist people of
color, who might often feel isolated and without
support, to come and speak their minds and hearts.

For more info, or to subscribe to the list visit:

Juan Gonzalez writes: "On Friday afternoon, Amy Goodman was physically accosted by WBAI
Interim General Manger Utrice Leid.

According to eyewitnesses, Amy came upon two WBAI staffers rifling
through the personal possessions of fired WBAI Program Director Bernard
White. Amy objected to the invasion of privacy, and when the two people
refused to stop, she went to her office, got her camera, and took a
picture of their illegal search.

WBAI manager Utrice Leid, who appeared on the scene at that point,
ripped the camera out of Amy's hands and stalked into an adjacent
office. Amy followed her and demanded her camera back. Leid simply
laughed in Amy's face, saying she would have the film developed
herself. Leid, a tall robust woman who towers over Amy and weighs at
least 50 pounds more than her, then physically shoved Amy out of the
way and marched down the hallway to her own office whereupon she shut
the door. But Amy would not be intimidated. She stood outside Leid's
office and again demanded the camera back. Leid finally relented,
opened the door and handed it to Amy.

nomadlab writes: "Indymedia.org is reporting that over 100 protestors are still missing after the actions in Genoa and that an italian syndicalist woman has been found "strangled" in a river in Padova, Italy.

She was in the demo in Genoa, then her sister reported her missing and now she has been found dead.

After the autopsy, they said that the person (?) who strangled her was so strong that he/she/they broke the bones in her neck."

Whether it's independent media collectives pulling together footage from 30 camcorders at a giant action against the World Bank, a protester filming her comrade destroy the control room of a military helicopter, or media satirists creating 'anti-ads' to send up the corporate media's banality and bias, Global Insights has showcased the best of activist video from around the world for the last four years.


Anonymous Comrade writes:
"Amy Goodman is in serious danger of being fired very soon, ostensibly for
refusing to stop saying "From the studios of the banned and the
fired" etc. In order to be prepared, the Action Committee of
Concerned Friends of WBAI last night decided on the following
contingency plan:


If you tune in at 9 am and do not hear Amy's voice on Democracy Now,
we will rally the next day (unless it occurs on Friday) from
7:00-10:00 a.m. in front of the station at 120 Wall St. If that
occurs on Friday, we will rally at noon on Saturday in front of the
station. If you hear an old re-run of her show, call the Concerned
Friends hotline at 800-825-0055 for the latest information on our
response. If Amy is removed from the air, we will announce a
phone/email pressure campaign on specific Pacifica officials, as well
as a town meeting within several days to involve many people in
mobilizing a broad range of actions."

henceforth writes: "Come support the Autonomadic Bookmobile, purveyor of
independent and radical literature, as it makes the transition
from a table at the Bindlestiff Family Cirkus to its
own vehicle - an infoshop on wheels!

Saturday Aug. 11 at the Good/Bad Collective in Williamsburg, 383 S. 1st
St.(at Hooper). Doors at 8 pm. $10. Info (718) 963 -
Directions: L train to Lorimer. Exit at Keap St. Walk
south (away from the BQE) on Union to Grand, aka
Borinquen. Turn right on Grand, and an immediate left
on Hooper. Good/Bad is on your right.
Or: J train to Hewes station (2nd in Brooklyn).
Exiting on Broadway, get on the side of the street
with the liquor store. You'll see Hooper; turn left
and walk 5 blocks to South 1st.
Or: G train to Broadway. Walk west on Bway (towards
Wburg bridge); turn right on Hooper and walk 5 blocks
to South 1st.

The Bookmobile, the offspring of Williamsburg-based
publisher Autonomedia and the Bindlestiff Family Cirkus, is graduating
into a 15-foot box truck, tricked out like a circus
wagon and touted by a medicine show. Beginning with the fall 2001 Bindlestiff national tour, the Bookmobile will travel ahead of the Cirkus to each town, reaching more readers and carrying more materials than has been possible in its past six years as a table at the Cirkus.

We desperately need money for repairs, insurance, the loan on the
truck, etc. Come to the benefit, get your dose of cirkus and music, and help us spread Situationist rants to the
Florida swamps, smuggle transsexual memoirs into Salt
Lake City, and distribute zines at 65 mph!

Save WBAI writes: "My name is Brother Shine, and this will be the last night I come to
the air in any manner.."

With these words, Brother Shine announced his resignation from
WBAI. He cited "glass ceilings" and "my own personal pride and
feelings." and said he was having difficulty being objective because
he was angry about a lot of things. The demonstations outside the
station had not spurred his decision, he also said.

Brother Shine wept as he apologized to the young people who have
worked on Night Drum with him

He cited the long tradition of not lying on the air and "not messing
with the marathon."

He said he didn't want to vilify any particular person, and added
that he has disagreed with "all the different factions concerned
about WBAI" and that these were in many cases tactical rather
than philosophical differences. He said he had stayed to try to
promote healing, and because he has some large differences with
many of those who were banned and fired.

"I am a thinking being, and I don't care who it is, I will not become
a yes-man, someone who does not question," he said

Audio is on-line at

cryptome.org has posted the African National Congress manual for covert actions, first published during 1988-90 as a series of articles in 'Umsebenzi', later as a single pamphlet for underground operatives.

The manual covers many issues, including how to set up a secret network; the rules of secrecy; how to overcome surveillance; secret forms of communication; and how to behave under interrogation.

Recent events suggest a need for greater secrecy and clandestine actions by activists struggling against corporate global hegemony. Reading this manual would be a start.


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