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Dissatisfied with what we see as the one-sided reports produced by the
mainstream media, several organisations and persons have set up an
alternative: Organic Chaos Network. With this non-profit and copyleft
network we intend to report, spread and exchange information on the
undercurrents in society, and show what the mainstream media prefer not to


Throughout the world people, groups and organisations videotape actions and
campaigns around issues such as environmental protection, social justice,
human rights, animal rights, squatting and anti-fascism. The idea of this
video network is to link up with existing and create new initiatives to
broaden the opportunity for (subversive) organisations and activists to
report on their activities in their own words and images. To enable a free
and widespread flow of information, which is one of our main aims, we want
to overcome barriers such as money by working on a voluntarily basis.

"Robin Banks" appalachiananarchist@lycos.com writes:

Revolutionary greetings! A recently formed anarchist group, the Appalachian Anarchist Collective, wishes to get in get in touch with other resisters around the globe-
especially in the Appalachians. Our current goals consist of the following: create (or support) a books to prisoners program, start a radical library, stop the fuckin'
clearcuts and coal mining. Y'all can contact us at

Globalize the Resistance!!!

jim writes "July 5, 2002





“United We Stand Against War: Voices for Peace and Justice”

New Video Documentary Release From Iconmedia

Austin, TX -- Iconmedia has produced a new video called “United We Stand
Against War: Voices for Peace and Justice” which documents a series of
national demonstrations and events in Washington, DC between April 19 and
22, 2002.

Nearly 100 voices are represented in the one-hour program, which covers the
April 19 Global Intifada Conference, the April 20 national anti-war march
and rally, the April 21 and 22 Colombia Mobilization festival and civil
disobedience action, and the April 22 demonstration against U.S. support for

A new web site on the history of Southern California anarchism has been posted.
It's still in progess. anarchy

Louis Lingg writes "cryptome.org has posted a translation of Some thoughts on the idea of 'hacker culture' by Patrice Riemens, originally published in the French journal Multitudes.

An excerpt: '...the points of convergence between the activities of hackers and those of (political) activists are many, and they increase by the day. It is becoming more and more
evident that both groups face the same threats, and the same adversaries. As expert technological knowledge - especially of ITC - that sits outside the formally structured (and
shielded) domains of corporate or political power gets evermore vilified in the shape of '(cyber-)terrorist' fantasies, paranoia, and finally, repression, while at the same time this very
expertise is increasingly being mastered and put to use by the enemies of the neo-liberal 'One Idea System', stronger, if circumstantial, links are being welded between hackers
and activists.'"

Andrew Stern writes:

"Argentina Ahora: A Movement Beyond Politics"

An exhibit featuring photos, words, films and posters documenting a nation's collapse and a people's creative response. The work of photographers from the Buenos Aires based art & media collective Argentina Arde, as well as independent photographers from New York and Seattle, displayed with narrative text excerpts and a selection of posters and street art.

----TWO DATES----

Tuesday June 4th, 6pm-Midnight @ Walker Stage

Opening party featuring Ocote Soul Sound with Martin and members of Antibalas. The doors open at 6pm, the screening is at 8pm and Ocote Soul Sound goes on at 10pm. Admission is sliding scale $5-$10. All proceeds go to benefit independent media makers in Argentina.

Sunday June 9th, 4pm-10pm @ La Peña del Bronx

The doors open at 4pm and the screening is at 6pm. Los Implacables and other musical guests, to be announced, will play from 8pm on. All proceeds from this show as well will go to benefit independent media makers in Argentina.

La Peña del Bronx

226 E 144th St.

(718) 402-9411

Take 2, 4 or 5 trains to 149th/Grand Concourse, La Peña is 1.5 blocks from the subway."

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Once more we ask you to walk with us and shout "Ya Basta! Enough is Enough!"

Once more we ask you to walk with us for globalized human rights.

Once more we ask you to walk with us against the transcendence
of multinational interests.

On May 31st at 9am to 12pm on June 1, 2002, EST.

Join the Electronic Disturbance Theater's Virtual Sit-In:

Against President Fox's Support of the "Plan Puebla Panama" in Mexico.

And In Support of Labor and Indigenous Right's In Mexico.

This Electronic Disturbance Theater Performance
Is Sponsored By
The Berkman Center For Internet & Society
At Harvard Law School.

Marco Bleeker writes "Please have a look at

This is page with links to online political articles. For now there are only two (some more in the Dutch language version). A call for political thinking in the Movement, and comments on the assassination of Pim Fortuyn, the populist ultra-rightwing leader in Holland."

From La Paz, Bolivia -- the second edition of the anarchist
magazine El Radikal is now available. This latest number
is filled with topical interest, both local and
international -- notes on the death of the Bolivian
dictator, the university struggles, the Venezuelan
question, texts by Kropotkin and much more.

To request an electronic version (.ppt), write to:
elradikal@antisocial.com . The magazine is in Spanish.


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