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Pacifica National Board Agrees to Resign

hydrarchist writes: "... big news on the Pacifica Campaign. Check out this fresh story from 2600.com.

Pacifica National Board Agrees to Resign

Posted 19 Nov 2001 06:57:24 UTC

It appears that major changes are imminent at Pacifica, owner of WBAI, host of "Off The Hook." At the national board meeting in Washington DC this weekend, a number of important issues were addressed and substantial progress appears to have been made towards resolving some longstanding controversies.

Perhaps most significant is the agreement that would in effect turn the radio network over to an interim board. Five members of this board would be appointed by the current board majority, another five by the "dissident" board minority, and a final five by each of the five Pacifica station's local advisory boards. At that point the current national board would resign. This appears to be a vital step towards overall democratization of Pacifica, something which has been a key demand for years by those opposing the national board and its policy of self-appointments and lack of accountability.

A number of other key concerns were addressed. Among those that will be dealt with in the very near future were the return of "Democracy Now!" to Pacifica airwaves, sharply reduced powers for the Pacifica executive director, a review of the position of national program director, the ongoing strike by former Pacifica Network News reporters, the status of the fired and banned programmers throughout the network, an audit of Pacifica finances, a removal of the "gag" rule forbidding programmers from talking about these issues on the air, and a guarantee that none of the Pacifica stations would be sold or leased.

More significant developments are expected in the next few days."