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HotSauce! writes:
"Greg Bates, publisher at Common Courage Press in Monroe ME mused, ironically.... "We are about to publish a book on Enron, showing that corporate evil is endemic to the global economy. Now we ourselves are grist for the mill."

April 29, 2002

Bank Robs Publishers, Vows Repeat

CounterPunch Wire

"I'm being mugged by a bank," stated Greg Bates, publisher at Common Courage
Press in Monroe ME. On April 1, Bank One and its subsidiary, American
National Bank, seized $1.2 million belonging to 85 publishers including
Common Courage. On April 23, the bank demanded publishers hand over the same
amount again. It's a demand a bank might make of any business caught in this
situation, not just publishers. Bank One is the nation's fifth largest bank
holding company.

hydrarchist writes "

This essay was written by some comrades at openflows and linked here as it may provide a fruitful catalyst for reflection on the role of Interactivist.

Open Source Intelligence

by Felix Stalder and Jesse Hirsh

version 1.0 April 2002

In the world of spies and spooks, Open Source Intelligence (OSI) signifies useful information gleaned from public sources, such as newspapers, phone books and price lists. We use the term differently. For us, OSI is the application of collaborative principles developed by the Open Source Software movement to the gathering and analysis of information. These principles include: peer review, reputation- rather than sanctions-based authority, the free sharing of products, and flexible levels of involvement and responsibility.

The Indypendent writes: The New York City Independent Media Center has just published the April edition of The Indypendent . This month's newspaper is based on the theme "Our World In Peril."

Welcome to the online version of The Indypendent , the monthly newspaper of the New York City Independent Media Center. This month's newspaper is based on the theme "Our World In Peril." We hope you enjoy the stories. Below is an overview of the issue with links, as well as a full listing of articles. The Indypendent is run entirely by volunteers and relies on the generosity of its supporters. Please consider supporting independent journalism by subscribing to the paper today. If you are interested in getting involved email imc-nyc-print@indymedia.org.


The Northeastern Anarchist #4 (spring/summer 2002)
Magazine of the Northeastern Federation of Anarcho-Communists (NEFAC)

"Class Struggle Beyond Anti-Globalization Protest"

Single copies are $5ppd ($6 international); subscriptions are $15ppd ($18
international). For distribution, bundle orders are $3 per copy for three
or more copies, and $2.50 for ten or more. Checks and money orders can be
made out to "Northeastern Anarchist" and sent to:

The Northeastern Anarchist

PO Box 230685

Boston, MA 02123, USA

email: sabate 36

For more information about NEFAC...

nefac (English)

nefac (French)

Hi everybody.

I have now finally started updating and revising the Anarchist Yellow Pages,
which unfortunately has become very outdated by now. You can see what I have
done so far at ayp.
You can all help out by checking out your local area, and email comments,
corrections and additions to nihil

If I manage to put together a fairly updated list, there will be a new paper
version later this year.

The Anarchist Yellow Pages is made possible by the help of anarchists and
subversives everywhere. If you want to be involved in the making of the AYP,
please join the AYP email-list. Send an email to majordomo
with the command "subscribe ayp" in the body of the message. (Up till now
this email-list has been inactive, but I hope this will change.)


Felix Frost

Kate writes "Independent online publication, theblowup.com, will be publishing its
first hardcopy issue this summer and is currently recruiting anarchists - of
every age, race, gender, background - to participate in a portrait project.
On a soon to be specified date in late April, theblowup would like to conduct
an editorial photo session with approximately six willing participants and
ask each person for a short comment to be published under his or her image.
Ideally we would like to represent anarchists in the most prolific way
possible and allow subjects to speak for themselves. The nature of this
project intends neither to glamorize nor deem ironic the cause and politics
of the anarchist movement; it seeks rather to capture individuals in a formal
setting one might traditionally associate with 'established' heroes. We hope
to shed some light on the heroism of today's anarchist movement, as
demonstrated in the recent WEF protest here in New York, even if many of its
members might prefer to remain anonymous.
All transportation, meals and production costs will be paid, out of pocket,
by me (editor or cofounder of theblowup). There are no requirements
regarding dress or appearance - only that the project be taken seriously and
best represent this cause and the people taking part in it. This publication
is not for profit and will, most likely, put theblowup media in debt!
However, we are eager to proceed with this endeavor and would seriously
appreciate interest, response, suggestions and so forth. Send all questions
to Kate@theblowup.com. More details about the date, location and specifics
of this project will be provided."

ben at autonomedia writes:

Two Autonomedia Nominees for Firecracker Alternative Book Awards

Please Help Them Out with Your On-Line Vote!

Greetings --

Please pardon the alarmist tone of the subject line, but: imagine a game of three-sided football in which the Critical Art Ensemble (our good-natured critical theorists of tech and the body) take on the heavyweight Arundhati "Book'er" Roy and the even-heavierweight Noam "is to lovam" Chomsky, with Christopher Hitchens in the bullpen as a quickchange fill-in! We'd get creamed!

Anonymous Comrade writes "ABC No Rio's InterActivist Network is beginning another course of training in new media technology.

The proliferation of web-based media has resulted in a need to provide artists and community and media activists with new skills and knowledge. The InterActivist Network, initiated in 1999, is a training program that seeks to provide education in new digital technologies through the development of a web-site addressing local issues that have national and even international implications.

Media Democracy Weekend - March 22 & 23 - Washington DC

This weekend in Washington DC, protestors, academics, public interest
activists, and community organizers to come together in defense of our media
democracy. The recent wave of media mergers, network consolidation, and
misguided FCC deregulation has everyone from Robert McChesney to William
Safire questioning the FCC's judgment.


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