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New Issue of "Perspectives on Anarchist Theory "

Chuck Morse writes: "Dear Comrades,

I am writing to tell you that the fall 2001 issue of Perspectives on Anarchist Theory, the biannual newsletter of the Institute for Anarchist Studies, has just been uploaded to our website. It is available at: http://flag.blackened.net/ias/newsletter.htm

This issue contains:

* An Interview with Osvaldo Bayer, Argentinean Public Intellectual and Social Historian By Fernando López Trujillo

* Anarchism and the Struggle to Move Forward By Kim Fyke & Gabriel Sayegh

* An Anti-authoritarian Response to the War Efforts by Chuck Morse & Marina Sitrin

* Respuesta Anti-autoritaria a las Acciones de la Guerra by Chuck Morse & Marina Sitrin

* What's Happening: Books & Events by Chuck Morse

* Obituary: Clara Solomon by Chuck Morse

* Letter to the IAS by Diva Agostinelli Wieck


* Institute for Anarchist Studies Update

* IAS Grant Awards

* IAS Grant Updates

* IAS Writing Contest

* Donors to the IAS's Year 2000 Fundraising Campaign

* 2001 Fundraising Campaign

* Donate to the IAS & Get Great Books

Yours, for a free society,

Chuck Morse

Institute for Anarchist Studies