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hydrarchist writes: "Recrimination over the G8 summit continues in Italy unabated. After the close of a Parliamentary Commission, which all but fully exonerated the police for their 'search and destroy' missions of those days, the conflict has returned in symbolic form to the streets.

On Saturday night the occupied social center Pinelli was set ablaze in an arson attack. Those familiar with the events of July 15-22nd will recall that Pinelli was the central organizational node for libertarian activists, venue for general assemblies, providing information etc.In the aftermath of the demonstrations, the defense effort for arrested anarchists was also operated from the Social Center. Important equipment was lost in the fire, including computers. The electric system of the building was also destroyed.

On the same day, the memorial dedicated to Carlo Giuliani at Piazza Alimonda - where he was assassinated by the Carabiniere - was also damaged in a similar attack. Local radicals claim that both fires in Pinelli was started by Molotov cocktails thrown by local far right activists.

Source: http://www.repubblica.genova.it/archivio/20010917/ cronaca/03tornado.html

Searches and Arrests
In addition to the fascist attacks, over a hundred homes and centres were raided today in: Milan, Turin, Cuneo, Sardinia, Modena, Trieste, Padua, Venice and elsewhere. The criminal-justice apparat claims the searches and arrests were carried out as part of an investigation into a group known as 'International Solidarity', who last year carried out actions in support of the campaign against maximium security prison regimes (FIES) in Spain.

Elsewhere, there are still several german activists - the Leipzig 3 - incarcerated who would welcome messages, books, goodies etc.

Peter Kunze

Michael Kohl

Michael Kodritsch

Post should be mailed to:


Casa Circondariale


Piazza Marassi 2

16139 Genova"

Anonymous Comrade writes: "Get Your Boats! Governors Island Armada, September 16

There is just over a week to go until the people will reclaim
Governors Island in an historic demonstration. If you plan to
participate by boat, please register via the Governors Island
website, http://www.reclaimgovernorsisland.org, call Randy
Lawson at 212-420-1000 x109 or contact us. If you'd like to be
on hand to witness the event and show your support from the
land side, be prepared to convene in Battery Park on Sunday,
September 16th at 10:30 am."

DC bound? writes: "R U going to DC for the big showdown??? Well, here is a Web site that you won't (at least not yet) find listed at the MGJ or ACC...


Its the site for the IAC's demonstration. There the ones that are trying to surround the White House on the 29th. Give a look!"

Autonomedia writes: "SIGALENS, France -- Police clad in riot gear prevented activists opposed
to genetically modified (GM) crops from hacking down three fields of
experimental maize on Saturday.

It was the first time French police have stopped GM crop sites being
ransacked since protesters began a campaign in late June to rip up
bio-engineered plants.

The police action came after Prime Minister Lionel Jospin publicly
criticized the destruction of GM crop tests on Tuesday, describing the
protests as illegal and urging activists to stop.

Some 100 activists from radical farmers' union Confederation Paysanne,
anti-globalization movement Attac and other groups arrived at a site in
Sigalens in southwest France, wielding sickles and scythes to chop down
the maize plants.

But between 100 and 150 police carrying riot shields and truncheons
waited at the field, which belongs to French biotechnology firm

The protesters placed their tools on the ground in front of the police
but said they would be back.

"There is no question of having a confrontation. If we can't act today,
we'll come back another day," one of the protest organizers said.

A similar police reception awaited the 100 or so activists who had
planned to cut down two fields of maize near the village of
Saint-Martin-la-Riviere, in west central France.

The maize was being grown by U.S. biotechnology giant Monsanto, which
has been the target of several anti-GM protests this summer."

genoaResistance writes: "genoaResistance is seeking organizations to work with.

GenoaResistance is looking for groups and organizations that wish to help with building support for and coordinating the October 20 Mobilization and the People's Tribunal investigating the events
during the g8 Summit in July.

We are offering groups and organizations wishing to help three options of how they can cooperate with us:

1) Groups can affiliate with us as members. This involves the taking on of specific responsibilities within our organization (see our current volunteer list) and entitles the group to be listed under our umbrella and to take part in our internal democracy.

2) Groups can agree to cooperate with us without joining. This involves coordinating activities without joining our internal democratic structures. The group with be listed as a Partner of

3) Groups can offer statements of support. This involves no commitment by the group or organization beyond a statement of support. The statement will be included on our support page, with a link
provided to the group's homepage and contact address.

If you are interested in more information about us you can check our homepage www.genoaresistance.org and on our FAQ page.

For more information email contact@genoaresistence.org


The Masquerade Project writes: "The clouds of toxic gas over Quebec City and Genoa show one thing we can all expect during the September 29-30 demonstrations against the World Bank and IMF in Washington, DC: lots of tear gas and pepper spray where people gather on the streets to express their vision of a just and sustainable world.

We at the Masquerade Project want to make sure that our sisters and brothers have the protection they need—and we also think it's time for an aesthetic intervention on the front lines of the movement for global justice. So we're organizing the DC Masquerade: raising money to buy and fabulously decorate hundreds of gas masks for free distribution at the IMF/World Bank protests.


Rainforest Action Network announces: "The Planet is Not for Sale!" Fighting Global Corporatization from the World Bank to Wall St.

A Rally against CITIGROUP, the world largest and most destructive financial

Washington, DC
Wed September 26, noon

The World Bank and IMF are two key institutions of corporate globalization,
using debt as a weapon to structurally adjust countries around the world to,
forcing their assimilation into an exploitive global economy. But
increasingly the corporate financial sector—Wall St. and the mega-banks—are
privatizing structural adjustment and destructive development, exemplified
by the world’s largest financial institution Citigroup. Over the past
decade funding from so-called “public” institutions like the World Bank has
stayed consistent at between $50 and $60 billion while funding from the
corporate sector has increased by 700% rising up from $30 billion in 1990 to
over $200 billion today.

Anonymous Comrade writes: For the first time since Seattle, an action of international scale is
being not just *joined* by communities of color but actually
organized by them. This time the target is not a meeting of an agency
such as the WTO or the IMF but the very legacy and historical
processes that have brought us globalization.
In opposing all celebrations of Columbus and Columbus Day we are
opposing the very foundation of globalization, both in its historical
and current manifestations.

McKenzie Wark writes: "Dear friends, colleagues, comrades...

The Genoa demonstrations against the G8 in particular prompted me to sit
down and try to clarify my rather mixed feeling about the
anti-globalisation movement. After the Genoa police shot Carlo Giuliani
in the face, it seemed especially urgent to me to respond to this
violence by trying to advance some concepts with which to grasp what is
going on all around us.

I'm writing to invite your thoughts and comments on a new text I am
working on, called A HACKER MANIFESTO. The text is at:

http://www.feelergauge.net/projects/hackermanifest o/version_2.0/

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank will be holding their Joint Annual General Meetings in Washington, DC from September 28 to October 4, 2001. The Mobilization for Global Justice calls on activists from all over the world to come to Washington during that week to protest and expose the illegitimacy of the institutions and officials who continue to claim the right to determine the course of the world economy. Details are at http://www.globalizethis.org/s30/feature.cfm?ID=10"


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