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Thanks to Thomas Seay for his translation of Luca Casarini's (of the Italian Tute Bianche, White Overalls) interview
with the Italian independent left newspaper "Il

"When you see an armoured police vehicle coming your
way, you run or react in the same way you react when
you see a gun pointed at you. We, in Genova, in Via
Tolemaide, built a barricade to safeguard our
well-being. For three hours we reacted against police
attacks. We along with lots of others. Carlo died
while defending himself against attacks by the
paramilitary carabinieri.. At the same time, he was
there along with thousands of men and women to affirm
that "another world is possible".

"Giuliani, Stern Violated NYC Law -NY State Appeals Court"

by Alan Alex, Artist News Network

A NY State appeals court has just issued a ruling which will have a major effect on a long-pending Federal Court case pitting Mayor Giuliani and Parks Commissioner Stern against street artists.

Autonomedia forwards: "Death and Terror in Genoa
(By Ramor Ryan, Autopsy List)

The Siege of Genoa

Anonymous Comrade writes: " This morning I saw something that made me want to live. About 8 workingclass black and latin tennants chained themselves to the fire escape of their tenement house in Brooklyn with signs that said "we aren't leaving". The buildings departmernt had decided to help their landlord gentrify the building by issuing vacate orders to all the tennants. But by one the Buildings department was revising it's plans and the tennants were celebrating victory in what they described as the second round of an 8 round fight.

For years I have heard all kinds of people tell me that this kind of resistance would only come from priveleged white kids. I guess someone forgot to tell these tennants. It felt like a whole new chapter in New york City politics.

Today I am thinking that I would like to have a long life because I think there is going to be a revolution in America someday and I want to live to see it."


On Wednesday August 1, at 11:30am, Community Garden activists will conclude the Vote For Gardens campaign with a festive, musical march on City Hall including beautiful garden-themed puppets, souza-style music, and wheelbarrows full of signatures. After a noon press conference, they will present them to the city clerk for verification. At the press conference will be Kenneth M. Fischer, and representatives from numerous gardening, housing, and environmental groups such as the NYC Garden Coalition, The Green Guerillas, Metropolitan Council on Housing, New York Environmental Justice Alliance, and More Gardens Coalition.

Anonymous Comrade writes:

WHAT: Protest the murder of Carlo Giuliani at Genoa G8

WHERE: Italian Mission, NYC, Park Ave @ 69th St

WHEN: Monday, July 23, 4:00-6:00PM

....bring noisemakers, signs, friends, your sorrow and your

Four students were recently killed in Papua New Guinea
a peaceful protest against the World Bank and International
Monetary Fund -- shot after surrendering to police. A few
days earlier, three protesters were critically wounded from
gunshots at a protest against a European summit in the
Swedish city
of Gothenburg.

This bloodshed reflects the violence inherent in corporate
globalization, which relegates the vast majority of the
world's population to lives of misery and virtual
enslavement while
enriching a few. The elite of the advanced capitalist
countries -- represented by the G8 Summit in Genoa --
waste the globe's resources while millions of children die
every year of malnutrition and more than a billion people
live on less than a dollar a day.

Approximately 40 people demonstrated outside the Italian Consulate in New
York City Friday afternoon in a quickly improvised protest against
the police shooting of a protester at the G8 conference in Genoa.
Carrying a coffin and beating a funeral dirge on drums, the demonstraters
distributed leaflets stating that the police use of live ammunition
against unarmed protesters is unacceptable, and that police violence
reflects the violence inherent in corporate globalization.

hydrarchist writes: "

The arrival of tens of thousands of demonstrators from all over Europe continues in anticipation of the first demonstratiion, today (thursday), for the rights of immigrants. The atmosphere is electric.

The response of the Genovese people has been enormously sympathetic. On our first night here a barman locked us into his cafe to drink until 5 AM; he and all his co-workers are participating in the demonstrations. Reports that all shops and facilities would be closed out of fear of a travelling anarcho-nihilist circus have been revealed as falsehoods. Bomb scares including the packet-bomb which exploded injuring one policeman are widely being imputed to the state and fascist provocateurs.

The St. Petersburgh Times has a report on an action by masked demonstrators in Tampa Bay protesting the installation of cameras tied to face recognition software. The article can be found here.

It's disheartening, but we must now expect consistent and robust enforcement of anti-mask laws as more municipalities jump on this bandwagon.

I'm surprised we haven't heard of any of the manufacturers of these systems lobbying to have it adopted in NYC--or are quiet plans already in place?

Uncle Fluffy writes: "Austrian riot police attacked several hundred anti-globalisation demonstrators
protesting against a European economic summit in Salzburg and several
arrests were made, eyewitnesses said.

After a standoff lasting several hours during which there had been
sporadic violence, police with dogs waded into the crowd, striking
demonstrators with batons and making several arrests, Reuters
correspondent David Chance reported.

"Police charged and made a big push and the response from the demonstrators was to use
flagpoles to start beating on police shields," he said."


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