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Genoa: Social Centre torched, Raids on Anarchists Nationwide

hydrarchist writes: "Recrimination over the G8 summit continues in Italy unabated. After the close of a Parliamentary Commission, which all but fully exonerated the police for their 'search and destroy' missions of those days, the conflict has returned in symbolic form to the streets.

On Saturday night the occupied social center Pinelli was set ablaze in an arson attack. Those familiar with the events of July 15-22nd will recall that Pinelli was the central organizational node for libertarian activists, venue for general assemblies, providing information etc.In the aftermath of the demonstrations, the defense effort for arrested anarchists was also operated from the Social Center. Important equipment was lost in the fire, including computers. The electric system of the building was also destroyed.

On the same day, the memorial dedicated to Carlo Giuliani at Piazza Alimonda - where he was assassinated by the Carabiniere - was also damaged in a similar attack. Local radicals claim that both fires in Pinelli was started by Molotov cocktails thrown by local far right activists.

Source: http://www.repubblica.genova.it/archivio/20010917/ cronaca/03tornado.html

Searches and Arrests
In addition to the fascist attacks, over a hundred homes and centres were raided today in: Milan, Turin, Cuneo, Sardinia, Modena, Trieste, Padua, Venice and elsewhere. The criminal-justice apparat claims the searches and arrests were carried out as part of an investigation into a group known as 'International Solidarity', who last year carried out actions in support of the campaign against maximium security prison regimes (FIES) in Spain.

Elsewhere, there are still several german activists - the Leipzig 3 - incarcerated who would welcome messages, books, goodies etc.

Peter Kunze

Michael Kohl

Michael Kodritsch

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