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Good coverage of demonstrations in Washington, DC, on Friday, November 9th, including images, sound and video files, are available at


Anonymous Comrade writes: "George Bush will address the United Nations at 12:00 NOON on Saturday, November 10.

Gather at Dag Hammerskjold Plaza in front of the UN at First Avenue
between 42nd and 48th Street."

Autonomedia writes: "On Friday 2nd November about 20 people from Brighton Against the War occupied the Royal
Navy Unit at Sussex University. The occupiers barricaded themselves inside the building
for several hours, hanging a banner from the window reading 'War I$ State Terrorism!'. One
of the university's daily demonstrations against the war was taking place simultaneously
on a different part of campus. On hearing of the occupation the demo moved to the outside
of the building being occupied to give the occupiers support. A crowd of around 150 people
gathered outside, chanting and handing out leaflets.

Eventually the occupiers announced that they would be leaving (having shut down the Unit
for the whole of their working day) to discuss future actions with the crowd outside. The
crowd then attempted to enter the building to meet the occupiers, but were prevented from
doing so by the police. A brief 'scuffle' ensued and bottles of water were tipped out of
office windows onto the cops below.

Police prevented the occupiers from leaving the building, threatened them with Pepper
Spray and arrested them for Section 5 of the Public Order Act and False Imprisonment. They
were held at the University for several hours, had their names and addresses taken and
were filmed by Evidence Gatherers.

Despite the arrests, the action was widely regarded as a success and further actions are
planned by Brighton Against the War.

Part of a statement released by the occupiers stated, ' We believe that it is the
responsibility of those who oppose the war to do all they can to sabotage the war effort!'

To contact Brighton Against the War email: nwbtcw@yahoo.co.uk or write to Brighton Against
the War c/o Brighton Peace and Environment Centre, 43 Gardner Street, Brighton. Regular
meetings Mondays at 7.30pm, upstairs at the Hobgoblin Pub, London Road."


On the 1st of November, Anarchist Platform demonstrated against war, poverty, and capitalism in Istanbul. With bread (symbolizing poverty) and black flags in their hands, anarchists burned American and Mc Donalds flags. Police attacked the anarchists violently and 58 anarchists arrested; all beaten brutally, one is hospitalized because of serious injury.

The demo started in the main campus of Istanbul University in Beyazit. Anarchists
carrying the banner 'CAPITALISM KILLS IN WAR AND PEACE' started marching. The exciting participation, black flags waving everywhere, slogans and the drums played in harmony with the slogans increased the enthusiasm.

anon writes: "Hi all,

London Reclaim the Streets is putting together a free newspaper to be given
out at anti-war events and at various local World Trade
Organisation-related actions on November 9th and beyond. We want to pull
together existing articles, posters, illustrations, photos etc. that have
emerged on the current 'war on terrorism' etc., and produce some new stuff,
designed to show an alternative take on current propaganda. It would spread
into other related areas like the west's lust for oil/climate
change/racism/repression of our movement and how we're trying (but maybe
not yet succeeding yet) to overcome creeping despair and come up with a
cogent radical response to it. We'd like to have plenty of room for
non-western opinions. It might be a spoof, but it certainly won't be
text-heavy, or be obsessively certain about where we're heading, and might
above all else try to open up a space where we can ask some new questions
and find some new perspectives on all this madness.

So here are some elements of possible involvement:

Anonymous Comrade writes: "
A short update about the situation in Sweden after the Gothenburg Riots, from AFA Sweden:

17 new arrests of swedish activists

Today major Swedish papers reported that 17 new
arrests had been made early on Tuesday morning in
association with the so called riots in Gothenburg,
Sweden, in June. 15 people have been taken into
custody and a further 2 await trial on free foot,
raids were made on a number of the arrestees
homes.Most of the charges are for rioting, both stone
throwing and property damage.It is reported that the
arrests are the result of alalysis of police fotage,
filmed during the 3 days of demonstrations.Police warn
that more than 50 new arrests could be made throughoutthe winter.
Approximatly 50 people have already faced charges in
association with the demonstrations, resulting in
sentences of between 9 months and 4.5 years. The
sentences have come under criticism for being heavy,
political sentencing, particularly as the swedish
system uses local gothenburg politicians in the local
court instead of a jury."The quality of the
prosecutors case has sunk to low levels and
gullability has been a huge factor in the local court
and court of appeal in Gothenburg, after the riots in
June.Some of the sentences pushed by the prosecutors
have been as long as those for murder.The sentences
have, to the highest degree, been political.

Students, faculty, and community members organizing against the war have encountered significant repression at two different City University of New York campuses.


Monday, October 22

3:30 PM

Board of Trustees meeting at CUNY Central

East 80th Street and York Ave in Manhattan

jim writes: "Police thwart initial effort by protest to shut down Toronto's financial area


TORONTO (CP) - Police said they seized the materials for making Molotov
cocktails and arrested at least a dozen people early Tuesday as they sought to
stop a plan by anti-poverty protesters to shut down the city's financial

Several hundred police officers holding batons and body shields made a human
wall to block protesters at several intersections throughout the city. The
demonstration, organized by the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty, appeared to
have failed in its objective as workers trickled into office buildings for 9
a.m. start times.

jim writes: "Please come to an instant demo for CHARAS - Tomorrow morning!

When: Tuesday, October 16th, - 10:00am -

Where: CHARAS Community Center

605 East 9th Street


Gregg Singer is coming to CHARAS for a site visit tomorrow morning,
10:30am (gather at 10am). the last 2 times he visited he sent the police
with a phony warrant and then came to destroy our murals, so who knows
what he's up to.
Please come by if you can and let Singer know that we will not let him

A few pictures of antiwar demonstration held recently in Spain.
Red and Black block (CGT, CNT and SO) held together.

http://www.red-libertaria.org/portada/guerra/mani- madrid/FrameSet.htm


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