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Anonymous Comrade writes: "Friends and comrades, please take a moment to read this important message,
and please forward along.

From Jan. 31 to Feb. 4, the World Economic Forum (WEF) will be meeting
at the Waldorf-Astoria in Manhattan for its annual summit. Alexander
Downer, who attended the 1998 Summit, describes the Summit as
the world's 'Business Olympics'. The yearly meeting, usually
held at WEF headquarters in Davos, Switzerland, was rescheduled
to meet in New York as a token of support for the injuries our
city sustained on September 11th. In reality, this meeting and
the agenda it represents are an affront to the people of New York,
who, like many others around the world, face a period of economic
uncertainty and austerity which threatens their very livelihoods.


Come to the National Board Meeting Jan. 11-13
In N.Y.C. and Make Your Voices Heard!

305 W. 44th St.

Hotel Worker's Union

Between 8th and 9th Ave.

Friday 7-9pm

Sat. 9-5 pm.

Sun. 9:30-2:30

To volunteer before or during the board meeting, please call 646-230-9588.
We need drivers, runners, office help, etc. During the meeting we'll need
to help with food, hospitality, and clean-up.

Housing will be provided for those coming from afar. See below for contacts.

You may have read that the listener lawsuits against Pacifica have been
settled and that a new interim National Board has been installed with
progressives in the majority - unquestionably a step forward due to months
of determined mass struggle. But what the mainstream media aren't telling
you is that this agreement does not take back WBAI - much less the rest of
the network - from those who hijacked it. We still have to fight for it. Any
decisions that don't get the vote of one of the reactionary former majority
(now minority) get sent to a California judge to resolve. And at the new
board's first conference-call meeting on Dec. 29, that pro-corporate
minority - led by former D.C. Mayor Marion Barry - showed that they'll fight
tooth and nail to stymie any progress toward reclaiming Pacifica.

For a summary of the Dec. 29th board meeting, see

Fortunately, the interim board mandated that its next meeting be held here
in New York City. The open-to-the-public event will run from Friday night
Jan. 11 to Sunday afternoon Jan. 13 at a location to be announced shortly.
Concerned Friends of WBAI is asking for listeners and community activists to
turn out in force to insist that our embattled, beloved station be taken
back as the first step in restoring the network to its historic progressive

It's been a year since the Christmas Coup that led to the purging of more
than 25 progressive producers and staffers and the decimating of vital
programming. The New York community needs to show up and demand that the
coup be reversed, that the fired and the banned be brought back, and that
WBAI and the other Pacifica stations nationwide return to their role as a
voice for the voiceless and an empowering agent for social change.

This meeting is a key window of opportunity. It's crucial that there be a
large and diverse popular presence to both lend support to our allies and
make clear to our adversaries the price they will pay for continuing their
assault on our network. The struggle is far from over. Come join us!

For the latest updates and to find out how you can help, call the Concerned
Friends hotline at 800-825-0055. For further information, visit
http://www.wbai.net ; and

For general questions or to volunteer, call 212-989-8222 or email
and debra@wbaiaction.org

For housing or to offer housing, call 973-762-3682 or email

From Jan. 31-Feb. 4, the World Economic Forum (WEF) will be meeting
at the Waldorf-Astoria in Manhattan for it's annual summit. Alexander
Downer, who attended the 1998 Summit, describes the Summit as
the world's 'Business Olympics'. The yearly meeting, usually
held at WEF headquarters in Davos, Switzerland, was rescheduled
to meet in New York as a token of support for the injuries our
city sustained on September 11th.

The WEF is, in a way, a big cocktail party for the global corporate
elite. As an organization, it has no power to actually set policy,
but it creates a space in which international "leaders" can hash
out their vision for the rest of us. In their own words, "they
are fully engaged in the process of defining and advancing the
global agenda." More specifically, it's our globe, but it's their

Anonymous Comrade writes:
"Proposal for New York City Social Forum- Preparatory Conference

The meetings to take place Sat and Sunday January 26th and 27th 2002, and to directly proceed the World Economic Forum meetings being held here in NYC between January 31st and February 5th at the Waldorf Astoria.

We invite all locally based social and economic justice organizations to participate in formulating the procedure for a comprehensive NYC Social Forum- a forum for the communication and exchange of social and economic projects that promote human rights, fight for social justice, and build sustainable and multi-racial networks and structures.

Mira Jovanovich writes:

"Yellow Overalls Must Rise! (in order to lay down again)

TFG Casper, former member of dissolved NYC Ya Basta! Collective

Part One.

By Mira Jovanovich


MJ: I'm wondering if you can give us a little background on Ya Basta and the yellow overalls, as it has played out here in North America.

TFGC: The New York City Ya Basta! Collective formed just a few weeks after the pictures and stories from the protests in Prague [IMF meetings, Sept 2000] were transmitted across the Atlantic. Like many people inspired by these communications, we were interested in understanding the dynamics of this relatively new and somewhat poetic tactic of civil disobedience, and attempted, as far as possible, to gather intelligence on the efforts of the "tute bianche". We had the fortunate privilege of having an Italian activist as a member of our local collective, one who was more than familiar with the developments of the white overalls and the Ya Basta Association, specifically as things evolved in cities like Milan and Genoa. We received greatly informed reports as developments would happen.

polo writes: "BUENOS AIRES -- Argentine demonstrators clashed with
police outside the presidential palace and broke down
the doors of Congress on Saturday in anger at the new
government's handling of a deep recession barely a
week after protests forced out a previous president.

At least two police were injured as they used tear
gas to break up what had been a peaceful demonstration
in which thousands of people took to the streets to
protest interim President Adolfo Rodriguez Saa's
decision to keep unpopular banking curbs and his
appointment of
some officials widely seen as corrupt.

hydrarchist writes:

"Few movements are as randomly characterised in contempoary political discussion as Autonomia or 'autonomism'. Whilst the term has recently become synonymous with the historical trajectory of Toni Negri, and the origins of the White Overall movement in particular, it is important to understand that historically Autonomia Operaia was composed of divergent practices, strategies and organisational models. Sergio Bologna played a key role during the 'golden era' of the Italian Movement and represents a tendency quite distinct from that of Negri. This little distributed interview from 1995 illustrates some of these differences. If readers find this piece interesting or useful, or in general believe that such a redistribution of historical materials is worthwhile, please let us know in the comments section.

This interview was opriginally published in the online journal of the Italian department of Swansea, Wales, named Movimento, accessible at http://www.swan.ac.uk/italian/movimento/mov1/nowpa ge/archivio.htm
The author, Patric Cunninghame also wrote the historical review of autonomia published on slash some weeks ago, The Future at Our Backs.


NYC Social Forum Proposal

At the same time that the United Nations held its
conference on
Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related
Intolerance in
Durban, South Africa late last summer, several other
groups held what
they called the Durban Social Forum. In a
statement, the Forum declared that, despite the nominal
end of
apartheid in South Africa, "[h]alf of all children in
rural areas go
hungry every day · and South Africa now has the
greatest divide
between rich and poor of any country in the world." The
conference, they believed, neither adequately addressed
conditions nor the structures behind them.
Furthermore, groups like
the Durban Social Forum have begun to recognize these
same structures
of apartheid beyond their local circumstances, in the
increasingly global world order. They recognized what
some have
called, "global apartheid."

Help us save community gardens in Brownsville! The New York City Council,
City Councilwoman Tracey Boyland, and Community Board 16 have voted to
destroy all community gardens in Brownsville.

Community Rally, Monday, December 17

1:30 PM

In front of Community Board 16

444 Thomas Boyland Street

Brownsville, Brooklyn

"charas@erols.com" writes:
hi all, it seems the sheriff got to charas this morning at 9am with a 72
hour notice of eviction..the lawyers assure me its a 6 day notice by law
which would be december 24th. but the face of the notice says 72 hours
and we have to count on the sheriff and the force showing up monday
morning. i am losing my computer in about 15 minutes as council member
lopez is picking it up (it was a loaner). we will try to find another
asap. but as of right now.
we are calling a mass demo for monday morning december 17th.
7am. at charas. we do have a court date tuesday morning 9:30am at 111
center street. saralee evans court room, but singer is trying to evict
us before we get there. the hotline will remain open 982-9446 and we are
planning a meeting, so call in if your interested. xs


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